Randomly on a Wednesday

1. I am feeling much better. This has only left me extremely behind schedule, which  is sort of a shame, because if I was ridiculously, hopelessly behind I could give up.  Instead, I haplessly still believe it can be done.

2. The kid next door told me a Christmas Joke.

Why are Christmas Trees like bad knitters?
They both drop their needles.

3. I finished the next to last pair of socks on the list. 

4. That also makes hope spring up within me.  All I have left is some other stuff. Like a few sweaters.

5. It will be fine.

6.  I’ve thought this through and the only way to get back on schedule is to clone myself.  I’m sure the first one would be hard, but once I got it down I could create an army of Stephanies.  One could knit all day (I vote for me) and the other Stephanies could do all those things I’ve always wanted to get done, like polish the silver – or do something with the Martha Stewart cleaning checklists that isn’t just looking at them online and laughing and laughing and laughing.   

Gifts for knitters 11

When it comes to jewelry, I’m discriminating, I only like a little of it, and what I do like? It tends to be both knitty and useful.  Have a look here, and see if your knitter might like some of this. Try to remember too, that if your knitter hates earings? She or he is not going to be down with it just because you put a ball of yarn on it. Get me?

The Elegant Knitter has some beautiful things. Sheep and alpaca earrings for starters. (If I wore earrings, I would consider those.)
HomeStudio has really, really great pendants that aren’t at all blingy and would totally suit a guy knitter or… well. Me.
I quite like this ring, kitted out with polymer clay stockinette.
I own a needle gauge necklace like this one that I wear fairly often. (Mine’s not silver though, but I love the idea of a necklace that looks like abstract art to non-knitters, and is instantly recognizable as a gauge amongst us.) 
There’s the Ablet. (Very clever row counting braclet.)
Shawl pins? If your knitter wears shawls or lace scarves, look no further than these beautiful ones from Romi.
This beautiful collection of jewelry made from polymer clay? I think it’s actually quite elegant.
Schoolhouse press has a sterling silver ball of yarn
And finally, Akerworks makes these really, really great magnetic pendants for needleworkers. If you wear it while knitting, you can stick a whack of pins there for blocking, your darning needle while sewing up… I’ve got one, and it’s actually both beautiful and handy. My favourite combination.

If your knitter is more the do it yourself type? Consider one of these nifty kits from Laura Nelkin. Even if your knitter isn’t the type to wear one? They might have a ton of fun making one to give away. 
If you think they really might like to give it a go? How about a book.
Elements of Style: Knit & Crochet Jewelry with Wire, Fiber, Felt & Beads

Good hunting.