Sometimes I Impress Myself

This thing happens to me all the time, where I own a tool, and another person owns the same tool – only their version of the tool seems to do a lot more things than mine does.  Take my laptop – Ken has the same one, the exact same one, only his does all this really great stuff and mine doesn’t. His practically makes dinner and folds the laundry, and mine – well. I have trouble believing they’re the same computer at all. I feel like maybe his came with elves in it. Magical dancing clever elves that make his computer so much more useful than mine.  

The same thing has been happening with my loom.  I’ve got that little Cricket rigid heddle, and pretty much it makes plain scarves. Meanwhile, Syne’s rigid heddle makes spa wash cloths, and Dorothy’s rigid heddle made a crazy table runner, and I can’t even talk about what FarmNana pulls off. I kept thinking that they must have better looms. Looms with some of those bad-ass elves in them.  Then I saw this book – The Weaver’s Idea Book: Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom and I wondered if it might help make my loom more like their looms.

It does.  It’s still a scarf though.  Don’t want to get all crazy.