It Did End

Lyrica Euterpe is off the needles, finished and lovely and with only a single glitch.  I was mostly able to knit it out of the two skeins of darker bison, but in the end I needed just a few rows of the lighter one. 

I’m leaving it for now… there’s something about that slightly lighter edge that I like. It reminds me of icing, or perhaps frost licking along the edge of leaves on a cold morning.  Sam begged for possession of this when she wound it round her neck today – it matched her coat and it’s a cold day. 

Pattern: Lyrica Euterpe, 4.5mm needle. Yarn: Buffalo Gals 70% bison/20% merino, 2ply.

This was a treat to knit. The pattern was clear and fun, and I love the little wrapped bunchy stitch that gathers the base of each cluster into a little bouquet. 

I upsized the yarn considerably, going with a light worsted instead of a fingering, and as a result it’s really big, even though I only did one repeat of the second chart.  More like a big scarf, than a shawl, it’s come out exactly as I’d hoped – a smooshy, cushy 2.25 metres (7.5 feet)  long. Brilliant, and a Christmas gift off the needles.   For reasons that should be obvious, I can’t say for whom.  You know about this time of year. A knitter has to have some stealth going on. 

For the record, I didn’t cast on everything when I finished that shawl. Just four things.  A sweater, two hats and a pair of socks.  I may cast on the rest later. As Mae West said, I like restraint, if it doesn’t go too far.