Just a quickie from me as my plan to cram four days into two might have been a little bit much (if by a bit much, you understand that I mean that it’s completely crackers.)  My little Antler sweater is all done, just needs a little bath and a wee nephew to put it on.

I got tiny little bike buttons, found and bought in a couple of colours from Jennie the Potter. A hand-spun, hand-knit sweater seemed to need hand-made buttons to be just right, and it’s never too soon to start shaping the soul of a cyclist. 

I have a veritable mountain of yarn left over.  After carefully spinning as much as the pattern asked for, I had way too much – an instinct I should have heeded in the first place, although at least it’s a yarn error in the preferred direction. The sweater weighs 172 grams, and the leftovers – 165.  I could just about make a whole other sweater!

Actually, now that I think about it….