I’m back, arriving last night and now drinking coffee through the worst of my jet lag, but I’m a moron who forgot her computer power cord in England (Joe stayed behind, he’ll bring it home in a few days.) I’m scrambling to get things settled here and borrow a cord. In the meantime, blogging from my phone is tricky – so more pictures and words will need to wait until tomorrow.

I hope you are all well – and that those of you on the Eastern seaboard are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. For those who asked, we fared well through Sandy. Joe and I were worried about leaving the house alone, flying out as we did just as Sandy arrived, but we have only very minor damage. Our neighbourhood was the hardest hit in Toronto – many old trees down, squashed cars and homes, power outages, fires, and tragically, a life lost.
Compared to the huge damage in the US and the even greater consequences through the Caribbean, Toronto was lucky.

More tomorrow, and thanks for worrying.