Welcome to Monday, or what what’s standing in for Monday as I appear to have misplaced mine this week.  I was travelling on the actual Monday assigned to me and since whatever forces determine what sort of trip you will have were obviously annoyed with me, that day was sort of a loss.  A whole missed chunk. I had a wonderful Madrona, loved every single minute of it, like I always do, but came home thinking that I needed a good solid Monday. You know the kind. Clear off the desk, catch up on emails, tidy the house, pull together the laundry, wonder vaguely how Sam and Joe got on with no clean towels and why we now keep the measuring cups with the glasses.

This was totally my intention on Tuesday, when something came over me. I absolutely couldn’t get moving. I drank coffee and knit, then drank coffee and knit a little more, and then I sat at my desk, but all I could bring myself to do there was drink coffee and knit.

I couldn’t seem to pull together a good Monday-esque sort of momentum.  Then it hit me. Mondays are supposed to follow weekends, and I worked on the weekend. I refocused my goals then, and managed a pretty stellar day off.

Yesterday had a ton of momentum, but still had more of the feel of a productive Sunday. I wrote, touched in with friends, talked with my family, arranged a few important things… I did the people part.  Today I’ve determined, needs to be a Monday.  Today my desk and I don’t just need to spend time together, we need to be welded for at least 9 hours- and then we’ll be all caught up, or as caught up as possible, or at least the caught up place will be within sight. There’s also the teeny tiny problem of me (mostly) not being insane, which means that I know that today isn’t Monday, but Thursday and that means that I should probably do Monday and Tuesday today, and Wednesday and Thursday tomorrow, and then Friday and Saturday on Saturday which means Sunday can just be Sunday and then things will be back on track, but Thursday’s always been my favourite day of the week and I don’t want to wreck it too much.  There’s also that Monday was Family Day here, a holiday for everyone, so maybe today should be Tuesday-  but that means I’d have to find time to spin…. Forget it. The important thing is that today has to be awesome, and this has me burning with the fires of a thousand things that need to be done before Sunday (the real one) comes – and not the least of them are knitty.

I finished my Kusha Kusha and felted it, and I think I love it. It’s hard to tell until I put on the outfit that I think it goes with and check to see if it makes me elegant and tall.  I have my hopes high. It does indeed look post-apocolyptic, but today so does my hair, and the pictures will have to wait. 

While I was at Madrona I found the most perfect little buttons for Lou’s Birthday sweater – I’ll see the freshly minted one year old on the weekend, so I need to finish the button bands, if you understand that here I am using the word "finish" to mean "begin and finish".  I was so worried about having enough handspun that now I have too much, so I did have delusions about a hat, but…

Sam’s birthday (19!) was also last week, and there’s a little project I want to finish for her before we celebrate on the weekend too.   I shouldn’t call it a little project. It will be a miracle if I can finish it by Sunday. 

Thank goodness it’s only Monday or I’d be freaked.

PS. I’ll be updating my events page tomorrow (after the aforementioned welding to my desk)  but since this one’s really soon I thought I would put it here. I’ll be in Boston next weekend, doing some great stuff with the Metro West Knitters.  There’s classes (I’m not sure if there’s room left, but I will check for you) and a lecture.  I’ll be doing  "This Is Your Brain On Knitting" on Friday evening, March 1, 7:30, at Hibernian Hall, 151 Watertown Street, Watertown (Rte 16 next to the Stop ‘n’ Shop, apparently.)

Cost is $20, payable at the door. After costs are covered, a donation will be made to MSF – a lovely move on the Guild’s part. They’d like to know if you’re coming, so please pre-register here.  Bring your knitting. I promise to be as fun as I can.