I’m leaving again shortly, a quick jaunt to Newmarket to teach at Unwind Yarn House. Newmarket is super close to Toronto, but because I can’t drive at night, and because the earth is on a tilted axis, there’s just no way that there’s enough daylight to let me drive there in the morning, or come home tomorrow night on my own.   This is, to put it mildly, a bummer.  I can’t drive at night year round, but this time of year? It makes Cinderella’s midnight look like freedom.  I’ll leave the house shortly, to drive and arrive before the bright shining day star sinks below the horizon and stay in a hotel tonight. Joe’s being an amazingly cool guy and taking the train to meet me tomorrow, and drive our car (with me in it) home again so that it’s not two nights away.  We thought about doing it the other way – me taking the train, and him driving to get me, but until you’ve seen the sort of luggage a knitting teacher packs, you wouldn’t believe it.  Silk, cocoons, needles, yarn, samples, computer projector… it’s better this way, and he’s super nice to do it for me. 

I can admit that I was a little sad about sleeping away from home again, and had the tiniest bit of a pout about it, sort of grumping and wondering what I was going to do in a hotel room from 4pm until 8am the next morning, and then I came to my senses. Since when don’t I know what to do when there’s nothing to do?

I’m a knitter! I never have nothing to do!  I’m going to knit and watch a movie and I’ve already packed my little picnic to take with me, and I might even stop on the way and get one of those little single serving bottles of wine – actually, I might cut loose and get TWO.  I’m going to plow through a big chunk of the Lyrica Euterpe shawl that should, by all rights be finished, and I have even contemplated grabbing my travel wheel on the way out the door.  Instead of being sorry that I can’t be home, I’m going to take this evening for what it actually is.  A gift. A wonderful opportunity to make a serious dent in a project or two.  I’m looking at it as a mini-mumcation. A whole night with no responsibilities – except to a few balls of yarn.  No laundry! No dirty kitchen floor to make me feel guilty about knitting! (Not that I go wash it mind you, I just feel guilty while I knit.) Hell, I might even have a bath.  Write something without being interrupted! Go to bed early! Plan Christmas! Make nine lists! (I love lists.) Get a grip on my unreasonable use of exclamation points!

It’s going to be a treat.  I know your answer will probably be pretty close to mine, but if you had an evening in a hotel room by yourself, what would you do?

165 thoughts on “Lemonade

  1. Knit. Audiobook. Sleep. And I would definitely have a picnic, with wine. PERFECT escape!! I think a bubble bath might also be in there somewhere.

  2. I would covet a night alone in a hotel room. I’m not sure I would even knit. I take a long hot bath, while listening to classical music–and no screaming children. I’d drink too much wine and watch movies that I love. And I’d try really hard to sleep in the next morning!!!

  3. What would I do? Used to be when working, I’d dance the night away, sleep for four hours and get up to swim at dawn before the day’s work began; obviously a LONG time ago. Now I’d do just like you, knit on the project that takes concentration until that second little bottle of wine began to kick in, and then switch to the vanilla socks that always travel with me. Enjoy that wonderful gift you’ve been given, and hug the hubbie for helping make it possible!

  4. Obviously, the answer is *anything I want to do*! However, given that I am a knitter, it would most likely include a good deal of knitting (without interruption!) with a great movie, and then maybe a good book to end the evening.
    Hope you enjoy your mumcation. 🙂

  5. Order room service, plug in a podcast or a movie and knit as well and in the morning, head to the fitness room. Enjoy your night!

  6. Oh my yes – very much the same as yours but I have a question about these ‘single serving’ bottles of wine of which you speak… You’re not driving anywhere – get a big girl bottle and enjoy it!

  7. Oh how lovely! I wouldn’t plan ANYTHING, except taking some WIPs with me, and then do WHATEVER I WANTTTTTT and feel like…. how wonderful. I love my kids, but an afternoon and a night completely alone would be wonderful. I’ll even take a few days if you’ll let me!

  8. I wish I could come up with other ideas, but yours sound wonderful. So, I’d have do the exact same thing. Sure would help with the Christmas knitting right about now.

  9. I used to travel for work, a lot!, so I used to use that time or : knitting, reading, facial masks…and coloring my hair.

  10. Next weekend I will be staying in St Thomas for your class – my friend and I will likely be in our pjs, watching tv and NOT doing laundry, helping with homework, feeding the dog or any of the other things that normally keep us busy until the wee hours. Our big decision now? Eat at a restaurant (with no children or husbands) or eat in the room. A mumcation – just what the Dr ordered!

  11. Yesterday while getting ready to vacuum, I decided (after reading your post) to take a look at my vacuum cleaner beater bar, and there was a lot of hair tangled in there, which I snipped out with scissors. And then out came a strand of green yarn! And a piece of blue too! At least it hadn’t jammed the machine. So, what would I do in a hotel room by myself? I’d definitely soak in the tub for awhile, then pile all the pillows up to make a nice backrest, sit in bed and knit and try to find something good to watch on the tube.

  12. I would plug in my audio book and knit the night away! Enjoy your teaching and your time alone for a bit. Knitting almost always manages to chase away the grumpies for me too!

  13. You’ve got it pretty well covered, except I’d take a good book as well. And drop anything that sounds like work – planning, writing or even thinking. And order room service. Or maybe not. Maybe go out and find a great restaurant.

  14. Does the hotel room have a jacuzzi? Because I know for sure I can knit and take a bath… and some personal pampering sounds good, too.. a facial, deep hair conditioning, paint my toe nails (I don’t remember the last time I had time to do that)… and knitting something not for Christmas… maybe a shawl to replace the one the dog ate the other day… (I don’t know why he ate it, he hasn’t eaten anything else knitted… but when I came down, there was a huge hole in it and it was stuffed in the cushions of the couch. I’m wondering if one of the grandgirls didn’t hide food in it and he ate thru it to get the food.)

  15. I have a whole week of vacation ahead of me and I will be doing exactly what you say you’re going to do. Knitting, movies, hanging out, generally enjoying the ‘verse. Mini-breaks for the win.

  16. I would knit the crap out of everything. I wouldn’t even be able to carry all the projects I would intend to knit.
    In reality I would likely knit on one project and fall asleep early and waste all the precious knitting time.
    I’m taking classes with you next week at the Little Red Mitten and I just want you to know I’m terribly excited! I might not be able to sleep the night before….because I’m a toddler about such things.

  17. Drink several glasses of wine, have an uninterrupted night of sleep and have no one touching my breasts. I am currently nursing my 3.5 month old twins and these hardworking girls could use a break!

  18. In answer to your question, I’d watch a British chick flick (my husband hates them) or, if available, a tv show marathon about wedding dresses (ditto), and sleep diagonally across the bed with the blankets wrapped around me like a burrito. Ah, the “single” life is wonderful when you get the chance!

  19. That’s wonderful. Enjoy your quiet evening, picnic, knitting and wine. I’d probably do something similar, listening to a guided meditation and knitting on something decadently complex.

  20. I was lucky enough to have 3 nights all alone this fall when I attended a conference out of town. I knit in bed alone with no one bugging me or asking to change the channel. It was heaven.

  21. Knit, watch whatever I wanted to watch on TV (or even have no sound in the background) and then go to sleep without keeping one ear tuned for child-sounds.

  22. I’d do exactly what you’re planning, sans the movies. Nice music is what floats my boat. I’d be certain to take a portable light of some sort because I never find a hotel room with adequate light for knitting, unless I’m sitting in the bathroom. Which is NOT the place I’d rather be knitting. Enjoy your special time!

  23. I have a toddler at home, so just the opportunity to sit, knit, watch a movie with a good beer and not think about the laundry, perpetually sticky kitchen floor, or running after toddler-in-motion would be heavenly! Enjoy!

  24. Work on some boring knitting (gloves for my daughter as a Xmas gift–Robin Melanson’s Strata is my fave glove pattern)and watch PBS. We don’t have TV at home and usually I knit and listen to audiobooks. I used to love PBS when we lived in Washington, DC, and a night of PBS would be a real treat, but since I might actually want to WATCH, the knitting had better be dull.
    P.S. The knitting might be dull, but the finished gloves won’t be. This will be my fourth pair from that pattern.

  25. I would first dance naked with the joy of it all then settle down and do much like you – knit, read, stitch, order room service maybe…take a forever-long HOT shower with no worry about saving any hot water for anyone else or what it’s doing to our electric bill.

  26. One night in a hotel with no kid or responsibilities? I’d probably bring some books and some knitting… And promptly pass out in bed, without getting anything done, and not wake up until check-out time.

  27. For me, no children! Eat the best of ice cream and movies. Of course knitting too. Sleep in in the next morning.

  28. I’m not a bath person but, in addition to knitting, watching movies, reading, and drinking wine, I would also spend a fair amount of time jumping on the bed. I can’t do it at home because the bed is too high. I jump on the sofa but it’s just not the same.

  29. Knitting and a quiet glass of wine (or two) would be on my to-do list for such an evening. Perhaps substitute a trashy but well-written novel for the knitting if I’m feeling really decadent.

  30. GoTrain does not run on Saturdays on the Barrie Line (They did during the summer as a testing but thats been over since September, I think. They are making an except on Sunday for the Grey Cup) Your hubby will either need to take the Subway to Finch then GoBus/Viva Bus up to Newmarket Terminal via Yonge Street or take the GoBus from Union Station bus terminal up to DVP/404 into Newmarket.
    I’d love to be able to attend your class this weekend at Unwind. But unfortunately I have a ringette game in the middle of the session, therefore cannot attend. I hope you enjoy Unwind. It’s such a lovely shop with lovely people! Enjoy!

  31. Sleep a Little, Knit a Little, Swim and Hot Tub a Little if facilities are available. It’s really too bad you can’t knit in a hot tub.

  32. When I travel I pack the little bag with all the beauty samples I’ve collected from purchase bonuses and the mail(facials, masks, night cream,super-duper-anti-oxidant whatever, etc.) and spend the evening pampering myself.

  33. I’d have a long hot shower, open that single serving of wine and then have a long hot bath while listening to the radio. My bathroom doesn’t have endless hot water, a radio or freedom from interruptions so I’d take advantage of it while I had it.
    My days are shorter than yours but I’m really glad that I don’t live in Iceland.

  34. Long hot shower, order room service, probably whiskey instead of wine, order a movie, the book I have been trying to read for 6 months and of course knitting
    heaven 😉

  35. I get these kind of nights every so often… bath, knitting and/or a book, and I can usually find a Harry Potter movie on television.

  36. Knitting with a movie marathon is how I spend most of my days off! It’s so incredibly relaxing. Wine, and maybe some knitting-friendly snacks like M&Ms? Enjoy your night!! I love the feeling of that realization–when you’re wondering what you’re going to do with downtime, and then remember: I’m a Knitter!!

  37. I always pack a great book too and a box of hair color. For some weird reason, I like to color my hair when I’m stuck in a hotel.

  38. Knitting, wine, and cable! We don’t have TV reception where we live, and choose not to have cable, so I would have fun gawking at all the weird and wonderful TV shows!

  39. What would I do? Truth be told all of the above! The reality – I’d be asleep after my first sip of wine, knitting needles on my lap, and the TV blaring in the background.
    I don’t get out much.

  40. Exactly – picnic, wine, chocolate, KNITTING, movies… Probably would have to rearrange the furniture a bit (for feet up and better lighting). Sounds good. Maybe I should go someplace…

  41. Well, I’m actually in a hotel room by myself this evening, too. I plan to go for a walk, go out for dinner, and then knit and watch tv. Exciting, eh?

  42. Enjoy your mini-mumcation!
    I, too would either listen to a movie or audio-book, knit and have a lovely picnic. It sounds quite wonderful! And yes, Joe is a dear to come for you. Hope you have a nice drive back home together.

  43. I had two nights in the guest suite of my Son’s condo in early October. Son took me to dinner and after that I pulled out my knitting and watched chick flicks while working on a pair of socks. I’m not away crom home much and I enjoyed it immensely.

  44. What a ‘special time’ for you! I would look up a friend/school buddy/work pal and plan a dinner with them!! Enjoy!!

  45. We should have planned this better – you could have stayed here tonight, and we would have shared 1 (or 2ish) big girl bottles of wine. I’d even have cooked vegetarian for you. You’ve been here – there’s enough yarn around the house to make you feel right at home. Alas, I am out tonight, and you have already made plans. Plans, by the way, that exactly mirror what I would do (and have done) in your place.

  46. I would watch television. I don’t have a TV, so it is always a treat to be in a hotel with one, and by the time I’ve left, I reconfirm why I don’t want one!

  47. weave, knit, internet, chocolate, warp, rewarp, sew, weave, eat.
    I was at a henna conference, gas driving home each day or staying at the hotel were about a wash financially, so I packed well and stepped it up…

  48. Knit, watch bad television (we don’t have tv at home, and I’m a sucker for home reno shows), and sooner or later I’d probably miss my kids.

  49. I recently had this experience – although I was not exactly alone, I had my dear sweet Standard Poodle Watson with me (he passed away yesterday) and we had the best time. He was the superb company and would lay at my feet while i knit. We watched the sunset over the ocean and dogs passing by which he greated whole heartedly.

  50. A night in a hotel? Yes, please. I’d take my Kindle and my iPod for audiobook choices, my 5 (oh my) most recent WIPs, a book of poetry for entertainment, then I’d take a walk, then order room service (probably a Cobb salad), then sit in my jammies with my knitting and a mug of tea.

  51. Christmas movies!! I would eat some chocolate, drink ice cold milk along with it, and knit to Christmas movies! Maybe make out a nice gift list with checks by what I’ve got so far. And then more knitting, or read a good book. The only part I would hate — sleeping without my hubby. I always hate that part.

  52. Every so many years I jump on the bed. Makes me feel like a giddy 6 year old. I highly suggest it! 🙂

  53. I would have a long soak in the bath … with the bathroom door wide open as there’d be no-one to try to keep out; I would order room service and have something with rice, safe in the knowledge that I would get to eat it all myself; I would have a lovely large glass of wine and might even recklessly pop the glass on the floor, as there’d be no-one there to kick it over; and I’d sleep right in the middle of the bed, somewhere I never get to sleep as there’s usually someone small right there … ack, much as I love them all, how I’d LOVE a night alone!!!

  54. It will turn out to be a surprisingly short amount of time, because time flies when you are having fun. That wine will make you sleepy so you probably won’t even get through the whole movie you just paid for! But the best part is, you will be appreciative and grateful for your own bed the next night.

  55. I get to do this on two consecutive nights about six or eight times a year, when I drive to Ontario and then when I drive back again. I don’t stay in fancy places with jacuzzis and the like, and I can’t drink wine and knit because the knitting will definitely suffer. But yes – knitting is what I do, and what I always take with me wherever I have to travel. Socks are what I knit at my destination, the cabin, so I can sit in the dawn and watch the ducks and otters and other wildlife; but shawls or wraps are what I take when I need complicated knitting to occupy me when there is no other attention-seeking thing like TV or movies.

  56. Get a room with a jacuzzi, order room service and crochet on the surprise Dalek for my son until the bourbon kicked in.

  57. Order take out from Golden Bell Thai. It’s my fav restaurant in Newmarket! Everything on the menu is good.
    I also highly recommend Covernotes coffee shop, which just happens to be 2 doors over from Unwind. 😉 Wish I could be there!

  58. As a very senior citizen, I read these comments sometimes, and tonight I wonder how many single women are reading this, and say, this is my life all the time. They wish for that husband, and kids, and a house that needs them. Life is funny, isn’t it?

  59. I wouldn’t spend my night in the hotel room…I’d be out and about until bedtime. Can’t stand being cooped up in a hotel room no matter HOW luxurious they are….but I’d have my knitting with me ;).

  60. I happen to have two consequtive nights next week with a lot of down time in the hotel because of the appointment schedule. I will have along my traveling tapestry loom which is being rewarped this weekend for its new project. And I will weave my brains out. Sigh.

  61. Stephanie. If they haven’t already told you about The Maids Cottage famous “to die for” butter tarts, ask Michele to pick you up one. The shop is right across from them. Have fun with the group at Unwind. They are great.

  62. Movie or an ebook, knitting, wine and chocolate are a great way to spend a quiet evening regardless of where you are.

  63. Went camping in the Everglades with boyfriend, brought lots of knitting along. Silly me – a camping lantern in a screen tent surrounded by bloodthirsty mosquitoes is NOT a good venue for knitting complicated stuff, and that’s all I brought.
    So I truly envy you an evening in a hotel, with a tv, room service, a decent bed (yes, diagonal sleeping!), and something wonderful to knit. I can see why you’re so excited that you need all those exclamation points! Enjoy! !!!

  64. I have thought about just going away from the family for a night, hole up in a hotel and knit or swim or both! Problem is I would have to turn off my phone so my husband can’t call me. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Knit, watch an R-rated movie and consume some wine. Close the door when I pee and when I shower too! No children to knock or yell through the door and no paws under it. Cool!

  66. I would knit and probably watch my favorite sitcoms on TV. In fact, that reminds me that that’s probably what I’m going to do right now after I change into my flannel pants and a sweatshirt since I find myself all alone this evening.

  67. My child is already grown and out of the house so a night to myself is not the thrill it used to be since most nights my husband I have the night to ourselves, but I’m another one who is always up for HGTV. For knitting on the road, I like to do it with company, like in a hotel lobby (which could look a little spooky depending on the lobby) or at a Starbucks. And I can’t drive at night either. It does change one’s travel plans, doesn’t it?

  68. Oh my. I’m the Mom of a two year old. This sounds like heaven to me right now. I’d put on an audiobook, pour a glass of wine and run a hot bath. I’d wonder if I could knit in the bath, but think better of it. I’d knit in bed in my flannel jammie’s after the bath, knit with no one pulling the yarn out of my hands. And while I’d try to stay up late for the extra knitting time, i’d probably end up nodding off by 9… Wow, wish I had an excuse to go do that right about now…

  69. picture between 800-1000 women doing exactly that for at least three days in Freeport, ME. That’s NETA SPA 2013, the first weekend in February. We take over every hotel in the area, run a vendor hall with about 25 local fiber vendors, and we bring in spa therapy vendors too for massages, reiki, etc. but we have no attendance fees, no registration, no set schedules, no classes unless our attendees cook them up themselves, and we do whatever the heck we want for three blissful days. can not wait till February!

  70. I usually treat myself to a nice dinner out with wine or a craft beer. Sometimes a long soak in a tub, flipping through knitting magazines, knitting (unless it was a “good” pour) and a solid night’s sleep. Usually.
    Don’t you hate it when you have an opportunity like this…and you wake up…wide eyed…before the sunrise? Though I have some interesting movies at 6 am!

  71. I truly could not resist a comment. I am right now at this minute, sitting in a hotel room, with my knitting (two projects only) without tv or radio, only internet and my computer, thinking, ‘NOW I can get caught up with those Cast-On podcasts I have missed, while I knit.’
    Enjoy every minute!

  72. Oh, that sounds wonderful! Enjoy! Me, I would *think* that I would do the same thing, but from infrequent experience, I know that I would become overwhelmed with all the wonderful, delicious possibilities of a free evening, and wander around the hotel room bouncing off this possibility and then that one until finally I just go to sleep, exhausted, as usual.

  73. I’d do about what you planned – a nice long soak, a facial, condition the hair, drink the wine I brought – I’d take a big bottle, order in finger food to snack on instead of eating a big dinner, watch a great movie or two & finish one of the THREE SWEATERS I have in bags that’re supposed to be for ME!!! I’d have a GLORIOUS EVENING!!

  74. Get toasted on my favorite wine, REALLY toasted, and see if I can knit lace all hooched up. Gods know, I can’t knit a stitch of lace beyond a single row of K1, YO when sober.

  75. Ditto to all of you-too bad we wouldn’t all be in this fantasy hotel together to enjoy the kindred fellowship- I ironically get lonely very quickly no matter how much I crave the alone time.

  76. I would knit. And listen go audiobooks or watch a movie. And make lists for the holidays. Hmmm…this sounds awfully familiar.

  77. Actually I’m leaving Sunday to teach a week long music class so I will have 5, count ’em – 5, nights to knit and relax. Wine sounds like a good thing to pack!

  78. I had a night in a hotel room awhile back. I read, I thought uninterrupted thoughts, and actually WROTE them down. I knitted too. I ate Chinese food. It was quiet and nice. There were no interruptions, that was the best part.

  79. Write a letter. Old fashion mode of communication but don’t you love finding a letter in your mailbox? When I have an evening with an uninterrupted chunk o’time I try to get letters out to my Mom and MIL.

  80. A nice dinner, a bath, a glass or red wine and a book. I honestly probably wouldn’t knit because the lure of a clean bathtub to soak in is too much. Can you tell I share a bathroom with a teenage boy?

  81. Knit. And read my Kindle while knitting. And probably fall asleep really early, and appreciate the sleep while regretting the loss of me time.

  82. Yup, knit. Read a magazine. Revel in glorious silence (not that I don’t love my 4 year old son, you understand, but sometimes silence is nice). Luxuriate in a bed all to myself. Drink wine (if I wasn’t pregnant…). Ooooh, it sounds lovely.

  83. Ooo yes, there’s something so nice about a hotel room all to yourself – nobody can see what you’re up to! (Sleeper trains are similar, with the downside that the berths are tiny, but the upside that you wake up somewhere different and exciting.)
    I would have a three course picnic – nibbles, sushi if possible, and dessert – while sat on the bed, with a nice drink, probably while reading a magazine that I would usually never buy. Or while watching one of my favourite films, which I’m now a bit self conscious about watching at home because I’ve watched them that many times. (Seriously. One of them is in French, and I don’t really speak that much French, but I don’t need the subtitles any more.) Then I would have a long bath, probably with more reading and maybe also with a whisky. Then there might be knitting in bed.

  84. If I had a night alone in a hotel room first I would try to book a hotel that had a big huge tub, hopefully one of those Spa tubs with the jets. I would read a good book and soak in the hot water until my skin was all wrinkled and prune-y. Then maybe I’d watch a movie and knit. I would definitely order room service or take out. I would definitely bring a really good beer! What fun! I hope you had a great time all alone!

  85. I love this blog! I am a frequent traveller for work and I just love the quiet time alone in the hotel because I can knit and catch up on movies/tv without interruption (you know – mom, I need…, or honey, I need…). In fact, one of my best days was on one of my many trips to Hawaii (yes – Hawaii gets old after enough trips – especially since beach sand and knitting don’t mix well) I spent a rare day off sitting all day in my hotel room watching The Emmy’s on tv and knitting. Add in room service and it was a perfectly indulgent day that only another knitter could understand.

  86. …spin, spin, spin and an audiobook or TV (don’t have one at home so it’s always a treat when I go away!).

  87. Exercise in the hotel’s gym (hopefully they have a treadmill), shower, watch stupid tv without anyone wanting to take the remote from me, order take out and SLEEP! Maybe do some on-line Christmas shopping, too!

  88. As a mother to three youngish children, this mumcation sounds like heaven. Hope it was everything you hoped it would be (or perhaps you did very little of what you planned, which sounds kind of decadent, too).

  89. Mmmmmm!
    I would put my jammies on as soon as possible (one of the nice things about it getting dark here at 4:15 in the afternoon~ you feel like pajamas are appropriate long before dinner!)and then order something interesting to eat that would get delivered (probably Thai food) and then pull out my Eyelet Cardi that is just down to the sleeves now, and see if I could slam them out without getting red curry all over it…. and of course a nice 6-pack (Bass ale? with some hard cider for dessert?)…. And then when I needed a change, I’d pull out those awesome Ellie fingerless mitts, that were the perfect answer to some gorgeous sock-weight alpaca I had lying around.
    Hmmm…. I’m actually getting excited about the night in a hotel that I’m NOT having! Maybe I can have that night tonight at home???? Would mean washing the sheets, for the hotel-experience, but I’m wayyy over feeling any guilt for the housecleaning I’m not doing. 🙂

  90. Most likely, listen to music, read, knit and/or journal. I am usually too tired for a project that requires concentration even though this is the perfect time. I get a little claustrophobic in hotel rooms so if I “settle in” too early, I’ll be wanting to bang on the doors by the time it’s too late to go for a walk. I always plan to order room service and then opt out (too frugal). Next time, I’ll have a plan.

  91. Ok I’d probably knit a bit, but honestly, right now I’d sleep! The price you pay for being a Mom (3 1/2 year old son, and 9 week old twins).

  92. I have a 17 month old who is teething, still feeds a few times a night and wants me to read to her 90% of the time she’s awake, so this is very much a theoretical prospect for me. A nice one too! I think my evening would involve a quiet meal of yummy food, wine, a long hot bath, knitting, a good film and lots and lots of sleep. One day eh?!

  93. My husband was in the Navy for 6 years and them worked a job that required a lot or travel (kind of like yours!). I got so used to it that I would get itchy for a night alone if it had been too long between trips. He would call and say “I need to be in Philly for a couple of days this week” and I would think Ohhhh a tub, a movie I want to see, eggplant (the hated veg), whatever and most importantly WHENEVER I wanted to do. I took the attitude that it was time fro me and to look forward to it. And this was BEFORE I was a knitter!!!

  94. Yep. Watch a movie, knit, and take a bath. I would add that my bath would have bath salts as my husband does not approve of bath salts in HIS plumbing (I don’t think bath salts would actually do anything to the plumbing, but if it did I would never hear the end of it, so I don’t take a chance). Also, I would probably order a room service dessert and glass of wine (assuming the hotel had such a thing).

  95. I was in a hotel room in Cologne while my daughter went to a horror rock gig on Halloween. It could be a long story. I read two books on my Kindle, I knitted and I watched the CNN news. And I wasn’t tempted by the mini bar although I could have been!

  96. I order room service. I love room service. I always order a dessert no matter what entree I get. I love being served and having the meal served in a tray with a dome. I always order room service first.

  97. Read. I would read a book that I want without interruptions of responsibilities or preschoolers or husbands… Although for me that could be a dangerous thing since I have been known to read for something like 20-25 hours straight, but I would probably also knit some and order food in so I didn’t have to leave. Oh my, that sounds heavenly!

  98. I had this very opportunity not too long ago. I knit, I read my book without interruption, I enjoyed wine with said book and didn’t have any “discussion” the next morning about who had more of the covers. Enjoy!

  99. On the rare occasions that I travel alone I look forward to a big salad for supper, a glass of nice wine, a long bubble bath, a book on tape, a bit of lace knitting, then early to bed for a lovely uninterrupted night of sleep.

  100. A little train trip for the hubby is small return for the 1:30am shopping trip after a long flight.
    Marriage is 100% give and take for each partner. (smile)

  101. I have been traveling for my job for nearly 20 years (retiring this next week!) and have had many lovely evenings in quiet hotel rooms. I usually set an alarm on my phone so that I can turn on the telly and watch the news, but otherwise may not have it on at all unless they have good channels (FoodTV, HGTV, etc. instead of all sports). I knit a lot, eat either whatever I’ve brought with me (picnic) or whatever I feel like ordering/picking up depending on the city. Many of my travels are in small towns without lots of choices. Blessings to Joe for wanting to be with you and his willingness to go to this length for that purpose. Enjoy your time!

  102. Reading these comments remind me that I am very happy being single, unattached, and childless.

  103. Knit while watching something fun.
    Have a hot bath.
    SLEEP FOR SEVERAL HOURS UNINTERRUPTED. You had three kids. How did you do it???!

  104. I visited a friend for a weekend. She took me to a quilting shop, a bead/ribbon shop, we ate out, at her house I sat for hours and played with all the beads and ribbons and learned how to crazy quilt.
    She later apologized for such a boring weekend. I told her that it was heaven. With kids at home, not cookng and just sitting uninterrupted and playing is my idea of heaven.

  105. Depending on the hotel, I would take a very long bath, while watching a movie. Then I would knit in my pajamas with room service, or delivery. I would listen to any music I wanted, and wish I could stay a few more nights.
    The only request I would make, a yarn shop that delivers at 2 in the morning, if need be.

  106. SLEEP! It sounds lame, but I pulled my first semi all-nighter of the season last night knitting on a pair of slippers, so that’s what sounds good to me right now. ^_^

  107. I have a four month old baby so after 1/2 an hour of knitting and 1/2 and hour of reading to unwind I would sleep for as many hours as possible.

  108. Not to burst your bubble Stephanie but did you see the recent Marketplace shows on Hotel rooms?? Very enlightening!

  109. Thank you for two great classes. I learned a lot, and really enjoyed all of the history, as well as the hands on silk work. It was a really really great day, and humbling to realize how something I consider a hobby was so important to so many people for survival ( and still is ) . My silk hat will go to one of the babies I work with, they often don’t get to leave the hospital, so a keepsake like this will celebrate their life.

  110. I used to have lots of evenings alone in hotels. And now? I have a lovely baby boy aged 4 months so I don’t go on concert tours anymore. As lovely as it is to be a Mom, I now realize how much I should have appreciated those evenings. I would take a bubble bath with candles, slip into a cozy pair of pjs, snuggle under the covers with some kind of naughty snack and a cup of tea and watch a movie while knitting. Of course!!!

  111. Exactly what you are doing…only I would add a BIG pizza to the wines..with lots of everything I like on it, and knitting, and EWTN…

  112. I would take a SUPER long hot bath till the water was cold, while sipping wine and reading a good book. Then i would Knit and drink wine till i was too tired to see straight and then go to sleep and not get up till checkout time!!! 🙂

  113. I don’t have a tub, so a long bath is top of the list while listening to an audiobook, then a movie & knitting, sleeping diagonally across the whole bed, and swim in the morning. I love your idea of a picnic and wine, that might need to be worked in…

  114. When I saw your tweet that “Sometimes, when I look at pictures of me, I wish I was pretty, rather than present” I immediately thought “You must have gotten your wish long ago!” You ARE very pretty, as well as beautiful in a way that shines from within you.

  115. Long ago, I once got to fly from Seattle to Boston, then take an airport shuttle to Lowell, Mass., to check into a hotel all alone for a whole-day meeting for Lactation Consultants. At the time, I was leaving at home a dear husband and four teenagers, and I took with me some quilting, which was what I was doing then more than knitting. I still have some residual muscle memory of the freedom I felt as I quilted on that particular block, which was to become part of a sampler quilt, all hand-quilted. I loved my Pediatric Nurse Practitioner job, but this represented the height of R & R! I’m still benefitting from it, and I surely shared with hundreds and thousands of folks what I had had a chance to discuss and learn at the real workshop.

  116. I’m a mom of a 6 yr old, 3 yr old, and 3 mo old. I would wish for my husband to be w me for a very short honeymoon (survivor guilt?) Realizing that this would not be his fate also I would order chinese food, have a drink or two, watch TV and maybe knit. And I love to knit, but knitting sometimes makes time speed up for me…the cuff of a glove/mitten takes about 30-60 min for me….nay, I would want to become a human sloth…not even an exclamation point to excite my downtime……

  117. yes ma’am…knit. I love sharing a hotel room or a rented house with knitters and by myself – movie, caffeine-free diet coke, decaff, snacks, needles and yarn. Sounds like heaven. p.s. change nothing about this blog 🙂

  118. Knit (doh) and watch the BBC version (AKA Colin Firth in a wet shirt) of Pride and Prejudice without commentary from my all-male household.

  119. My normal hotel alone thing is to put on the TV to the one station I never watch (usually something weird not on my cable package, though I did watch Fox News once just to know what certain people were hearing) and then knit. I don’t really drink, so it is just me, coffee and knitting.

  120. Truthfully? I’d sleep. I have a 3 month old & the idea of that much un-interrupted time puts me in a tizzy of excitement for sleep.

  121. I dream of a whole 24 hours in a hotel room with nothing but my knitting to occupy me. I’m still nursing so if I was lucky enough to get a hotel room, I would have to bring my 16 month old and that would sort of defeat the purpose.
    Enjoy it. For all of us who can’t right now and really need the break.

  122. Knit, watch Audrey Hepburn movies, drink white wine and order extra pillows and blankets from housekeeping. I love being cuddled up and warm. So did you get one mini bottle or two? Hope you knitted the night away! 🙂

  123. Love it! Glad you decided to embrace the time away – and I loved the “unreasonable use of exclamation points”. I suffer from that as well. I think I use them as smiles when I am typing LOL!!!!

  124. I did have a night (actually, ended up being two) in a hotel and I — KNIT! An Orenburg lace scarf (my first). And spun from my Golding drop spindle. P.S. I love exclamation points. One can never have too many exclamation points. 🙂

  125. Sleep! I would drink an enormous glass of wine and sleep sleep sleep. Can you tell I have a delightful yet unable-to-sleep-more-than-3-hours-at-a-stretch 5 month old baby? She’s amazing but holy cow, what I wouldn’t give for an uninterrupted night of sleep.

  126. Oh how I would love to say knit. But the answer has to be SLEEP. With seven month old twins, it just can’t be anything but sleep. I can’t wait until the days when the answer will be knit again….in like 18 years!

  127. come on Ms Harlot, you can kick those little picot’s *rses!
    loving the colour, and someday soon I will be knitting this one too.

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  129. I would bring a couple of UFOs for ME that I keep putting on the back burner (well, only one UFO, as I would have only one night), a modest amount of good whisky, order room service and watch movies. And then, a bubble bath (with the remaining whisky) and SLEEP without interruption until room service came with breakfast. Then I’d knit awhile and pack just before checkout time.

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