I was just typing this big thing about how I know I hardly ever post on Saturdays, but this week I’m doing it because I can’t really tell what day of the week it is, when I realized that it’s actually Friday, and proved my point entirely. I think I might be a little stunned.

I arrived in Seattle for Madrona Wednesday pretty late, and yesterday all I had to do was prep for my classes and pull together the Teacher Talent Night for Charity – which I would say went off without a hitch last night, but there’s always hitches, and it’s a great deal of its charm.  I’d tell you all about it, but there is a strict media ban in place, and that means that what happens at Madrona, stays at Madrona, and you shouldn’t be hearing anything about what the teachers did last night, other than that they were fabulous, brave and lovely.  It’s a really fun fundraiser, and I’m as honoured as always that Suzanne lets me have my way with it. 

Since I can’t tell you anything about that (and oh, how I wish I could. You should really come next year) I had the time yesterday to go on a little walk through the marketplace.  This is sort of a rare treat for me, ususally I can’t find the time to really poke around, and I’d forgotten both how much I like it, and how much it costs me.  I snapped a few shots as I wandered through, there’s a ton to see, but here’s a few things I noticed as I went.

(Tracy, making new weavers out of thin air.)

A bison puppet, charming vintage look patterns from Blue Sky Alpacas, and Andrea’s absolutely incredible recycled cashmere all found at the Fiber Gallery.)

(Dyed silk cocoons from Chameleon Colorworks. I might have bought these I don’t even know for what, just yet.)

An ocean of Kid Silk Haze at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. Traditionally, this yarn has been a weekness for me, but my resistance was good here, although the weekend is young.)

(Glass Flower top knitting needles from Ernst Finely Crafted Glass. My picture doesn’t do these justice.)

The amazing colours at Opulent Fibers. I think I’m going back for the hemp.

Jennie the Potter.  Sigh. Go look at the buttons.

Spindlewood Spindles.  All lovely, every one.

Amazing marketplace.  For today, big plans.  I have a date with a great wheel, I’m teaching a class this afternoon, and if you’d like a visit and you’re in the area, I’ll be part of a great lineup of teachers doing a book signing from 5 to 6 (or until nobody comes and we all get hungry.) Come and say hi if you like. I’m going to try and sit next to Clara . She’s fun.  Have a great weekend, and let me know if you need anything from the market. I’ve got a route planned.