This thing

I have been knitting the Kusha Kusha scarf for (please pause, while I check my archives…) three days shy of two years.  Obviously, this scarf doesn’t take two years to knit, but I feel like I can now admit the truth about it.

I hate knitting it.  The yarn is stainless steel, and other than the fun way you can make shapes out of it  while you’re knitting – I don’t find it fun to knit at all.  It’s super fine, hard to see and manage, inelastic… It charms me not at all, and I keep wandering off and leaving it behind. I find myself in the rather unusual position though, of coming back over and over and over again, because frankly, as much as I hate knitting this scarf? I really, really want this scarf. 

Seldom am I a product knitter. I like the stuff I make, but I knit because I like knitting, and generally speaking, if the knitting stops being fun, I’m out.  Not this time. This time I can see the finished thing too clearly, and I know what it will look like, and what I’ll look like when I’m wearing it.  I will have on a long black skirt, a beautiful thin black top that drapes and has no closures, and a pair of black tights and black shoes.  The Kusha Kusha scarf will be tied around my neck in a subtle rumpled way – a way that says both "my clothes are sexy post apocalyptic rags – I make the Matrix look unchic" and "I look this good without effort."  (Note to self: In this vision I am also 5’9".  Look into this discrepancy.)

I am so totally smitten with this scarf, that I am determined to finish it, even though it’s making me crazy – I was determined to finish it when I took it to Cabarete, I was determined to finish it when I took it to Madrona, and now It’s my travel knitting today.  It is the only knitting I have with me,* and it’s a long trip. With my wool as my witness. I will own this scarf tomorrow.

*this is a lie. I have another thing with me in case because I worry about what would happen if I had a delay, or knit faster than ever before… a backup thing is always good.  I am, however, ignoring the other knitting. It’s not really here.