Randomly on a Day Close to Christmas

 1. I’m so glad the list of awesome and amazing stuff I was making for Christmas was private.

2. Now nobody knows how much of it I’m not doing.

3. Hank and I had our regular Christmas outing, and got his shopping sorted and made cookies. 

When we were done, Hank asked if he could use the ball winder, and reflected (in that way that twelve year olds talk like they’re sixty-two)  that he has enjoyed the ball winder his entire life.

4. That’s true, actually.

5. He also commented that he thinks he’s forgotten how to knit. I kept my mouth shut.  Nothing like adult enthusiasm to take the shine of a rose like that.

6. I am still sick.  I am starting to wonder if I am going to be slightly ill forever. That maybe that first cold I got lowered my resistance so I got the Noro Virus, and that lowered my resistance further so I got this cold,  and I’m thinking that I’m just going to be in a loop until I get in a bubble or something that breaks the cycle.

7. I’m pretty sure that’s happened to me before, but it was a yarn buying  thing.

8. One sweater almost down, one to go.

9. The other one has a long way to go. A really long way. I should be knitting right now.

10. I would show you a picture, but there are spies everywhere.

11. Last night when I was talking to my mum, she told me that she’d tried to make these Martha Stewart cookies and they didn’t work. They were supposed to hold together so that you could "gently shape them into haystacks" and they wouldn’t. She tried everything, even pressing them together so hard her hands hurt, and they still wouldn’t make haystacks.  Just screwed up inedible coconut lying in egg puddles. Apparently it was super frustrating to have a cookie failure this close to Christmas because then my mum said Martha Stewart should go f**k herself.

12.  I was not even shocked by that. It’s almost Christmas.  There’s a lot of cookie pressure.