Photo essay

I decided to take today and cozy up with Sam on the couch, knitting, resting, preparing for this weekends retreat in Port Ludlow, watching the US election and eating Mu Shu vegetables. (Since someone will ask for the recipe, it’s in this cookbook. We’re vegetarians, not vegans (although we eat that way about 90% of the time now) but Sam talked me into buying this book.  Turns out that even though I instinctively mistrust the cooking instincts of very skinny young women who don’t eat cheese, it’s really awesome.) I only have today and tomorrow before I fly again, and a day with my kid was at the top of my to-do list. (For the record, absence really does make the heart grow fonder – even for teenagers. She likes me as much as I like her right now. That or she’s faking, and I don’t care if she is. I’ll take it.) To free up time for her, you’re getting a photo essay of some of the best things I saw in England.  Thanks for hanging in there with me while I’m short time this month, and for my American friends, happy election day. Good luck.  In the meantime:  Across the Pond in pictures.