Every time we have a retreat up at Port Ludlow,  I’m reminded that the word treat is right there, embedded in the word.  No matter how tired I am before it starts or after it’s over, the retreat itself is the best kind of work, and I’m energized and delighted by just about every minute that we do it.

From winding all the tiny balls I needed to teach (Tina, Debbi, Lisa and Judith all helped me. It was 675 little balls of yarn… which is, anyway you slice it, a lot of balls)

to watching knitters knit it all up,

to seeing the magic in the dye room…

to wishing I was in the spinning classroom (Judith had a similar tiny balls thing going on. We divided and balled up 59 colours of roving, for each of three classes… that’s 177 balls of roving.)

to watching Judith teach everyone how to make batts…

to the fun of seeing the staff get right into the fun, turning the inn into the most festive and colourful thing they could. 

To special projects – proudly displayed

(That’s Sarah Hauschka. She’s brilliant- and yes, that’s knitted.)

To all the students getting together, organizing themselves (heaven knows we can’t organize them, they’re a bunch of big personalities) and all knitting squares…

and then taking their free time and sewing them all up…

and then giving Judith a beautiful blanket to show her how much they cared.  (Special shoutout to Stormy for running point.)

It was lovely. It was a treat. Thanks to everyone who helped make it awesome. 

I’m going to lie down.

63 thoughts on “Retreat

  1. WAY TO GO Judith for going to the retreat despite everything.
    Wish we all could add to the blanket!!!!

  2. Great colourful photos, great looking retreat ‘treat’ (love that, as my brother has been on a retreat recently which was unlikely to have involved wool, but still a treat for him; much better than ‘pulling back’ type of retreat that I have thought of for the last 45 years). Happiness and delight all round.
    Great knitted project from Sarah H.
    What a wonderful special time. So much enjoyment for all those who participated. So much for all to think about. What a delight.

  3. Sarah Hauschka is my aunt! How funny to see her pop up on your blog! And yes, she is a fabulous knitter and I am amazed at the things she’s made. Looks like you all had an amazing time!

  4. I had an awesome time, Steph! It was the best. And Sarah H. is so talented! Thanks for everything you did to make it such a treat!

  5. I can’t believe you didn’t add a link to the grey wool felted cabled bag in the last photo.
    (Please notice I have mentioned grey wool…and the word ‘gansey’ is not next to it. Because, you know, it’s been such a tough week for you and everything.)

  6. Such wonderful pictures! I am completely jealous. One day, I will win the lottery and then join you. For now, I can enjoy reading about this incredible experience. Amazing!

  7. Thank you thank you thank you for the picture of the blanket – it makes me so happy! And I agree, Sarah H is seriously brilliant.

  8. Yes, My eye was immediately drawn to that lovely gray cabled bag also…anyone have a Ravelry link for that?? Enquiring minds…
    Looks like a lot of fun. I’m always jealous of these fabulous retreats you go to.

  9. Sarah H did a brilliant job on the blanket. Was it knit in sections, then put together? You know we are a curious lot…
    Love all your colorful “little balls”…and the colorwork wrislet.

  10. I haven’t been in a knitting mood for months, but on the very day I decide I need to feel inspired and wander over to your blog is the day our site has the same title and examines the meaning of “retreat.” Must mean I’m meant to take on a project. So thanks for that!

  11. Looks like I’m not the only one who fell in love with that bag! Do you know the pattern for it?

  12. I knew you had Port Ludlow this weekend, but your silence after “the incident” last week, had me a little worried! Almost drove myself to Sea-Tac with my Hazel Knits Artisan Sock (in Greenlake) – complete with circulars to make sure you had a project!

  13. It looks like everyone had a great time! Maybe someday I’ll get to go too. Glad you’re back! 🙂

  14. what an amazing weekend ! had so much fun and learned so much from three wonderful instructors. Tina, Judith, Stephanie (plus amazing helpers Lisa and Debbi!) rocked it. am awed at the amount of time and energy they put into this to make it a true “retreat” for those of us who come to hang out with them. everything is covered either by them or by the outstanding inn staff. plus, ya know, so many tiny balls.

  15. oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun!
    my friend Erik would have been good to have there…he actually enjoys rolling up and detangling balls of yarn.

  16. I’m so glad you had fun and need to lie down. I’ve missed your posts and I’m glad you made the time for the blog..
    I agree about hearing more about the grey knit bag in the last photo… 😉

  17. Someday, I am going. I’m going to save up my little pennies and enjoy a weekend out there. It looks like a wonderful time!

  18. I so love that everybody made Judith that afghan together in the face of all she’s recently gone through. Such a treat for those who were part of that. Go knitters!

  19. It was SOOOOO fabulous… always! This retreat is my twice a year re-charge retreat! I can’t imagine NOT going…’s necessary for my mental health.
    And Steven A…….now now! You know you LOVE Sarah! Her stuff was SOOOO amazing this time! She set up her stuff on Sunday night, so we all could share on Monday night uninhibited. Missed you being there.

  20. Much as I want to go I can no longer drive those distances, sadly. If you could help me find a beginner spinning course in Toronto, I’d be forever indebted to you.

  21. I would love a bit more info on the blanket since this is the first one I’ve seen that I think I’d like to do, I was just thinking this morning about knitting a blanket. Guess it’s squares knitted on a diagonal and then is there a special technique for sewing the pieces together?

  22. Good Grief-which carder is that monster??? Its HUGE!!!! Looks like you had a GREAT time 🙂

  23. looks like you were all balls deep in those classes. (so, so sorry about that, but it had to be done)
    glad to hear it was such a success, as always! fibre folks are a good bunch.

  24. This was an amazing experience and I am so glad I got to go. My addiction to spinning is complete (thanks to Judith). And so many wonderful people to meet. And, OMG, I am in a picture on Stephanie’s blog! (sorry, a bit fangirl, I know). I can’t wait to go back again! (Already planning my yarn bombing, too, now that I know the layout of the place).
    Tried to get my pictures up on my blog, but apparently I took tons, so I didn’t finish before dragging myself to bed at 2am…I’ll finish tonight.
    Thank you Stephanie, Tina, Judith, Debbie, Lisa…and everyone who was there!!

  25. Oh, and thank you Stephanie for that tip regarding the perl bumps when changing colors on a ribbed piece! I will definitely make use of that!

  26. There will be no pattern, but I can tell you the general process. The basis is a hexagon worked from the outside, cast on with a crochet cast-on in the six colors. It is worked in garter stitch as intarsia in the round. Subsequent hexagons are picked up from the previous ones, and cast on as before to fill out the sides.
    The ‘blanket’ starts with the center hexagon, with the decreases slanting clockwise. The next course is slanted counterclockwise and the courses alternate the slant.
    I dyed the yarn which is Ashland Bay BFL worsted.
    You can get hexagon paper online, and devise your own schematic and color sequence.

  27. Remembering the color workshop I attended, which was so much fun! So glad to see that Judith is getting back into the swing of things. And love the blanket that was done for her. She is a National Treasure.

  28. Diane @8:49, those are some of the simplest blocks you’ll ever make. I start with the pattern for Grandmother’s Favorite dishcloth (because I’m not smart enough to knit without a pattern) and use needles appropriate for my yarn and personal gauge, then you can sew them together any old way you please, mattress stitch or even single crochet (although that makes a ridge). It’s a great way to use up sock yarn leftovers. Yep, knitters are like that.
    I could use a retreat right about now. Looks like a great time.

  29. Sarah’s blanket reminds me strongly of the quilt pattern called “Tumbling Blocks”. Truly an achievement: imagine the weight of that as you knit the last round of blocks. (It is inconceivable to me that anyone would sew that many squares together.)

  30. I had a WONDERFUL time. So much fun, so much learning. And, so many … earthy jokes! (That certain shade of pink. )

  31. Sarah H.’s piece is stunning. I also love that grey bag- would love to know the pattern name. A retreat like this is on my bucket list! Someday.

  32. Gah, look at my bony hand clutching Judith! I just love her expression though, full of love.
    These retreats really have become a sanity saver for me. The chance to connect with so many like-minded people and do what we love best is amazing. I love the space and energy you three have created at the Inn, such a blessing for us that get to enjoy it. So thank you for sharing so much of yourselves and creating such an amazing experience! Till next time…..;)

  33. These retreats look so wonderful. The day that I might be able to join in one is possibly going to be sooner than I thought, especially if Squam becomes harder for me to attend.

  34. I wish I was in the spinning room too! We stayed at the Port Ludlow Resort this summer, just because of all the wonderful recommendations and pictures you post on the blog. Seeing the pics of all the fun at the retreat makes me reminisce about summer! Maybe I’ll make it there to enjoy a retreat someday myself…

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