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  1. If I had a beautiful baby like that in my life, I would also knit them whatever they wanted. 🙂

  2. Adorable! Everything in this post is adorable and makes me happy. Thank you for posting, Stephanie.

  3. Steph!!!! You are the most proud Auntie in Canada!! 🙂 I believe I’m the most proud in the US, so I can recognize one in another country. 🙂
    Lou is ADORABLE – my niece and he should totally have a get together… lol
    Keep up the great work -that squishy wool looks like it just wants to jump right onto his little tummy.

  4. wow lucky you! thanks for giving us something to smile over. our nine month old Clara Rose just learned to play giggle tag and to merrily throw down her toy and without moving her lips says uh oh! babies are just what this world needs. Glad you have one to play with. He is very adorable.

  5. Yes, he most certainly deserves a handspun, handknit sweater! Someday, I’ll make Little Man a handspun, handknit sweater…or not. We’ll see. It’s not that he’s undeserving but I’m a slow knitter 🙁

  6. With such an irresistible smile, of course he can have anything he wants, or needs, or doesn’t even know he needs or wants!
    Knitting for babies is the best!!!

  7. Along with the aforementioned reasons, I know *exactly* why you’re so happy to spin and knit an entire sweater for Lou.
    He doesn’t have a 50-inch chest.

  8. You Pearl & McPhee people make really cute babies. Now I’m fighting the urge to pull out some yarn & cast on for him.

  9. I don’t think your kids are little enough anymore to qualify for those requirements. Even if they are still your babies sometimes.

  10. Are you making a yoked sweater? You have inspired me, I have a neat little baby in my life named Nathan…my nieces first born. He deserves a quick winter sweater as well.

  11. I feel your pain. I knit a sweater for a baby and then he smiled at me and I wanted to knit another. Luckily for me, we live in Texas, so I think I’ll go the blankie direction next.

  12. Hi Stephanie, you should check out the Miracle Sweater by Nicole Montgomery on Ravelry. It is my favourite project that I have made to date, I am ShelbyWoo on Ravelry. I made that sweater for my nephew as a test knit for Nicole and it turned out to be the most beautiful tweed like fabric. I feel like we have very similar taste in patterns and just wanted to share my favourite with you. Thank you for sharing your pattern finds with us!

  13. Baby is so cute, but you are glowing. Here, only a couple of days after your absent mom post, is the perfect example, as were the photos of you on your bike odyssey, of how gorgeous you are, how we never see the beauty, inner and outer, that others see in us, and how we are our own harshest judge.

  14. Steph, I thought I’d let you know, you look wonderful in that photo of you with the baby. Thank you so much for writing this blog. You make me feel quite normal for having two tubs of yarn under my college dorm bed. 🙂

  15. He is so very cute and deserves whatever you want to knit for him. Lucky baby and equally luky auntie. 🙂

  16. He is a cute cookie … and I love his check shirt and I know he will adore the sweater, and may I tell him a joke now please? There’s almost nothing nicer than a baby that giggles with you.

  17. LOVE
    – the baby, the sweater in progress, the yarn.
    – the SMILES!!!

  18. You and he just put a big smile on my face just through words and photos–I can only imagine in person! The baby giggles and smiles and coos and love. Absolutely, re the knitting.

  19. Awwwwwwww
    Yarn, sweater-in-progress and, most of all, baby.
    (Pretty cute auntie, too.)

  20. Lovely baby. Lovely sweater. Lovely yarn. And obviously, a lovely auntie, too. 😀

  21. There you go again! and this time your face is represented on your blog as well. Yay you!

  22. He is so precious! It must be difficult to stop yourself from taking him home with you. 🙂

  23. Without your even having to eat his foot. (Hope he held out for the fish face, though. I happen to be partial to the fish face.)

  24. Loving the sweater progress. And Lou. My gosh. I’d willingly give him anything he wanted too. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have children. I lack the ability to say no.

  25. Oh! That little hand!
    You can’t fool us, Stephanie–you are a true babyholic. Look at that grin on you both! And who wouldn’t be, with that cutie-pie around?

  26. awwwww…. that made me smile. Great spinning! It’s wonderful yarn and I’m sure the sweater will be equally wonderful. What a great baby!

  27. Lou needs to practice his Vulcan salute a bit more so he has it down perfect by the time he learns how to say “Live long and prosper”!
    Of course, that big, cheerful grin is not proper Vulcan form. . .but I think Lou can be excused on that point.

  28. Steph, I have a Grandson that is 28. I started knitting sweaters for him at the age Lou is and am still doing it. I make him a new one every year. Such a warm loving feeling.
    So love keeps flowing.

  29. What an absolutely adorable little fellow, no wonder you are flirting with him and feel compelled to knit the perfect sweater!

  30. What a juicy nugget he is! I’m proud to see that you’re in the photo with him, too! Good job. Before we blink he’ll be a teeny-bopper.

  31. Love that yarn – and I can see why Lou gets sweaters!
    A belated “Happy Blogiversary”! I have enjoyed your blog over the years and you have been responsible several – shall we say – “consumer excursions” on my part!

  32. That looks like a whole lot of babyhogging, going on there. You didn’t have to share? Kiss, kiss, kiss that little cute face and neck and little toesies. They are the best.

  33. That is a fabulous pic of you with Lou. Print it and put on the wall. Now.
    Happy blogiversary, Steph! May you have many interesting days ahead (and I mean the good ones, not the “Well **that** was an interesting adventure” days.

  34. Ohhh how you’ve made me miss my own smalls!!! I’m currently being punished by their parents and I’m not allowed to see them because I ticked off their dad a few weeks ago. *sigh* Babies should never be used to promote drama.
    Lou’s a lucky little guy 🙂

  35. Babies are the best thing in the world! I’m making a blanket for my friend Steph who is having her first baby. As a mom I can tell you how thrilled I was to receive hand knit or hand crocheted baby gifts, and that I kept them (but did not keep the store bought stuff) after my kids outgrew them. My nephew borrowed them and, who knows, one day they may have kids.

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