Every time we have a retreat up at Port Ludlow,  I’m reminded that the word treat is right there, embedded in the word.  No matter how tired I am before it starts or after it’s over, the retreat itself is the best kind of work, and I’m energized and delighted by just about every minute that we do it.

From winding all the tiny balls I needed to teach (Tina, Debbi, Lisa and Judith all helped me. It was 675 little balls of yarn… which is, anyway you slice it, a lot of balls)

to watching knitters knit it all up,

to seeing the magic in the dye room…

to wishing I was in the spinning classroom (Judith had a similar tiny balls thing going on. We divided and balled up 59 colours of roving, for each of three classes… that’s 177 balls of roving.)

to watching Judith teach everyone how to make batts…

to the fun of seeing the staff get right into the fun, turning the inn into the most festive and colourful thing they could. 

To special projects – proudly displayed

(That’s Sarah Hauschka. She’s brilliant- and yes, that’s knitted.)

To all the students getting together, organizing themselves (heaven knows we can’t organize them, they’re a bunch of big personalities) and all knitting squares…

and then taking their free time and sewing them all up…

and then giving Judith a beautiful blanket to show her how much they cared.  (Special shoutout to Stormy for running point.)

It was lovely. It was a treat. Thanks to everyone who helped make it awesome. 

I’m going to lie down.