Finished and Started

Only two last Christmas presents to show you, all done and finished well before 12th night.  That means that in the end I only fell down on Joe’s socks, and frankly we’ve been together long enough that I can likely either get away with it or make it up to him, and honestly,  he’s the sort who would only pretend to be bothered by it so I would have to make it up to him, which means that in a roundabout way he’s also probably happy I didn’t finish.  As much as those aren’t done, these pretty Ellie Mitts are.

I’m a little addicted to these, which is funny, because to be completely honest I’ve always thought that fingerless mitts were a little silly.  I mean, if it’s cold enough that your hands might need mitts, wouldn’t your fingers need mitts too?  It’s always my fingers that get so cold, but it turns out that I wear mine all the time, they really do make a difference… and now in the deep of the winter, I’ve been putting them on under my mittens – so that when I inevitably have to take my mitts off to get my keys, or find bus fare, or use my phone – I’m not totally exposed.  Turns out they’re awesome, and it’s hard to beat the MCN kits for these mittens from Indigodragonfly for cozy.  Lovely yarn – and the buttons have me entirely charmed.

(The colourway is "Shall we Tint", exclusively from Shall we Knit.)

This pair (together with the other little thing I finished but haven’t shown you yet) wrapped up my commitment to Christmas knitting, so I did something (other than plod away on Joe’s socks) that I think is super responsible. 

I started a Christmas present for next year.  Any guesses?