I Still Think the Mall Did it

We’ve had a setback here, and I’m not sure it’s one that the Christmas Spreadsheet can recover from, even if I might.  On Thursday, when I went to the mall, I didn’t feel right when I left. My tummy was a little off, and over the next few hours it became apparent – as I visited numerous mall bathrooms in rapid succession, that I had a significant problem.   A rough night followed, and and even rougher day, in which – not to tarnish the fine character of this blog with nasty details, in which all points of egress from my person became involved to a rather dramatic degree.

The unbelievably horrific day turned somehow into a really horrible night and a really shaky day there after, and friends, I’m going to tell you something shocking.  I was too sick to knit.

There. I’ve said it.  I couldn’t do it.  For two days I couldn’t get myself anywhere but the bed and the loo, and for the day after that knitting induced some weird sort of motion sickness, and truthfully I’ve been mostly asleep anyway. Then Joe came down with the cold that I had before I had whatever H-E-Double Hockeysticks this was, and Sam looked super peaked when she went to school today and…

I guess I’m saying that I might have been a little smug about the spreadsheet. More tomorrow. I’m going to go make tea.