And Wait There is More

I know that happiness is not transferable, that I can’t give you a little of what I’ve had if you’re short, but I wish I could, on account of we’ve been so happy these last few days.  Our Solstice was lovely, our Christmas eve was amazing, our Christmas day so nice, and then we had a lovely Boxing day, although you wouldn’t have thought that a big snow and a power outage would do it, but it had its charms. (We observe the original intent of Boxing Day – more our less, and box up our excess to give away rather than go to the sales and buy more. It suits us. We’ll get it done today.)
I give you then, in the fond hopes that if happiness isn’t transferable, it might be contagious, a few holiday pictures from these parts.  Thanks for bearing with me while the blogging is sparse over these days. We’re enjoying each other.
Tomorrow, the knits. I finished (almost) everything.