Not Really a Sprint

When I posted the picture of my latest project on Thursday, I thought for sure that it was obvious.  When I asked for guesses, I got a surprise that had unintended effects.  The project is, as many thought, a replica of the Season 12 scarf that Dr. Who wore.  (Because of copyright, and the fact that Dr. Who belongs to someone else – the thing is cleverly called "Who’s your Favourite Time Traveller?" I got it as a kit from The Little Red Mitten, but the pattern’s here. It was irresistible.)

I started it on Wednesday, and let me tell you, I was chock full of delusion.  I honestly thought that it would be done by now.  I’ll pause here to allow those of you who have knit one of these bad boys to pick yourself up off the floor and wipe the dust bunnies off the side of your face.

You see, it’s about 12 feet of garter stitch in sport weight wool.  Yeah, that’s a fair bit of knitting, but I realize now that I allowed three little words to convince me that it would be a walk in the park.  I heard "garter stitch" and "scarf" and decided that there was absolutely no way that this would be hard, and it turns out I was sort of right.  The knitting itself? Easy peasy.  How couldn’t it be? The trick to this isn’t knitting it, it’s not stopping knitting it. The skill this takes? It’s stamina.  Last night I was knitting away on it, and realized that I’m about halfway, and I took a break and went to read the comments on the blog post for a while. 

I was surprised at all the great guesses.  Andrea thought it might be a Baby Surprise Sweater for Lou.  (Although with that much yarn, it would be for his 18th birthday.) Pamela thought maybe a Moderne Log Cabin blanket.  Etcgirl said it might be All the Shades of TruthPat had her money on a Betty Mouat cowl.  Kimberley said a Ron Weasley Blanket,
Sue, Jennifer and Mary said a Temperature Scarf…. and as I went along, looking at all those pretty things, I started to get a little feeling. 

A feeling that said "Hey Steph, this scarf is sort of long. You should maybe take a break from it and make something else. One of those things. Or something like those things… like a hat. Or a lace shawl… or maybe a sweater… a grey sweater. A pink hat.  Rainbow mittens….or you know… ANYTHING THAT ISN’T THIS."  I heard that voice, I respected what it was saying, and I thought about it.  I thought about it enough that before I even really knew what was happening, I was in the upstairs stash pulling down all sorts of things and getting ready to take a little scarf break and then it hit me.

This scarf is like a marathon. I am not the sort of person who can stop. If I stop to take a little rest, I will never get back up. The scarf will go to the back of the closet, I will pretend I never started and it will become something else that Rams and Presbytera mention and I ignore or WORSE it will go to the back of the closet until next December, when I will drag it up (because it is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who, and how am I supposed to let that go) and try to finish it in a few days in a marathon of garter stitch nightmare that – while it may be fun for you, will be terrible for me.

No, no.  There is only forward my friends.  Only forward.