She Snuck Up On Me

Sam has been trying to get us, to wear matching outfits for years. I don’t know what her fascination is, or why she’s so keen on it.  Maybe it’s a weird throwback, some sort of attachment that hasn’t quite been cast off in the wave of "I don’t want to be anything like you" that is growing up, but she loves the idea. She doesn’t want us to wear the same outfit entirely (except for the footie pajamas she thought we should get at Christmas, an idea that had all the chance of working that I have of being mistaken for Beyoncé) but she does regularly suggest that we get the same shirt, or the same coat… I can’t explain it. It’s an odd little quirk.  I’ve asked her why she likes the idea, and she always just says "Because it’s awesome?"  She’ll suggest a matching outfit, then smile to herself like it’s the most satisfying idea in the world.  Then I shudder and we drop the idea. I’m middle aged. She’s 18. One of us is going to look dumb if we get the same clothes.   I have stressed several times that we will not be getting matching outfits.

The other night Sam was headed out the door and complained that she didn’t have a hat.  (She said this just like I am a negligent knitter/mother, rather than that she is the negligent teen who loses them.)  She was going out and  I was staying in, so I told her to take mine. Remember mine? It’s Wurm, knit out of Cascade Eco+. I love it.  She grabbed it, and went out and came back and said that she really, really needed a hat, and that she needed this hat.  We had the standard chat about how my things aren’t her things, and then, suffering some sort of maternal pang of affection for the little hat-stealer, I decided to knit her one.  (Truthfully, I figured making her a hat would increase the life expectancy of my own.)   A few questions later and it turned out that she really liked my hat exactly – and I remembered that I had enough Eco+ left over from Hank’s sweater.. so two evenings later – Sam has a hat.

Pattern: Wurm.  Yarn: Cascade Eco+ in "Ranier" Eight repeats instead of ten. Otherwise, knit just as written. 

I gave it to her this morning as she was leaving for school, and asked if I could snap a few quick pictures. She was grateful for the hat, and thrilled that it matched her coat, and extra happy it had arrived today. (It’s super cold and snowy.)  As she tugged it over her ears, and looked up at me, a broad smile spread across her face.  I said "Oh, you like your hat, I’m so glad" and the smile became epic.

"WE MATCH!" she beamed, and off she went. 
I can’t believe she got me. I never saw it coming.

200 thoughts on “She Snuck Up On Me

  1. It may be cold outside, but my heart was just warmed. It’s moments like these that make one forget the challenging moments of parenthood (at least for five or ten minutes)!

  2. See, that wasn’t so bad after all 😉
    But seriously, I’m curious, how did you knit it exactly per pattern when the pattern calls for a DK and you used bulky yarn? The DK yarn is what’s been putting me off this hat for a long time, so I’d love to know…

  3. Once I bought my daughter pirate pjs in the boys’ department, and had to go back the next day to buy some for her brother, but that’s about as matchy as we get. Though now I do sort of love the idea of all of us having the same hat!

  4. Simple. She’s stylish. She wants *you* to be stylish, and has been working on this for, if I recall correctly, a few years now.
    If you match, there is a greater likelihood that you will be stylish.
    And there are plenty of clothing items that look equally good on both of you. Like the hat 🙂

  5. Ha! My 12 year old daughter is the same – often suggesting that I, an overweight, 44 year old should get the same outfit as her, a slim 12 year old. And then I found a perfect Dr Who Tshirt of the TARDIS with van Gough’s Starry Night in the background. Now we love our matching shirts 🙂

  6. My mother used to sew herself skirts and then WITHOUT USING A PATTERN, would make me one to match hers with the leftover fabric. Straight skirt with an elastic waistband for a 4-year-old doesn’t require a pattern, of course, but I thought she was amazing, and I loved those mother-daughter outfits.

  7. That girl looks adorable in every single picture you’ve ever posted of her. She has no right to be that photogenic, damnit.

  8. I made that hat.
    I loved it and hugged it and called it George
    …..and then my husband washed it
    …. it felted
    …. and now it feels like I’m wearing a cardboard tube on my head…… SIGH! 🙁
    Off to the wool shop for me 🙂

  9. Beautiful and touching. Seems like a hat is the perfect fashion for sharing. Since pretty much everything I design gets worn by both me and my 20-year-old daughter, I work hard to make things that will work on both of us, and let me tell you it’s not easy!

  10. Woohoo!! 🙂 That was a fabulous post – I adore that hat on both of you – and kudos to Sam for the sneaky match… she pulled it off for sure.
    I happen to be the mid 30’s daughter, my mother the “not old lady” mother age, and we don’t tend to match either but I would love to knit us both something we would be comfortable wearing… seems she BOUGHT herself a scarf at a store the weekend I came to visit so it’s probably best I don’t bother. lol 🙂

  11. I love that hat! I wear mine all the time and my sister-in-law stole it at Christmas! Now need to make another one. And Sam looks great, of course!

  12. I don’t know, Stephanie, a teen who thinks enough of you to want to be like you or you like her, or something? The fact that she is not screaming her need to move out as soon as possible, or that you embarrass her regularly (I hope you do some…) or something means that:
    1. she loves you
    2. you love her
    3. you are a good mom
    4. she is a cool daughter
    and life is good. Complaints about any of this?
    Great hat. Of course she wanted one…

  13. I’m so glad that you had that lovely sweetness with your girlie. My daughter got mad at me yesterday because I gently stroked her hair (she has beautiful chestnut brown hair – slightly wavy & very shiny)as I was going past. She told me it was weird & “oogy” for doing that.Yes she’s fourteen (I shudder to think about fifteen…) and I do remember that age VIVIDLY but I am greatly looking forward to the end puberty for her – for all of us!

  14. I was thinking that there was no way my 24 year old daughter would ever want to wear the same thing I did. She does, however, wear the assortment of cowls and scarves I’ve made her quite proudly.
    Then I remembered Christmas two or three years ago when she bought me the same tunic length cardigan she was wearing, just in a different color. We have different body types, but she was right: it is a very flattering cut.
    She also mentioned something about getting me to wear more stylish and flattering clothes…

  15. I love that hat! I have an awful time finding hats that actually work with my hair, and I usually end up giving them away after I make them because they NEVER DO! I have waist-length dreadlocks and I can’t find one single hat pattern that has worked out for me. I usually wrap a scarf around my head, but it’s not the same, and I REALLY want a hat!
    Maybe this one will work. . .

  16. That smile! that dimple! what lovely joy she’s shared with you. What a blessing that she WANTS to be like you.

  17. OMG I am loving this hat. i wanted something cute and funky and this is it. Now I have to make a trip to the yarn shop.
    Love the story about your daughter. she got ya!

  18. Those teens are tricksy creatures! Love that hat; I just added it to my queue a couple of days ago.
    BTW, my eighteen-year-old and I have the same taste in clothes, but it works for both of us since it’s pretty conservative. If Sam wants to match you, she obviously admires you a great deal.

  19. ::cackle:: Your daughter is kind of awesome, just so you know. Also, it’s a great hat! 🙂

  20. What? You have a canny daughter? Wonder how that happened…
    (No, I shall not say anything about trees or about apples not falling far from said trees.)

  21. “Posted by: Christina at January 22, 2013 11:18 AM”
    Christina, that made me all giggly inside.

  22. I love this pattern. I knitted it for my sister for Noel and she really appreciated , knowing that it is – 25C in Quebec this week…thinking of one for myself.

  23. Hats and scarves are ageless…a safe way to be “matchey uppy” without being cookie cutter twins. For a teen to want to look/be anything like her mother is a huge reach for her…most would say: EEEEWWWW, that’s ugly, I wouldn’t wear that to a mud wrestling event. GAWD, it’s SO not cool. I’d be flattered this darling girl wants to be wearing something just like mne. She’s soon to leave the nest…enjoy these special times together. It will never happen again.

  24. Yay Sam! Love the hat! Think I need to match also LOL We are currently in Siberia (at least that is what the temps are!) cold winter lately – I need summer! You are a great Mum, Steph and Sam “got you good”. LOL

  25. As a person closer to Sam’s age than yours, she possibly likes the matchy business because you don’t. Just saying.

  26. I was on vacation once and I saw a whole family in matching knitted scarves. I thought it was genius. My kids thought so, too. My husband, who does not wear knitted items did not love the idea but consented to wear one on the outside of his coat, not touching his skin (it’s a texture thing.)
    I love the feeling that we belong together and are happy about it and other people can see it to. As long as the kids (teens now) behave in public it is actually fabulous and fun.

  27. Sam and the hat match they are both beautiful. She has one of the best smiles I have ever seen.

  28. Sam looks gorgeous! The hat looks cool, too! What’s wrong with wearing something the same? I WISH my daughter would even allow one item to be the same. (She even bought my a wonderful pair of Converse sneakers for me on my birthday, like hers — except hers are high tops. Almost…)

  29. Smart girl! She figured out the way to get that “gotcha” was through knitting! 🙂

  30. You really need to send that profile pic to Ravelry. All their pattern shots make it look like a crappy hat, but Sam looks GORGEOUS in that shot. Do it.

  31. I would say, “This is one of those perfect times to be gotten!” Sam looks gorgeous in her hat, and YOU are a blessed Mom! It’s a win-win situation.

  32. I love that the “I’m trying not to kill her” post is followed shortly by a “I love her so much” post. 🙂

  33. I love the fact that your 18 year old wants to match with you 🙂 Sure it’s probably silly but it’s evidence that she really does get along with her Mum really well.

  34. I LOVE the hat, I want one, and I don’t even wear hats. I downloaded the pattern from Ravelry, but the first part/egde instructions defeat me entirely. I thought the edge would be just ribbing, which I am familiar with with. But no such thing. I’m stumped. Will look for help from friends. I DO want to make that hat. Thanks for YEARs of fun and informative reading/blog/books.

  35. Awww.. that is so sweet. You should knit just a few more “matching” things to indulge her.

  36. For the past 10 years or so, since I was mid-20s and my mom was mid-40s, we often find that we pick out the same clothes. The most freaky being when I in California and she in Minnesota bought the same pair of shoes for my brother’s wedding. 5 years later, both now in MN, she came in from a shopping-trip and said “see the cute skirt I got on clearance at Macy’s?” and I said “I just bought that skirt online a half-hour ago!” It looks like your mother-daughter matchy-times have begun… It’s not so bad. 🙂

  37. Your post got ME. I teared-up like nobody’s business. Now I have to blame allergies if anyone in the office notices my red eyes. Allergies… in the middle of winter, with 6″ of snow on the ground. Thanks a lot!

  38. I plan to make that hat for myself and I’m old enough to be your mother! That’s one of the great things about hats, they have no age limit.

  39. Oh, wow… now that pulls at my heart. Your “baby” wants to be like mama… not a bad thing. Her smile is so bright and true in that photo… you might have to clone some of your mittens 🙂

  40. Sam is a Fashion Goddess to me for her plea, several years ago, for her hat/mittens not to be too “knittery” — interpreted as meaning non-matching things that were fun for the knitter to produce. Guilty as charged and have been trying to do better ever since. Still, I think the people who think this latest is evidence of her trying to be like you, wanting to match with you, is a) naive and darling, if daft and b) the attitude of people who haven’t had daughters that age. It IS a sign of affection, of course, but it’s manifesting itself in trying to make you match HER, hauling you back from the abyss of Mumdom (Mumdumb?) Either way, well played.

  41. HA! my mom used to dress my siblings and I in matchy outfits. We hated it.
    I do admire Sam’s approach towards claiming victory: First guilt-trip appealing to your maternal instinct, then the surprise attack. 😀

  42. Awww – this warms my heart. My daughter noticed we were wearing similar pea jackets over Christmas, but was not that excited about it. lol

  43. Accessories – the safe way to match! Your baby will always be your baby, even as she is growing up before your eyes!

  44. I am channeling Rams! She wrote exactly what I was thinking as I read the comments. As a teenager, I saved my mom from polyester pants in the early eighties. Now, after thirty years of shopping together, we call each other before family gatherings to make sure that we aren’t going to wear the same sweater or jacket!

  45. Sam outsmarted you. And looks awfully good doing it. Even if you don’t particularly care for the mother-daughter matching idea, it must be gratifying to have such a lovely, grateful, happy recipient of something you’ve made. Now when do we get a picture of the two of you in your Matching Hats?

  46. Do they still do “Mother/daughter look-alike” episodes on those really terrible daytime talk shows? I gave up television years ago, but I still remember awful moms during the nineties with their midriffs showing. I’m sure matching hats isn’t enough to qualify for that sort of freak show.

  47. That is just about the sweetest thing I have heard all day. And, clearly, she is thrilled! (And it is just one little hat – no one will notice!)

  48. Sweet! She is so pretty and I love the hat. I have a hat stealer too! She often doesn’t wait until the end has been woven in before she has it on her head. She looks good in all colors and styles of hat, so if it is for a man or a woman, big or small it is hers and she is gone!

  49. beautiful girl, beautiful hate, beautiful picture in the snow. I love it.. I see a wurm in my future.

  50. How brilliant is that?
    There must be eleventybillion kids out there that don’t want to be anything like their mother EVAH … and you get one who is smart enough to win at “snap” and who wants to match her mother.
    Gotta love that girl and whoever raised her right.

  51. The footie pyjamas must be a thing right now, my 19-year-old sister got some for New Years and she was THRILLED. And she is normally quite adamant about what is “cool” where clothes are concerned. They were pretty cute though!

  52. That’s just plain adorable! For what it’s worth, your hair IS quite similar to Beyonce’s hair!

  53. Sam is a GREAT model for hats, scarves and shawls. She is so pretty!! Everything looks good on her.

  54. It’s times like these beng a mother of an adult is most satisfying. I love her smile in the last pic. It pretty much says it all.

  55. I was thinking, ‘Awww *sniffle*’ and then came the punch line. Ha Ha! She is very sneaky. 🙂
    But still, the ‘Aww…’ remains, that is so sweet that she thinks her mama is adorable to ‘twin’ with, and she’s only 18. I look forward to the day my kids adore me again (after they get over their ‘teens terrible-twos’).
    By the way, very cute hat, that’s a great color for her.

  56. She’s adorable, and I think it’s lovely that a teenager — even one as grown up as Sam — wants to emulate you in any way.

  57. A dear friend made Wurm for me when I started chemotherapy. I adore this hat! As a person with very little hair, my head is cold and looks disproportionately small. The Wurm hat adds bulk to the head, mimicking hair, and is warm from the smooshy fabric. When all other hats, though lovely, make me look like a “sick person,” Wurm keeps me warm and feeling normal. I plan on making one for myself soon!

  58. KiDs! They’re born sneaky. But, she loves you & sneaky’s okay occasionally! And I love the colors in your baby sweater too – I’m not fond of ‘baby’ colors & have always rebelled with unusual combinations. Hurray for you & the kid knitting!!

  59. Hat and daughter both beautiful. Question: Echo+ gauge is 3.5 – 4 sts per inch, whereas pattern gauge calls for 6 sts per inch. You must have adjusted pattern, yes? Also, scarf is fabulous. Pattern??

  60. Yep – she definitely got you! What a sweet story – and extra sweet daughter. Brilliant!

  61. A hat — what a great way to match without either party looking pathetic.
    I do have to say that your hat post of the past (in which I think you introduced Wurm) is one of my favorites. I never put anything on my head any more without wondering if I look, ahem, anatomical.

  62. Best. Story. Ever. Makes me want to make matching hats for me and my daughters but…I know the impulse is not universal. What a great story. Lucky Sam.

  63. There’s really no reason a 18 years-old and a middle aged woman couldn’t wear the same clothes. My mom is 63, I’m 25 and we’re known to exchange clothes (though we don’t do the matching outfit thing). I’m not interested in dressing like a teenager, and she’s not interested in dressing like a grandma. We’re roughly the same size but these days her figure is less hourglass-y, so she can get away with wearing dresses that are va-va-voom on me but just look cute on her.

  64. Most excellent hat. In fact, I was so enchanted by your photos that I went and downloaded the pattern. I just finished a Sallah Cowl and I think there is enough of the alpaca/tencel blend leftover to make a matching Wurm Hat.

  65. Awww….. I love this story. I wish my daughter would want something I had and liked. No such luck.

  66. It’s so sweet that she wants to somehow match you in clothing! When I first read the Hank sentence, I immediately thought that he must be in on the matching action. But then I saw that you were using leftover yarn from his project. Still, I think that he should get some kind of hat if you have more of this yarn. Then you’ll have a 3-way match. I’d love to see that picture!

  67. Love her smile! This was a great post to read at the end of the day. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  68. you have no idea what a bad mood i was in until reading that just now. thank you, & thank samantha, for making my day!

  69. As the mother of a teenage son who can barely tolerate my presence in private, no less in public, I think it’s absolutely charming that your daughter wants you two to match. And I think this is the perfect item of clothing, since hats are multi-generational. Plus, she models stuff for you and regularly appears in your blog. You kinda owe her. (though I’d say that now you’re even).

  70. You really don’t want to wear matching clothes with your daughter? I can’t fathom that! I’d be sewing matching outfits. And you think you’re a nerd. Ha!

  71. Sam is so adorable! I don’t have kids but I’m pretty sure if I had an 18 year old daughter who wanted us to dress alike, I would oblige. And really, hats, mittens, scarves — why not??

  72. Well, she’s right about the hat, color and all. She looks beautiful in it. But we need to see you both side by side to judge the mommy and me charm of them both.

  73. Sam is beyond cuteness. You need to relish these times that they want to match you!

  74. Of course. I didn’t read the bazillion comments, and don’t know if professionals commented. I may be a teacher and a mom of two 2 daughters (and 2 sons) but I do not have a degree in child psychology, but it seems to me, at best, you have been a great mom, and she identifies with you. At worst, she doesn’t want to leave the nest yet, and identifies with you. Since she’s only 18, it seems like a win-win to me! And the hat is GREAT.

  75. Love today’s post & agree with you about the cold; I’m in town and finding it cold, and I live in Banff! Love Wurm; have my version with me – I “heart” Pom-poms.

  76. This hat is the best! I knit one for my freshmen in college and he loves it. He is always getting compliments and questions as to where he bought it. This is the only time he says something nice about my knitting. I knit one for my older son and he is getting the same responses. He wants me to knit lots and sell them, this is not why I knit, I knit for enjoyment of giving a gift. I am in the middle of knitting a Wurm hat for my husband and myself….great hat!! So glad to see your daughter likes the hat also!!

  77. What is it with these girls? My 14 yo daughter does the same thing. It usually is all about outerwear – “oh, this jacket is so great, you should get one too”! Or, these boots are so comfy, you should get some too! It doesn’t matter that she’s 6 feet tall and wears a size small and I’m 5’7″ and am XL. My hubby says it’s because she loves me.

  78. I read your blog all the time….almost never comment, but this was a perfect post and I laughed out loud. Alas, I have a daughter too! 🙂
    Off to knit 2 Wurms!

  79. Well, I’d take it as a compliment if your 18yo daughter wants to match you. My daughter is 5 and is at the age where she would be thrilled if we wore matching Clifford t-shirts (ain’t gonna happen), but who knows what adolescence will be like.
    I think Wurm hats are meant to be given away. My mom needed a hat when she came to visit a few months ago, so I lent her my Wurm and let her keep it. It was my favorite, though, so I think I need to make another…

  80. The hat is lovely ~ and I think it’s great that she wants the two of you to match! She must really, really love her mom!!

  81. Oh, how I really had to laugh at this one because you really don’t have a problem, Steph.
    You see, one of my sisters wears the same size tops as her two teenaged daughters — and they all have similar taste! You should hear (or maybe just imagine) the arguments that go on when they snitch clothes from each other. At this point, my brother-in-law just reminds them that he isn’t cleaning up any shed blood, my 13-year-old nephew rolls his eyes and mutters something about “girls”, the cats hide under a bed, and the 11-year-old nephew. . .
    . . .well, using impeccable logic, he has the best response: “When you go to buy clothes, why don’t you just buy three of each?!?!?”

  82. Oh, how I love this! I knit a pair of felted slippers for my 16 year old son for Christmas. His comment? “I love these slippers, Mom. They’re the best present I got this Christmas”. And THAT was the best present I got!

  83. My daughter (soon to be 10 years old) managed to convince me to get “matching” glasses frames this week. They’re crafty, those kids…

  84. I got that pattern one night during an Ambien induced shopping spree…yeah really. 😀 I wasn’t sure why the next morning, but it’s growing on me..and I love it in the color you’ve chosen! I just might have to make me one even though I do live in southern California. 😉

  85. Omg, lol!!! What a smart young lady, lol. They’ll blind side you every chance they get 🙂

  86. lovely daughter and hat and vice versa. Both mothers and daughters wear the same, jeans I mean, yet daughters see the difference from one pair to the other, most mums don’t. Was it you, YH, who once wrote about knitters being identified as such, because they never wear matching hats and shawls, cowls etc? This Wurm matches Sams scarf and coat, how lucky can a girl get? They match, you and she match hatwise, now for a pair of felted slippers for Hank, you must remember how to do them, to get him over the shock of two hats matching his sweater.

  87. Well it’s a fabulous hat so at least if you are wearing matching outfits you’re doing it as the epitome of style!

  88. Stephanie, you’re a great mom! She wants a hat like yours, and you knit her one! Fab!
    So how is it she’s wearing a non-knitted scarf?

  89. When I was a child, I wanted what was then called “Mother/Daughter dresses” (EARLY 60’s)but my mother said it was tacky. Doing a quick google image search confirms she was probably right. Two snaps to Sam for figuring out a non-tacky way of matching!

  90. What else is a knitter gonna do, when her offspring asks for handknits? We’re pretty much helpless in that spot. Case in point: I’m rushing to get two pairs of socks done, and have at least two more pairs that need to be knit like yesterday, but when my girl wanted a hat to match the scarf I’d already made for her, I dropped the socks like hot potatoes. The hat is priority #1 for the time being, then it’ll be the fingerless mitts she wants to match another hat/scarf set I made….and I had to shop for yarns for both projects. Incidentally, the one scarf she’s most keen to match is a pink & white ruffle scarf, one of two I made for us to wear during our Susan G. Komen Run for the Cure in October — we matched!

  91. She looks adorable, and I can remember dressing in matching outfits with my mom and sister. It was very big in the midwest in the late 50s.

  92. When I was growing up in rural Wisconsin in the 60’s we used to have mother/daughter fashion shows in conjunction with the local 4-H club and home extension office. My mom is an amazing seamstress. She made matching clothes for herself and all THREE of her daughters, complete with hand smocking. Does anybody do that anymore?! She still sews, does cross stitch and, this past Christmas, knit hat and mitt sets for all 17 of her great grandchildren. Go Mom!

  93. Actually teary at the beautiful-ness of both the smile and the story.
    And more so because I went around to my 79 y.o. Mom this morning who’s been under “lockdown” due to extreme cold weather here in NJ. I was wearing my fav hat, Wurm, and mom says, “That’s a hat I’d wear.” The last one I presented her (norie) was rejected as too slouchy, so I pointed out it was slouchy, but could be made less so. I do believe there is no age barrier with the wurm, since my 15 y.o. also remarks how she likes that hat each time I wear it.
    There’s no greater compliment than one from either one’s daughter or one’s mother!

  94. Love the story Steph 🙂
    I’m one of the ‘not matching other people’ people, but matching hats isn’t all that bad. It could be much worse. My sister talked my parents into getting matching puppies, which are standard poodles. She moved out a few years later, tried to take her poodle with her, but he suffered separation anxiety, so now my parents have both of the matching poodles.
    So, matching hats…

  95. Amazing… both the sentiment and the photo of Sam enveloped in warm knitwear in a flurry of snow. Just perfect on so many levels.

  96. lóve the hat, love the Sam-trick, knitted Wurm for my mother and she loved it also.
    but: what scarve is Sam wearing… with the cute stripes????

  97. That post brought tears to my eyes. You seem like such a great family full of love. I can only hope that my girls (currently 5 months and 4 years) still want to match with me and wear the things I knit when they are 18.

  98. Glad to see I’m not the only one that cried. Mine weren’t new mom tears, it are menopause tears. (:

  99. Love love love. Silent prayer after reading that my soon-to-be thirteen year-old daughter has such a wish at 18. You must be doing just about everything right. And that smile speaks volumes.

  100. I made this hat about a year ago and it is my absolute favorite!! Love the yarn and color in Sam’s.

  101. I have to say, when a teen wants to match mum, in between denying her existence, it is a fad worth giving in to, just like buying broccoli for the crying three year old is not a tantrum worth fighting….(broccoli, really, Wendy, you are crying for broccoli?)

  102. That is just a wonderful story. I hope that my now three year old feels the same way in 15 years. And I’m taking my extra skein of Eco Duo and making myself a Wurm too (which I’ve been meaning to make for a while now!).

  103. OMG! Look at her face! Look at that hat on her! It is awesome. Someone here said we need pics of both of you with matching hats. I agree.

  104. That hat looks great on her!
    For the comments from people who were wondering about gauge: Eco+ says their gauge is 3.5-4sts per inch, but I haven’t found this to be true. I made a sweater last year out of Eco+ where I improvised it without a pattern. I searched the yarn on various needles to get a fabric I liked. It was 22sts per 4″ and I thought it was perfect (not too loose or too dense).
    Wurm calls for 24sts per 4″. So I think I would use the Eco+ at that gauge to end up with a nice warm hat.

  105. My comment above should have said that I SWATCHED with different needles until I got a stockinet the fabric where I liked the gauge. Apparently autocorrect doesn’t think “swatched” should be a word.

  106. Great hat! Beautiful girl! She got you good! Great story for the first thing in the morning. Now I need to call my daughter!!

  107. There has to be a “Chicken Soup” book somewhere that this story would fit into. Love it!

  108. This post made me tear up a little. I lost my mom nearly five years ago. I’d give almost anything to wear matching hats, or anything she wanted me to wear or do with her.

  109. What a gem you have there! 99% of the mothers of the world must be envious of your relationship! Makes me teary too

  110. Sweet story – great hat – but I was really hoping that the last picture would be the two of you with your matching hats on!

  111. There’s a 95% chqnce you won’t see this, but I have to say that you are an inspiration to me. Your daughter has a beautiful soul and I hope that my girls turn out as well as yours, (and also that when my youngest is 18, that I can knit a hat in 48hrs).

  112. This post reminded me of the new book “Knit with Me” with knits for mother and daughter that actually work for both of them. You should take a look, or make sure Sam doesn’t see it, (Or both?)

  113. An “awwww” almost erupted from my belly there. At the risk of sounding lame, I’m going to go with the obnoxious nonchalant hipster route and say “that is totes adorbs.”
    And now I hate myself. But your daughter is just so darn sweet.

  114. My 17-year-old daughter steals my clothes All.The.Time even as she on occasion disses my taste. But with all the things of mine in her wardrobe, we certainly should match at times — since I tend to gravitate to the same clothes over and over again. (OK, maybe she has a point. Don’t tell her.)
    And she steals my shoes.
    However, once I was running out the door for a fancy schmancy dinner and decided her black pumps, sitting by the door, went much better with my nice dress than the sensible flats I had on. I was mostly going to be sitting decoratively, anyway. So I wore them — she wasn’t home to ask. I figured turnabout was fair play.
    You should have heard the indignation when I got home….

  115. The pics look great but what was all that weird white “static” fluff messing up the picture? (As I go through my 78 degree, sunshiny day in Texas…)
    The hat looks great but Sam’s smile is even better! Not only did she get you two to match but she got you to be the instrument of the match. Indeed, she’s a wily one!

  116. Mira que muchacha!! que sangana! que dios le proteje. las hijas tullas son mas bellas. que linda que quiere vestir igual a su mama. que cosa mas bella. bendiciones <3

  117. And she looks very cute. Doesn’t she have hour roles backwards? In my experience, it’s usually the mom who likes the idea of matching outfits. My girls would warn me all the Tim, from around age 8 or so, to never even THONK of getting us matching outfits. I have no idea why. I never suggested it – never even thought if it actually. I’ve always thought them creepy. The only time I even cooperated with having / humans wear matching outfits was when my older daughter was a baby & my sister thought it would be cute to dress my daughter & her son in matching outfits once if twice. They are ; months apart in age but my nephew was small for his age & my daughter was large – their coloring is also similar & we’d take them places together occasionally so people mistook them for twins (even when they were dressed differently). Bug that all stopped long before my daughter’s 2nd birthday.

  118. It’s a nice compromise – she can’t persuade you to match her, so instead she matches you – and looks beautiful doing so 🙂

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