It Did End

Lyrica Euterpe is off the needles, finished and lovely and with only a single glitch.  I was mostly able to knit it out of the two skeins of darker bison, but in the end I needed just a few rows of the lighter one. 

I’m leaving it for now… there’s something about that slightly lighter edge that I like. It reminds me of icing, or perhaps frost licking along the edge of leaves on a cold morning.  Sam begged for possession of this when she wound it round her neck today – it matched her coat and it’s a cold day. 

Pattern: Lyrica Euterpe, 4.5mm needle. Yarn: Buffalo Gals 70% bison/20% merino, 2ply.

This was a treat to knit. The pattern was clear and fun, and I love the little wrapped bunchy stitch that gathers the base of each cluster into a little bouquet. 

I upsized the yarn considerably, going with a light worsted instead of a fingering, and as a result it’s really big, even though I only did one repeat of the second chart.  More like a big scarf, than a shawl, it’s come out exactly as I’d hoped – a smooshy, cushy 2.25 metres (7.5 feet)  long. Brilliant, and a Christmas gift off the needles.   For reasons that should be obvious, I can’t say for whom.  You know about this time of year. A knitter has to have some stealth going on. 

For the record, I didn’t cast on everything when I finished that shawl. Just four things.  A sweater, two hats and a pair of socks.  I may cast on the rest later. As Mae West said, I like restraint, if it doesn’t go too far.  

101 thoughts on “It Did End

  1. The only thing better than looking at the scarf and the lovely Sam modeling it is actually being able to FEEL it!!!
    Merry Christmas, lucky soul!
    And, since you didn’t cast on EVERYTHING, you have incentive for the next sticky point.
    Knit on!

  2. Beautiful! The scarf/shawl is lovely also. It would be wonderful if this was for Sam especially since she makes it look so pretty.

  3. Beautiful as always! I haven’t had a chance to work with Bison yet. I’ve got my wine and popcorn ready for the Christmas extravaganza!!!

  4. You have done such a lovely job with both that shawl and your daughter. Both were made with strength, endurance, and understanding, and finished with patience, delicacy, and grace. I hope I can find all those qualities within myself when it comes to be my turn!

  5. WOW! You always seem to find the best models – I wonder why?? 🙂 So what is the real reason you didn’t cast on all of the projects?? (My popcorn is waiting to be popped and I think I’ll wash it down with my father’s favorite hunting drink – Southern Comfort and Cranberry Juice.

  6. Oh boy oh boy! I love a Yarn Harlot Knit-a-thon Christmas! Beautiful work on the shawl! Excited to see you fly to the finish line in your usual hilarious way.

  7. That’s gorgeous. I do envy the recipient. Love your blog. Thank you for keeping us all enthralled. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  8. Stunning! I so wish that this were my holiday gift. Even more, I wish that I looked as lovey as that daughter of yours were I to be wearing said shawl.

  9. Smooshy and cushy indeed. Can’t think of 2 better words. I once knit my son a smooshy and cushy sweater when he was at college, and he said all the girls wanted to hug him when he was wearing it. Your scarf looks like that.

  10. I really like the lighter yarn on the edge and cast off. Frost tipped is an apt description indeed. I understand the gift knitting cast on urge entirely, they all must be started so at any given time you can pick the appropriate project to work on given the circumstances (no chart knitting in a dark theater!)

  11. That shawl is gorgeous! And so is the girl wearing it in the pictures – she’s outstanding.
    smooshy and cushy – yes, those are perfect words for how that shawl looks!

  12. gorgeous ! really, really gorgeous. i think i might make one. i have a skein of the same yarn. the yarn is lovely and squishy and soft. making a hat out of one skein for my daughter. seems right that the other should be a shawl for me.

  13. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. And of course you didn’t cast on all the things because you know you are going to knit, wash, block and measure swatches for all the things before you can cast on all the things – aren’t you?

  14. ps
    My last comment ended with hysterical laughter as I considered how many of my Christmas knitting projects I am planning on diving straight into, and yet still believing I won’t incur a visit from the Ghost of Gauges Past this season ….

  15. I have that pattern and you’ve inpsired me to cast it on….after I finish my Christmas knitting!

  16. Really gorgeous ! Nice finish and beautiful model (daughter)… We traveled from California to Turkey to visit our daughter, son-in-law and grandson. I took a lace shawl/scarf thinking I would be fine (since I don’t knit as fast as you). We leave for home tomorrow and I’ve been done with the scarf for a day. Luckily I have a book, and medication (terrible fear of flying) but without both i would fear for the safety of my fellow travelers. Can’t wait to see your next gift…

  17. BEE-YOO-TI-FUL!! I can’t imagine knitting 7 and a half feet of anything! Can you take a shot of it stretched out against something for comparative size? Would love to see that. Nice work, as always Steph.

  18. Lovely! And that is an amazing amount of restraint.
    I’ve been trying to figure out how to post gifts to the blog, but I think most of them are going to have to be saved for after the holidays. Unfortunately, my mom is one of my few blog readers, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if I shared it at all!

  19. It’s beautiful, & so is the girl (daughter) and I’m glad you didn’t worry about the colour differential. Sometimes mistakes have a way of becoming artful & expressive.

  20. So lovely! And bison!… I’ll bet it feels heavenly! Have looked at the rest of the patterns that are available in the e-book, and I’m thinking that would be a lovely early Christmas gift for myself. Thanks for the tip! I’m so hard to buy for… hehehehe.

  21. I love that pattern–but never thought of working it out of a worsted weight yarn–it looks fabulous–and would love to know what size needles you used…..

  22. That daughter of yours is stunningly beautiful! And the scarf color only makes her prettier! The scarf turned out pretty nice too.

  23. You’ve got to love someone who knits and quotes Mae West! I need to make this up for my daughter!

  24. Absolutely beautiful!
    The colour really, really suits Sam. How do you feel about casting on another one for her Christmas pressie?!

  25. It’s beautiful. Are you going to be able to wrest it away from Sam? She and the shawl are lovely together. It does indeed look cushy and smooshy, just the thing for a day like this. Lake effect snow is coming down in Mississauga, so I assume you are getting the same in your neck of the woods. Oh, and the lighter edge of the shawl is very pretty.

  26. OHH! It’s 30% merino! Steph you made a mistake!
    ps. that’s the perfectionist part of me talking.

  27. So very lovely on your beautiful daughter! I’m so glad you persevered. It turned out just gorgeous with that frost nipping at the edges. 🙂

  28. Socks and hats don’t count. So it turns out that you actually have proceeded in a totally reasonable fashion.

  29. just wanted to tell you that the spreadsheet idea was great! I have about 15 gifts to send/work on/start for Christmas and making a spreadsheet really helped me see where I’m at (or not at). I have columns labeled For Whom, Materials, Design, Assembly and Finished/Mailed. Thanks for the good idea.

  30. Wow! That is such a beautiful and striking picture of Sam! She could be on the cover of Vogue Knitting! The scarf is pretty, too.

  31. Oooh, so loverly! Both your daughter (who has a GREAT name – just ask my daughter!) and the finished shalf. Scawl? Scarf/shawl. Just wonderful! Would love to see a more overall photo to see the edging!

  32. That scarf is perfectly suited for the rosey undertones in her skin. Just beautiful. Using larger gauge yarn for shawls is brilliant. Why have a normal shawl, when it can be huge, right? 🙂 I love the lighter edging too.

  33. The lighter tips remind me of how sometimes a dark fleece has lighter (sun bleached?) tips to the locks. Beautiful.

  34. I wonder why so much of your knitting looks gorgeous when Sam models it. . .
    . . .and, even though you’ve only cast on for four projects, have you wound the yarn for the others?

  35. I dread the day when Sam moves away – we’ll never see your knitting when you no longer have a live-in model!

  36. Since everyone seems to be talking about your model, I will too!
    I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to model my knitting, although that’s going to take a while. She just turned three.
    For now, I have to model all my own stuff (unless it’s my little pixie hats for kids). Modeling my own stuff was okay before, but lately I have been noticing that I am growing older. Interesting… I didn’t think it would happen to me.
    Well, by the time I’m really old looking, my daughter will take over…

  37. Love the color! And if you haven’t decided specifically who will be gifted this gem, it looks smashing on your model. And she didn’t even pay me to say that.

  38. The rest of that beautiful slightly lighter yarn can be used to make a perfect matching hat in that same pattern and maybe even a pair of socks… just thinking… Sam would look very pretty in it.

  39. Great looking cozy scarf – since I haven’t met you I assume your stealthyness doesn’t concern me -as in it won’t be under my christmas tree damn it all to hell!!
    Wondered if you have seen the sad news about one of the members of the knitting community. The sudden passing of KNITPURLGURL has certainly brought knitters from all over together in a a number of activities. Knitters are such warm folk – maybe it’s the wool – maybe it’s something else. Very heartwarming either way.

  40. Beautiful! The scarf and the model! And that was so nice of you to make that for me!!!! LOL

  41. That is one beautiful, if oversized, scarf, just perfect for cold Canadian winters. The scarf and Sam are each enhanced by the other. Nice trick! Sam is growing into a beautiful woman, ya know?

  42. How did I know you wouldn’t quite have enough yarn? I guess I remember all those other times. But the scarf came out very well. I love the lighter color at the edge. Good way to solve a problem!

  43. What beautiful things you make – both daughters & knitted goods. The lighter edge is lovely & makes a perfect ending.

  44. oh, that shawl fits her, are you sure it is not for her? I like the lighter edge too, it is like a halo on the yarn.

  45. OMG!! So much beauty in one photo! The scarf/shawl is fabulous…Sam wearing it is just gorgeous! Great combo!!

  46. Oh my bison! I want some. I need to some before the cold and the true Chicago humidity hits and I’m stranded on a cold windy street corner waiting 20-30 minutes for a bus. That’s usually at the intersection of Irving Park Road and Clark Street by Graceland Cemetery, sometimes a spooky experience but I’m usually thinking about how I am freezing I am more than the cemetery plots that are a few yards awsy. Anyhow, the scarf/shawl rocks and I want it.

  47. That first picture is so gorgeous–Sam should be a knitwear model. Oh, wait! She already is. I mean she should get paid for it–knitting books and magazines.

  48. OK. I am going to attempt that beautiful scarf. What a gorgeous girl in a soft cushy wrap. The last rows in the teensy-lighter color is like frost.

  49. your girls are all so beautiful!! funny, i don’t even see the article, only the lovely face. well done!

  50. I agree with first-poster Ellanie. Now.. if you’re giving this lovely item to someone else, what about poor Sam? She’ll be cold… 😉

  51. I LOVE the scarf! I think that the lighter edge may be the tipping point into amazing. and it really does look perfect on Sam!

  52. See?…. rather than a mistake, the lighter edge is now a design statement! I like the “frosting” image….. another fantastic Harlot project!

  53. Beautiful pattern love the color, I just made a hat for my Dad out of alpaca/wool blend. I am soooooo hooked on natural fibers….no more squeaky acrylic for me. You are such an inspiration!

  54. So lovely! You are quite ambitious – starting & completing 8 projects between now & Christmas? I’ll be happy if I can finish 2 projects on the needles! Also, you are the Keeper of Christmas. Busy, busy days for you ahead…

  55. I love the second photo it is really presiouc. I can imagine the scarf being snuggly and perfect for Canada.

  56. Love reading the comments – the second Sam photo was the MOST striking IMHO. What a smile, with beautiful teeth! You are truly blessed.

  57. it’s good to hear someone else has daughters who lay claim to the knitted goods… hmmmm.. who’s that for??? lovely girls, aren’t they all?

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