If there were badges

 I have warped the time space continuum.  I know that all of you who have tried to do this and failed are beyond jealous at this moment – all the little balls of yarn are wound.  (Thanks for the kind offers to wind them for me, but it’s my job, and I can handle it.)  The secret turned out to be putting on an audiobook and getting an assembly line running, and I did it in shifts.  Wind 40 balls, answer email, pack something, go for a walk, wind 40 balls, make a cup of tea, organize my notes, wind 40 balls, wonder why I didn’t start sooner, regret my own ability to procrastinate and consider becoming the sort of person who never does this to herself… wind 40 balls… actually, now that I think of it, towards the end I got pretty good at regretting, considering and winding all at the same time.  My many, many tiny balls are all sorted and organized, and ready to be taken to Madrona. (Thanks for the suggestion of shipping guys… but the big border in between here and there means that shipping my teaching stuff would cost just slightly less than my next dental appointment, and I get bags for free on the airline.  It’s far more financially responsible to take it with me, as awkward as it sounds.)

I also got my bag for Cabarete packed, and made a valiant start on the stuff for Seattle.  There’s something that’s just crazy about making a decision today about what I’m going to be wearing in two weeks, but I’m starting to wrap my head around it.  Also yesterday, I made a piddling bit of progress on Joe’s socks.

Yarn: STR Lightweight: Pining 4 Ewe, Pattern: Old Joe, I’m knitting the large. Jammed on the closest teenaged foot for clarity.

Joe’s Christmas socks are always last.  There’s something about great, big, conservatively coloured socks that I always put off, and then, considering  that there’s way more feminine than masculine sock patterns out there (especially the way Joe defines them) and the next thing you know it’s late December and I’m getting all sweaty about finishing his, and a lot of years, I don’t make it.  Joe’s always been awesome about this, happy to have socks arrive no matter when they come, but I thought that this year I would make a special effort to get it together early.  (I’ve actually vowed to get a lot of Christmas knitting together early, we’ll see how it goes.)  In any case, I am absolutely determined to bash out a pair of socks for him, first, before anyone else, and that meant bashing out a pattern. This Christmas my Joe thought that the socks I made for his dad (Old Joe) were "fancy".   An idea was born and  Voila, Old Joe.  A sock pattern that I think has everything going for it.  It’s elegant, sinple, easy to memorize, comes in small, medium and large, is unisex and cozy.  Perfect for a bunch of people on my list, and hopefully yours.

I think it looks best in solids or nearly solids, but I’m sure one of you will experiment.  It’s $6, it has nice big charts, and I hope it gets one of you out of a Christmas bind too. (I’m telling you, I think January is the time to start thinking about a Christmas bind.)

With that, off I go.  I still have no decision about the knitting for the trip – beyond the socks for Joe – and truthfully, I kinda hope they’re done before I get there.  A lot of you made a wonderful case for lace, and I was pretty sure that’s where I was going, until Claudia suggested another Color Affection, and I felt a little something give way.  Turns out that may not have totally worn off yet.  We shall see.