Sometimes it comes from behind

I had a good look at my schedule yesterday, as I sat down and started to size up what everyone’s responsibilities will be over the next few weeks.  I knew the next few weeks  would be tricky but I didn’t really have a totally awesome grip on my plan, which is great, because my plan is hardcore.  If by hardcore, you understand that it’s just hard. 

I’m teaching at Webs, then going to Rhinebeck, then teaching and speaking at VKL, then crossing the pond to a wedding in London and then heading up to Port Ludlow for the November retreat.   That means, my little wool obsessed friends, that I will – from the 16th of October to the 17th of November, sleep in my own bed a grand and glorious number of times, and that number is 8.  Yup. 8 nights, and they are not even all in a row, and they are not all with my husband because he’s staying in the UK for longer than I am. 

The basic upshot of this is not that my family life is going to be ridiculously complex, because we have a great plan.  My youngest is a teen and would rather phone and text than live with me anyway – and also my amazing sister and mum live near by and will be a huge help… and also I’m married to a man who’s a solid parent who will pull his weight while I’m working, and  that means that while I’ll likely be a gibbering mess by mid-November, the family will be okay -so let’s focus on the real issue.

I have six nights away, then three nights home, then three nights away, then one night home, then six nights away, then three nights home, then eight nights away. The real trouble here is not the fridge or homework or groceries (although that stuff is going to be challenging) it’s going to be the knitting.

I have to have all the knitting for the next 30 days pretty much sorted when I leave here tomorrow morning.  Organized, wound, planned… because those few nights home are going to be entirely taken up with family stuff – cooking, laundry, errands and spending what little time I’ve got with the family, right on the cusp of Christmas Knitting. Organizationally speaking, this next month is going to make running the UN look like a romp in the park, and the knitting is probably going to be the only thing that keeps me from throwing a temper tantrum that makes a two year old look well balanced – so it’s a pretty vital piece of the puzzle.

The knitting needs to be small enough to fit in my bag,  the backup yarn needs to not take up a lot of luggage room, and the whole thing has to serve the Christmas mission.

That just screams SOCKS to me, and so today I’m finding myself a few several pairs worth, and taking real comfort in knowing that no matter how crazy things get over the next little bit, I’ll be piling up the pairs for under the Christmas tree – and revelling in the knowledge that in December? I am home every single night but one.  

As for the Rhinebeck sweater? Completely and totally uneventful. I know I shouldn’t say it, but this baby is just about knitting itself.  I’ve finished a sleeve, the back and both fronts, including the collar.  That leaves a single sleeve – and if I fold time and space right today, I can pack everything I need, sort this house and family for launch, and knit and block that.  Tomorrow night I’ll sew it all up – and bingo.  A Rhinebeck sweater.  (Note to self: pack buttons. Actually, choose buttons- then pack them.)

I can do this.  It’s going to be fine.  I have a lot of sock yarn, and I know how to use it.

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  1. Whew! And I thought my schedule was crazy…..4 weeks on a cruise ship from early November til early December sounds like a breeze compared to yours, since there are only 2 days traveling. (granted, they are 2LONG days of traveling….it is a long trip to Australia and back. But yours sounds much crazier! Good luck with your trip, Stephanie.

  2. I have complete and unwavering faith in your ability to muddle through! LOL Good knitting and safe travels to you.

  3. You amaze me and inspire me. And to think I was worried about getting a linen stitch hat done for a birthday hat by Thursday. Piece of cake…oh that reminds me- better make the cake, too! Happy travels.

  4. One of the funniest and most endearing things about you is that you worry so about bringing enough yarn to places that SELL yarn. Have a great time! I wanted to come see you at WEBS but have no child care so hopefully next time. 🙂

  5. I don’t comment often, but feel compelled to at this point. Not that you need something else in your life to have to organize, but do you have your frequent flier situation sorted out? It seems like you should be getting a lot of upgrades.

  6. Bravo! I’m in awe of your beautiful new (almost) sweater AND your organizational skills. If you could manage to get one of those time turners, you could rule the world! (And if you get one, can you get one for me too?)

  7. Thanks for validating my need to have lots of sock yarn on hand. Not that I need validation. Hats are also great small projects that pack nicely. Several friends are getting hats this year for Christmas. Once I start them.

  8. You could wear the Rhinebeck sweater as a vest and free up suitcase space for yarn. Just a thought….

  9. WoW I love the color of that wool!!!!
    You have one fun fill month ahead of you by the sounds of it and i’m sure the Fam will be fine with that awesome hubby of yours and sis and mum. I know what it’s like to be all over the place and feel like you should clone yourself to save the stress. December will be full of cookies, great food, family and relaxing I hope! Enjoy the yarn fun wish i could go!! My work schedule just sucks for these events and they are always too far away. You need to come to Alberta!!!!!! Hint Hint!!! 😀

  10. Truly gorgeous sweater! I’m ignoring your schedule issues because I have my own schedule problems until Dec. 1 and yours were making my stomach hurt. I am gathering travel yarn/patterns as we speak in the hope that, what passes for sanity, prevails. Remember to hide/take some time for yourself in hotel rooms when you need it…

  11. Don’t forget my dear, that most of the places you will be traveling to over the next month are places where you can buy more yarn for your Christmas knitting, so there really is no need to pack it all now. For example:Webs-yup, they have yarn. Rhinebeck? More there, too. VKL-pretty sure there will be a skein or two with your name on them. Panic not, Ms. Harlot!

  12. Excellent plan!!
    You can knit on the 6-7hr flight over the pond,buy some more yarn,don’t forget the stuffing in shoe trick,knit all the way back.
    May I suggest that maybe you could make some mitts also,just as portable socks.
    This will make up for the fact while in London visit the sights no knitting ,”The Eye” is worth every penny!!!Museums are free.The Hop on Hop off bus.
    My daughter and I did a girl thing lasy year @ this time.
    You could sneak a few presents also,something different is always good.

  13. I know I’m a few posts behind, but I wanted to make sure you saw this. Did you know that Yotam Ottolenghi, the author of Plenty, prints several recipes a week in the Guardian? (I can’t seem to link: He’s not vegetarian, so some of the recipes are meat based, but he usually includes one veggie version. Plenty is awesome. The garlic tart is a great treat! I also love the stuffed mushrooms.

  14. What’s so funny about your post is that you’d think you were going to the North Pole – where if you ran out of yarn there would be no hope of getting more so you’d really have to plan. However, you are going to yarn stores and yarn festivals and are STILL worried about lack of yarn! I adore you!

  15. You are a organizational machine. WTG !!!! I look forward to hearing about all your travels.

  16. Well, while you are stash diving and deciding which socks to knit for whom for Christmas, you will probably find other goodies that you can pull out and start the “Yarn Harlot’s 2013 Knitting Club”…and it doesn’t all have to be socks.
    And I agree with Ameleh, because I don’t envision you hanging out at Webs and not having a skein or two jump into the mix (or you are a much stronger person than me!).

  17. I know everyone is pointing out that you can buy yarn in all the places you are going. I think the point is that you WILL buy it. So relax. You’ll probably come back with more yarn than you had when you left.

  18. That does sound like a whole lot of travelling. Good luck with that. Let us know if you need anything while you’re here in the UK.

  19. See? I *knew* you could make that sweater in no time at all!
    And the others are right – sock yarn is sold everywhere you’re going, and Seanna Lea has the right idea too: you can use the sock yarn to make a shawl, if need be, as a break from socks.

  20. Sounds like a good plan — also if you get tired of socks, you could bring some lightweight luxury yarn and make cowls for gifts. I’m still pretty excited to wear my sampler cowl from the June retreat as the weather gets colder!

  21. First, good luck! My family are also all getting socks for Christmas this year due to similar reasons. If you can get it done with your schedule, I might actually be able to with mine.
    Next, since your December sounds relatively more free, can I put in a request now that you do the knitter’s holiday gift guide again? That was wonderful last year. All I had to do was leave the computer with your website up so my husband would see it. He actually got the hint and bought tons of yarn and lovely knitting goodies. It was fantastic. Thanks!

  22. I’ve decided the reason I finish things so slowly is that I so seldom sit down and knit (too much driving, not enough flying, I suppose). I’ve always told the kids that if I could pick a superpower, it would be to be in two places at once. With credit cards, car, camera, or whatever else is necessary.

  23. Lace weight cowls and scarfs would also fit the bill – lightweight, squashable, go together quickly.
    And warm, for you Canadians.

  24. You need to pack yarn? You are going to WEBS for heaven’s sake. I was there last weekend … didn’t look at your schedule or I would have waited a week. I’m going to try and send my 89 year old Mum, who lives right down the road though, if she can still get in!

  25. All the places you’re going will have yarn AND needles, so avoiding catastrophe is not only possible, but likely!
    Can’t wait to see that cute sweater all done up.

  26. Oh gosh, you just gave me a flashback… When my husband was in the Navy and doing workups, he’d be home for a week, gone for four days, home for three days, gone for two weeks, home for a week….(you get the idea), and there were the inevitable changes due to the whims of the military. Honestly, I found that tougher than when I knew he was deployed for six whole months. Of course, the kids were younger (6 to 15), but still. So, I hope it works better for your family of grown and nearly grown ones. The Christmas sock idea is great, especially since it seems you can nearly knit socks in your sleep! Best of luck with the crazy month.

  27. Great sweater! Have you thought about packing yarn in those plastic pouches that you pull the air out of, to reduce volume? I plan to try some for my own loose stash as the system has many fans. Travel safely.

  28. Sounds as though a list of Possible Projects, or a link to all your favourite patterns, is mostly what is needed, over and above computer (linkage) which will already be in your other list.
    Glad to see that you know that you need to ‘keep calm and carry yarn’ for good mental health in stressful times, plus, you get to produce something as well.
    Go well. Bon voyage.
    And don’t forget ground coffee beans, coffee plunger AND Foam-Padded plunger holder on your tripping, for those coffee-needy moments. Your local ‘outdoors’ store may have something that fits the bill, or alternatively baby bottle holder from supermarket/baby store – maybe one of the few times you endorse bottle feeding commerce – although expressing breast milk does need appliances.

  29. There are some days when I log into Google Reader and cross my fingers for a new post from you at that exact moment…and today it was there! I love when the cosmic stars align. Hopefully they will stay in line for your travels and knitting. The sweater is looking great!

  30. I’m totally going to steal that line “I have a lot of sock yarn, and I know how to use it.” (I will give give you appropriate credit whenever I say it). Best line ever!

  31. Have you consulted Lene about your schedule? You probably should you know. She’s the expert…

  32. I’ve knit a Miss BB and it goes together beautifully. Fun and smooth sailing ahead. Yours is purdy.

  33. Now you’ve gone and made me want to cast on another pair of socks. . . and I’m not even going anyplace!

  34. I’m with a few commentors before me – pack a WIP for the first flight, determine patterns and needles (and then pack them, of course), and then buy just the sock yarn you need along the way. Saves suitcase space … and you get the added benefit of yarn shopping + the knitting, which you know you need. 🙂
    Have a great time everywhere!

  35. All I have to say is that you are a far braver woman than I am. If my schedule looked like that, I wouldn’t be a gibbering mess by mid-November. I’d be a gibbering mess by two minutes ago.
    But have safe travels and do keep us posted on everything-esp the Rhinebeck sweater.

  36. I LOVE the sweater! and it’s a perfect color too!
    I’m knitting my first socks for my dad now, and they are actually really quick to knit up. (I’ve read in your books you can do them in a month, and I believe that’s what’s going to happen.)
    I’m also considering (seriously) doing my first sweater as a Christmas gift to myself, so that’s an adventure waiting to happen! :)(and a hat for my mom and mittens for my sister because I’d be selfish if I didn’t)
    Happy travels! I wish I got to travel as much as you did (well, at leats a little bit more traveling)

  37. Whether planning is tempting the universe to mess with you or gives you a leg up on your mission…I say it is always best to have a well laid plan for your knitting… btw love your Rhinebeck sweater, quite lovely, but I did choke when I read ‘about knitting itself’ those are universe provoking words for sure!!

  38. Just a suggestion: As you finish projects, mail them home. Then they will not take up so much space in your luggage. It will make room for new yarns (hint, hint…)
    HAVE FUN!!!

  39. I worry whenever you say something like “this baby seems to be knitting itself”. My forehead is making frowny lines and my eyes are getting that skeptical glint. You’ve built a cliffhanger for yourself there. I can’t wait to see it finished because until then I’m going to be a little concerned.

  40. I was screaming socks too. Lots and lots of socks. But with the speed you knit socks, take at least half a dozen more balls than you think you need.

  41. If you go to choose buttons, please take the Catkin with you. It is lonely and wishes to be worn. Then I will stop sounding like a broken record.

  42. Crazy schedule. But hey, you get stops at home to restock the yarn supply–it doesn’t all have to go with you from Day 1.

  43. Sock knitting is a great idea. And you can’t possibly run out of yarn, since everywhere you’re going has it! London is a huge and wonderful city, with some wonderful yarn shops, I’m sure. Can you get some of those bags that you suck the air out of so you can pack more yarn in your luggage? Your sweater is beautiful. Do you have a button stash at home or do you, like me, have to shop for every set of buttons you need, and never really find what you like? I make baby sweaters, and I hate button shopping.

  44. Ok … when in London, am v close and have (lots of) emergency yarns, notions, needles, buttons, etc … also have credit card for lunch, or just beer 🙂
    Travel safely, have fun teaching and pack something warm – doh, did I have to say that when I can see that sweater is going to be perfect!!

  45. And linen stitch scarves with leftover sock yarn are incredibly pretty–I have done five for Christmas presents, and they are gorgeous. All with those little bits of leftover sock yarn that happen when doing top to toe socks. So…fear not!

  46. Going to echo from above… pack padded pre addressed envelopes and post home as you finish – hey presto new yarn space magically appears. Also, the magic that is vacuum bags… watch as yarn shrinks to a third of the size…. friends going to Rhinebeck (from the UK!!) swear by them!

  47. You can sew a sweater together in ONE NIGHT?!?
    Wow! It takes me forever.
    Maybe I need to stop cursing about how much I hate sewing in between each stitch and just sew…but still–amazing! Beautiful sweater btw.

  48. Popping popcorn. Knitting in lap. Sitting at home in my comfy chair. Who needs tv when we have you 🙂
    Just having fun- if anyone can do it, you can.

  49. As everyone has pointed out, you will be spending a lot of time with a lot of new wool and, although we all know how strong you are, some things are just hard to resist. Now the problem becomes, not how many skeins jump into your basket, the problem becomes where do you find room in all your luggage for them. Solution – tyvek express packages. Pop those babies in one, slap some postage on and ship them home. That way you have room for more yarn. Also good for those socks that are finished. Just make sure to either send them to a friend you trust or make sure hubby and kids don’t open them. Terrible way to spoil a Christmas surprise. Have fund on your trips!!

  50. Oh my, I’m exhausted just reading about it! (You must knit in your sleep to get that much done in such a short time… or maybe you don’t sleep…)

  51. I wish I was on your Christmas list. Lots of airport time and lots of knitting time! Happy Travels and Happy Knitting!

  52. Don’t forget to add fingerless mitts, scarves and shawls to the mix. They’re fun items that don’t take up a lot of space.

  53. And here I was, happy that it looks like it will only take 1.5 *months* to finish my sweater. You’re making me look bad 😉

  54. And if you run out of sock yarn you can always pick up more at Webs and/or Rhinebeck! I’m takingyour class Thursday night with 2 of my friends and we are all so excited!

  55. LMAO – obviously you have forgotten that you’re going to places that easily sell “SOUVENIR YARN!” 😉 that being said, I always feel better once my yarn is packed for a trip.
    Don’t forget the hand sanitizer & ‘ Airbourne’ or ‘Emergen-C’ vitamins. Have a good time!

  56. Knitting Deities, please forgive the Yarn Harlot. Clearly, the yarn fumes have made her lose her mind. Instead of smiting her, please protect that lovely sweater from things like espresso, cherry Kool-Aid, red wine, ketchup, mustard, cat barf, etc.
    Also, must eleventy-teenth the suggestions about buying yarn as you go, packing some of the vacuum bags, and mailing stuff home. Why? If only because you’re going to WEBS and Rhinebeck and London, places where yarn will be begging, pleading, even screaming to go home with you!

  57. Ever consider getting a once a week/once a whatever the day before you get home housekeeper? That way when you get home you are not consumed by putting things to order but rather come home and get to relax and enjoy your family? Something I would so look into in your shoes 🙂

  58. Ambitious, but doable.
    There are two words that saved me every time I traveled, especially short hops to various cities. Those words, my friends, are “Federal Express.”
    Don’t need to use overnight just ship to various locations on the itinerary with instruction to “Hold For.”
    Lightens the traveling load.

  59. Damn woman!!! You are going to be exhausted by the time you get to Port Ludlow!! Can’t wait to see you then! Safe travels and plenty of knitting.
    Take care.

  60. I’m relieved, Stephanie, that your priorities are still solidly in place. 🙂 You never let me down. 🙂

  61. Clearly you worked out all, and I mean ALL, the kinks with last year’s Rhinebeck, thereby allowing this one to fall off the needles in perfect, perfect waves. (But, but, you DID check the measurements?).
    Happy travels! I endorse the ‘stuff a small tshirt/large sock with yarn/completed objects and take it on flights as a neck pillow’ approach. Ask me how I know.

  62. You should have done the knitting for both sleeves together, the second right after the first. And they should be longer than they were in the first sweater by about two or three inches. Otherwise, the sweater pictures are beautiful and you’re going to have a fabulous time. Best wishes for a happy journey and may you make many new friends!!!

  63. That sweater is getting more gorgeous with each blogpost you publish. Do not forget to take some wool sewing needles with you on your trips and at least one that will fit through the holes in the buttons. See, experienced knitting person, yarn can be chewed through if need be, but you can not sew buttons on without a needle! I support the people who commented you can knit beautifull things with sockyarn, f.i. Wingspan with Zauberball. But you can knit away part of your stash also on Hitchhiker or Frangiflutti, to name a few shawls, just for the ugly moment you can not knit another sock for a whole week, these are fabulous no brain knits. Have fun and that Joe? He really does seem to understant emancipation! Keep that guy happy too, please.

  64. I can’t believe how fast you knit! Amazing! Hopefully I will get a glimpse of your new sweater at Rhinebeck. I know that you are a much more experienced Knitter/Traveler than I am so I feel really dorky telling you about my “Short on time packing for a long trip” coping technique, but here goes. I take a set of interchangable needles like Knit Picks, a couple of extra cables, a set of their DPNs, and a one or two skeins of yarn. I know that I’ll be going to a yarn store eventually so I can always pick up more yarn if I start running low (When you start running low in your case lol!). You will be at so many cool yarn and fiber places that the yarn will just about jump in your arms and beg to be taken home. That’s one of the joys of traveling isn’t it? Buying souvenir yarn? Have a safe trip and good luck on the sweater!

  65. Your schedule has been my life for the past 14(!) years so I get the panic. First off you’re going to Webs and Rhinebeck – both places with ample knitting supply opportunities. Need extra sock or shawl yarn – bang! There it is. So relax and pack light – you can always get more on the road. Have fun!

  66. It amazes me how much you get done AND knit at the same time!!
    I know you’re really busy, but since you’re a frequent flyer, I thought you might know….what are the current rules about bringing food past security to eat while waiting at the gate (for a trip to the US from Canada)? We’re planning a trip in April and it’ll be the first time flying for my kids and some of them are very food-focussed.
    I have a lot of sock yarn too…but lately just haven’t been using it. The plain stuff that needs intricate patterns is too intricate right now; the patterned yarn that needs plain knitting tends to bore me too much LOL.

  67. Definitely, pack skeins upon skeins of sock yarn, and a full set of needles. YOu can work on more than one pair at a time and crack out your holiday knitting in no time!
    You can do it!

  68. Holy cow, I’m exhausted just from reading that post! Good luck as you navigate this next few weeks. Just be 100% sure to take enough knitting and you’ll be fine!

  69. I think you should treat yourself to buying new yarn/patterns/needles while you’re traveling. It’s not like yarn won’t be easily available for the most part, right? You’ve got a crazy month ahead and…you’re worth it!!!

  70. My travel knitting of choice this summer when I was gone 3 weeks on a cruise was a wonderful reversible (free!) hat pattern which looks like a long football when unfolded. It’s all knit, so you can do other things, but uses size 1 needles so it takes quite a while to knit. You use two kinds of small gauge yarn, and I am using up my stash. I love it.

  71. If you are in London you will not have to worry about running out of yarn.
    Near continguous to Waterloo Station. Have a wonderful time away and I hope you will allow yourself to enjoy every wonderful minute.

  72. Suggestion: Put a mid-trip stash in your husband’s luggage. Switch it out for completed projects when you meet him in London.

  73. An excellent knitting plan; besides, WEBS has amazing yarn, as you know, and in London there’s Loop, located in Islington; they have Shilasdair yarn that isn’t available in the U.S., and I’m not sure it’s available in Canada either.

  74. I can’t imagine having talks and teaching in places that don’t have yarn and needles, so why sweat it? Think of the purchases as souvenir of your travels, and we all know how tempting it is being in a yarn store.
    Just keep it real, and happy trails.

  75. WOW! I will pray that you are able to do all this safely.
    The sweater is beautiful.Cant wait to see you in it…….

  76. MG! I don’t know HOW you knit that fast! I’m still working on a cardigan I started in JUNE and now I’ve added a little girl’s cardigan to that and a boy’s vest for Christmas Presents! I am ABSOLUTELY amazed you can do that in a few days!
    Everything will work out fine. Have fun, ESPECIALLY in England.

  77. I just checked back to see what day you announced you were going to try to knit a Rhinebeck sweater in two weeks. And sure enough, I was remembering right: Oct. 10. That means you’ve substantially knit this sweater in six days.
    I don’t know if this is a personal record for you–probably not–but I think you should take it into account when calculating how many projects to pack.

  78. London: Not sure if you need to worry about how much yarn to take. Rather worry about how to bring home all the yarn you will acquire.

  79. Sounds wonderfully adventurous. Safe travels as you bop around. Have fun knitting all those socks too!

  80. the Knitting Superwoman hits the road and my packing tip of the day is … pack your rattist, oldest underwear … then just throw it away after wearing it. You’ll then have more room for all those yarn purchases you know you’re going to make. Bon Voyage!

  81. Aha! So that’s it! You fold time and space! Do you give classes in that? I’d sign up. 🙂
    I was just thinking that lace is another option for small yarn ball/big project knitting. And it takes so little time to knit holes (unless you get them in the wrong place). Of course, doing that on the run while trying to keep on top of a pattern is the challenge.
    Happy Travels!

  82. OMG. Totally insane for me but almost ‘normal’ for you. vbg
    I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures over the next month.
    London to the west coast? aiiiiiiiiiii Maybe pack way more yarn than you think you need. Or maybe send some to London from Webs?
    Oh and those patterns will ship later this week or early next.
    Big hugs

  83. I attended a conference with my Husband for a day and a half. Perfect for knitting, I thought. I NEVER opened my knitting bag. I should be banned from the club…I wondered why my hands were shaking on the ride home…

  84. Could I suggest adding a delicate lace scarf or two? Won’t take up too much room, and you know you’re going to be absolutely sick of socks come Nov 8 or so. Or you know, Oct 20. Or 19. 🙂

  85. I am continually in awe of your knitting speed and prowess. I could not even dream of a sweater in 10 days. A scarf in 10 days is a stretch for me. Clearly you can do what you set your mind to so I know you will get yourself all sorted for your busy month.

  86. The sweater is lookin’ awesome! Go forth and bend time. 🙂
    Looking forward to the plethora of socks. Will they all be in fingering-weight yarn? Sock Bug has bitten me in the past few weeks, but the idea of that much fingering-weight makes my thumbs cry. Ha ha.

  87. WEBS, Rhinebeck, VKL, the UK!, I think the bigger concern is how to not end up with too much yarn.
    You sound too busy to worry about things you don’t need to worry about, so don’t worry about not having enough to knit.

  88. I love the color of that sweater so much, and the cables are enchanting. I can’t wait to see what kind of delicious socks you turn out in the next couple of crazy weeks, though I’d understand if you didn’t get to update the blog much, with a schedule like that!

  89. On a semi-positive note, maybe now you’ve identified the item in your home that was keeping it from getting cleaned up?

  90. May I gently suggest that in this very busy period there seems to be a completely compressible item, which is Christmas knitting? Unless you make everyone socks of course, which I’m sure would be appreciated :-).

  91. This is shameless, I know, but I was thinking about your need for quick, small projects that could suit any of a number of Christmas gift recipients, and I couldn’t resist. I’m just about to publish a hat pattern that uses >200 yards/180 meters of sock yarn, comes with both top-down and bottom-up instructions, fits every adult it’s ever been put on, and works beautifully for both men and women. The link goes to an image of the original hat. If you’d like to get the pattern, just drop a line! 🙂
    In the meantime, best of luck with everything, and the sweater is looking great!!

  92. *cackling* I can’t wait to watch the Christmas knitting debacles unfold here this season!

  93. I’m reading these entries backwards from the post-Rhinebeck entry. I feel bad for 10/15-Stephanie, knowing what she’s about to go through tomorrow morning, and with the sleeve and the buttons….

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