And Onward

I’m exhausted, and frankly not at all worried about it.  It’s been a heck of a few weeks, and I just had a terrific but super busy weekend working and visiting in St. Thomas, that was the loveliest of all possible ways to finish off the years travelling.  If you’re ever near the city, don’t miss two things. The Little Red Mitten – my favourite kind of shop, sprawling, full, tidy and chock full of nice people – and the life size statue of  Jumbo. (He was really, really big.)

(You can read about why there’s an enormous elephant at the entrance to town here – but be warned, it’s a little sad.)
I visited old friends, I taught very nice knitters- I even made a knitter in my spare time.

See that? That’s my sister-in-law Robyn, who took to knitting like a duck takes to water, and she’s holding her very first knitted thing. I spent a single evening with her, and she can cast on, cast off, and both knit and purl with equal skill.  She made a very nice coaster. (It was almost a bookmark, but she stuck with it.)  She had almost another whole coaster by the time I left, and kept saying things like "THIS IS GREAT. I LOVE THIS."  I should have left her more wool than I did, because really, this is how thrilled she was.

(I feel like we all recognize that face. That exact expression arrives on the face of most new knitters when they realize they can MAKE THINGS. It’s the face of a woman who’s felt the ignition of a plan.  It’s the face of a woman who’s going to have to be talked out of knitting her husband a sweater before Christmas. I feel honoured to have been there to immortalize it. I’m sure Robyn will think it is the most flattering picture of her ever taken.)

I arrived home yesterday morning with all my bags in tow – dumped them all and promptly sat down to knit, and knit, and knit.  It felt like a million bucks.  I’m moving forward now into weeks and weeks at home, and nothing but holiday prep and putting up a tree and regular work here at home, and once I get through today? There’s nothing but blue skies ahead. 
I’ll dive into Gifts for Knitters and lots of wool and knitting tomorrow. Today I’ve got an appointment, then the second of a shocking number of Christmas Parties, and I’d rather not discuss the state of my preparedness for either of those things, but who cares? I’m home – and I’m staying here, and it feels great. Just kick the laundry out of your way and pass me my knitting.