Warm Hands

I arrived at Port Ludlow after a long trip during which I endured, you will recall, a knitting shortage. I played with my scraps all the way here, and upon arrival I was in hard knitting shape.  Lucky for me, rescue was literally at hand.  Shortly after we got here, Tina and I began opening the boxes of delicious things destined for the goodie bags, and amongst all the amazing treats inside the boxes was a great thing from Shall We Knit. (The irony that I flew all the way here short of yarn and was then rescued by a shop no more than two hours from my house is not lost on me.) 

Inside a box were little kits for fingerless mitts called Ellie, all packaged up with yarn from Indigodragonfly a pattern from the shop, and (be still my beating heart) little glass buttons from Closure Fine Fastenings. (Not open yet, but coming soon.)  I borrowed needles from Lisa, and enchanted, I began.

It didn’t take long. It was the only knitting I had with me, and more than that… I was cold.  Cold hands, cold feet – I was under-prepared for the deep damp chill of the Pacific Northwest this time of year.  It doesn’t get cold here, not by Canadian standards, but it is a committed and fierce sort of chilly that gets right into you and can only be relieved with warm baths, hot tea and woolly things.  These are perfect. 

I think out of all the things I like about them, the buttons are what put it over the top.

When I finished them I felt that smug satisfaction that comes from knitting something. I always want to thump my chest and hold the things aloft, and boom "I made this.  Hear me – I am knitter, and these things exist because I am here! I am a CREATOR."

That’s normal, but these took on a whole other level when I sewed those dear little glass buttons on.  It made them finished, and posh, and clever.

Perfect – and my hands are warm.

(PS. I solved the yarn problem after that by buying a crapton of bison from Judith.  Done, and if I was clever I would have thought of abandoning my knitting sooner to justify it.)

(PPS: Edited to add link to the pattern Ellie, and to tell you that there are no kits, but you can get the yarn and buttons from Shall We Knit.)

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  1. So gorgeous! I’m a sucker for fingerless mitts, and these just make me drool on my laptop.

  2. Love the mitts,want the pattern, LOVE the buttons.
    And how does a ‘crapton’ differ from a regular ‘ton,’ or even a regular ‘tonne’?

  3. They are beautiful–the yarn is gorgeous, and the buttons are wonderful. Cool buttons are such a treasure! Is the pattern or the kit) available?

  4. Ah. What an antidote to no knitting. I am exhausted and in bed but think I am going to do a couple of rounds of sock…a day without knitting is just not right…. A flight without knitting doesn’t bear thinking about!! Bravo. You came through.

  5. I find out about the best things on your blog. Please do let us know when the fixins for these mitts are available for us peons.

  6. Shall We Knit is my favorite LYS. I attend their classes at least 4 times a year, even though it’s over an hour drive from my home. The owners and staff are incredible enablers and I’m looking forward to finding that kit in their store.

  7. oh dear – do we really have JUSTIFY buying a crapton of bison? ooops…i may have neglected so to do on occasion….hee hee! and the mitties are beautiful!

  8. I can just hear you (ala Carol Burnett) doing the Tarzan chest thumping and yell of the jungle upon completion of that project. Made me laugh out loud…so glad you didn’t have to be resusitated after a long flight without knitting. A comatose Harlot at Port Ludlow just wouldn’t do.!
    The mitts are gorgeous, the buttons: frosting on the cake.

  9. What a lovely pattern! Nice, fine yarn, and a flattering, close fit. Hope we can get that pattern – even though it’s simple looking, there’s not much out there like it.

  10. yes, I NEED that pattern. and probably the kit. have some buttons from my mother, probably all the way back to grandmother…
    and yes, it’s the humidity, cold, bone-seeking wet damp. wonderful warm pictures make my hands feel better already.

  11. I am so completely tickled that you liked my fingerless mitts. The pattern is called Ellie and is available through Ravelry or of course at Shall We Knit? where I work. I’m working hard on getting Closure up and running before the end of this year. I too am completely charmed by those wee glass buttons – I used a bunch of them on a sweater too.
    Thanks so very much – I am over the moon right now at your very kind words.
    Lynne Sosnowski

  12. You’re spot on with your PacNW chill assessment. I am so fraking freezing and this is the start of my 9th winter here.(said while the skin under my nails is tinted blue).

  13. this was a fun collaboration between some very talented ladies. I am thrilled to be working with Lynne and watching these babies grow. hmmm, maybe I need to cast on a second pair?

  14. I grew up in Port Angeles…our Finnish exchange student claimed that the Olympic Peninsula made her colder than Helsinki.

  15. Fingerless mits were my first projet in the round, and I knit them in a very peculiar way. I don’t know how much sense I make here, but after finishing the ribbing I started the regualr knit and it was on the inside, instead of being on the outside (the purl stiches showed on the outside), and this was because i knit the stiches on the inside rather than the outside so I was bassically knitting it inside out. I also (with only enough help to figure out how to join and make it go round) pretty much figured out how to do it by myself, Which I’m very proud of! 😀
    I do like the mits!

  16. Those buttons really do make them perfectly darling, don’t they? Idea to prevent no knitting in the future. I always keep a small pouch of things in my purse for emergencies: a band-aide or two, safety pin, aspirin, quarters, etc. etc. Someone should design a purse with a hidden knitting pouch. You don’t really know it’s there except when, in an emergency, you need yarn and needles immediately! I bet it would catch on….

  17. These fingerless mitts are adorable! I would love to wear mine more often, but I never get cold palms, I get freezing cold fingertips!
    I’m thinking of knitting handless gloves and mittens.:-)
    P.S: I need those buttons!!!!!!!!

  18. Please stop making beautiful things at knitting retreats. I can’t keep up! I made the color affection wrap too small and am still reknitting it! Seriously, though, they are gorgeous!

  19. Those are so pretty for office wear, if you need to keep your fingers free for tasking. Yours look like they come a little further down the hand, too, so they should still be nice and warm!

  20. Love them! I pinned them, so hopefully I’ll retain the inspiration, and know where to find the pattern in the very new future.

  21. Bison yum… Knew you wouldn’t be without um…our mutual fix for too long. FYI I always bury some small project in the bottom of the laptop/ipad bag. Since it doubles as my purse, I know it won’t get left behind and it ensures that I always have a fall back.

  22. I want that fingerless glove kit- been on the website and can’t figure out how to order. Help!

  23. I just can’t get into fingerless mitts because it’s not my hands that get cold, it’s my fingertips–the part these kinds of gloves don’t cover! I wish someone would invent fingertip mitts.

  24. Just Great; another project I HAVE to knit. Seriously, they are so cute. I’ve already purchased and downloaded the pattern. Thanks Stephanie.

  25. All’s well that ends well. You didn’t kill or maim anyone on the flight. (But how many little airplane bottles of booze did you need?)
    The colors in that yarn seem like they’ll match or coordinate with darn near everything in your wardrobe. Something tells me you’ll get many years of use from them unless one of your daughters swipes them!

  26. I love being pulled into the Shall We Knit? Shenanigans. The colourway you knit was based on all the colours in Karen’s hair. The companion colourway is a mixture of all the favourite colours of Shall We Knit’s staff. Lynne has a way of putting together simple elements in a perfect combination. It’s an incredible group of people to work with.
    Glad the kit met you at the perfect time. 🙂

  27. I really love the mitts but i was struck by the cup your holding, any idea as to were i could get one like it thanks 🙂

  28. I am with Raymonde. Fingerless things, cute though they are, are useless to me. It’s my fingers that get cold. I’m the same way with insulated vests. My upper arms are what gets cold, not my torso Once my fingers or arms get cold, the chill moves throughout the rest of me.

  29. I really love the whole set up. There should be kits online for them, but right now I would just like to purchase some of the buttons, can someone help me?

  30. That’s some tub-O-tea you’ve got going in those photos, and never doubt your knitting power I now know why the pattern Ellie is on the top favourites list in Ravelry. 😉

  31. That is the biggest clear mug I have ever seen. It’s quite distracting.
    The project is very sweet and you’re right, the buttons totally finish it beautifully.
    Man, what a mug. (smh)

  32. Hey am I losing it or did you repost with a link to Ellie, the pattern for the mitts. Maybe I just missed it the first time. Doh. And spaeaking of buttons, I’d rather hoped you liked the button bracelet you received.

  33. Double Doh Just read the P.S. Ok its early and have not had my Joe yet, and I’ll play the brain injury card, I’m impulsive, Sorry dudette.

  34. Those mitts are so you.
    And you’re right, damp cold is the stealthiest cold (say I, who grew up just a hop down the foggy coast from San Francisco).

  35. Those are so beautiful! It’s nice to see the kit knit up. And of course, it reminded me that I was supposed to have swapped out my blue kit for someone’s brown kit that they didn’t want. Doh. Now I am even more bummed seeing how nice they look. But thanks for showing them! Maybe I will make the blue for a gift for someone. (~Seagoat)

  36. After that comment about holding your finished knitted things aloft, all I can think about is The Lion King!
    But I know that feeling. It is a brilliant feeling!

  37. So glad you posted this to show how lovely they are. But I had a bit of an “Oh crap” moment when I realized THAT’S what those little beads are for. I pondered them for a day before tossing them as I just couldn’t figure out for the life of me what I was supposed to do with them! My gloves won’t be nearly as posh without them. So cozy and pretty!

  38. It’s lovely that your beautiful, useful fingers are peeking out of beautiful, useful knitting. Just wonderful.

  39. Arghhh. I do not need the beautiful yarn. I do not need the gorgeous buttons. I do not need handwarmers! But I WANT!!!! I want them.

  40. OMG – So glad you survived the no knitting plane ride AND managed to find a super fabulous pair of mitts to share with US!! Ditto the comments about the ginormous tea cauldron! xo

  41. Beautiful mitts! I agree — the button detail takes it to the next level. Have you done lampworking yet? Not that hard! Although hard to do well and consistently.

  42. Oooooooh I just adore those mitts. They look very fancy, like they came from a high priced boutique. They’re one of those things where people stop you and are desperate to find out where you got them, but you get to smile angelically and say they’re one of a kind. I love that!

  43. Lovely! The buttons are indeed beautiful. I will not be showing these to my 10yo just yet. She, who loves to knit, but doesn’t stick with it enough to really finish anything, saw a pair of fingerless mitts I made. She asked me to knit her a pair, and in that kind way I have, I said “knit ’em yourself? ” I found her an easier pattern and the girl tooknto double point like a duck to water and knitted all but the thumbs on two mitts in a day and a half. We’re doing thumbs today.

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