Today’s word is easy. Not "easy" as in "this is going to be a snap" but easy as one would use it with a skittish horse who looks like they might break free of their holds and make a break for the barn door.  That kind of easy.  Every time my mind tries to trample me out of optimism today, I’m just sort of smiling at it and saying "Whoa there. Easy now."

I made my way home yesterday, after one long last walk in on the beach, and one last swim in the ocean, and this morning it was straight back to business.  I had a few hours of rest planned today, before I head to Madrona this afternoon, but while I was in Cabarete, I had a tooth break-  (on nothing- a chunk just fell out while I was flossing. How wrong is that?)  and so this morning was spent dealing with that. 

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a thing about the dentist.  I wouldn’t call it a phobia, because I can do it if I have to, but there’s a ton of anxiety and crazy made up stuff.  (For example, I am afraid that the anesthetic that he injects might go to my brain and kill me. Never mind that this is absolutely physiologically impossible – I’m worried anyway.) When the tooth broke in Cabarete it hurt, and so I went to a clinic to get a temporary filling.

I do not think the man I met at the clinic was a dentist. Let’s just leave it there. I was going to give you a big long thing about what happened,  but let’s not talk about what happened there, or what sort of hygiene may or may have been practiced- or the fact that there was no anesthetic, which turned out to be fine with me once I started worrying about sterilization, and if this guy had heard of it.  Lets just say that this morning, and for the first time in my life, I flew eagerly into the chair of our family dentist.
He fixed everything, and I’m leaving for Madrona shortly, where I will be able to chew and everything.