Dear Luis

Happy Birthday!

I know this is late, you’re one year and eleven days old now.  I’m sorry you got your birthday sweater a little late, but I figure you’re too little to know really, so I took a liberty. 

Yarn: my own handspun merino. Pattern: Antler.

I know that you’re too little to read this, but it’s been almost a year since one of your knitted things came with a letter, so it’s time. 

I would like to thank you for the last year.  I know that’s silly, that all you did was get born, but what you have done in this family is nothing short of miraculous.  Your time here so far has brought a new depth of love and closeness to all of us that no other person could have created. 

Thank you for the gift of your mother. You’ve taken someone we already adored, and created a mum that we are all proud of. Her tenacity, her respect for you, her dedication to your happiness is a thing of wonder to behold, and because of you we’ve been able to see this in her. She’s not just Katie to us any more (not that that wasn’t ever enough) she’s a brilliant mum, fierce and kind and we’ve all been privileged to see her skill and mothering revealed to us as you grow. You’re a good teacher.

Thank you too, for what you’ve done for your dad.  I admit I didn’t know him as well as I should have when you were born. He was in my family – but he wasn’t yet my family, if you know what I mean.  Over the last year my little family’s relationship with him has deepened and grown into something more meaningful and committed.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man smile as much as your father does when he’s with you, and having his nature revealed to us through you has been a great gift.

Thank you also, from the bottom of my heart, for what you’ve given my Joe. I know you can’t possibly know this, because you’ve only known him for a year, but he was a little anti-baby when you came along. Don’t get me wrong, he liked babies okay, but he was afraid of them and worried about him being so big and them being so small, and he sort of thought it best to get involved with wee people when they were older, and sturdier, and could play and talk.  The joy he takes in you has been breathtaking for me. To see him eager to hold you, to rock you and cuddle with you…

He thought babies didn’t like him. The clear delight you take in everything Joe has changed his perspective entirely.  I’ve never seen the like.

I could go on. I could thank you for the energy you’ve brought the whole lot of us… it was time for a baby, with all the other kids grown up. It’s beyond wonderful to see the softness in your Grampa, and as much as we tease her, the 3898736 pictures of you on the "nana-cam" and the way your Nana shows them to every person she meets is an absolute expression of the joy and happiness you’ve brought her.  I could thank you for the gift of Carlos’ family, I wouldn’t  know them and my fifty words of Spanish without you. I could thank you for the gifts you’ve given your cousins. All five young women clearly adore you, and you’re helping them learn what they might try to be like as mothers. (Later. Not yet.) I could thank you for all the times you’ve been the reason that the family gathered for dinner, we see more of each other now.  You have enslaved us all with your charm.

Mostly though, I want to thank you for liking me.  For letting me rock you to sleep sometimes, for giving me the gift of a warm, soft little body melting into my arms again.  I have missed it.  I want to thank you for laughing at all my jokes, for crawling towards me when I come into a room, for never getting tired of peek-a-boo and pretending that you love it as much as I do. Thank you for loving us all back. We adore you beyond all reason.  You’ve improved the lot of us, and I hope that for your whole life our gratitude washes over you as love, and as sweaters.   Like your blanket, your birthday sweater is not just a knitted thing.  It is a hand-spun, hand-knit expression of all I feel for you, and all that I want for you. 

Thank you for coming.  We love having you here.

Be warm, Happy Birthday,

Auntie Stephie

(PS, thanks too for making your parents such awesome sweater photographers. They took most of these shots.)

190 thoughts on “Dear Luis

  1. I think this is the cleanest, happiest baby I’ve ever seen…. I don’t even like babies…. I’m rather charmed… Devastating in person, I’m sure.

  2. Thank you, Steph. Tears are running down my face as the love you shared wells up and overflows. What a blessing you all are to one another.

  3. Awww
    He is so lucky to have his Auntie Stephie; you are so lucky to be his aunt. Thank you for one of your most beautiful posts.

  4. I was holding on until I reached the part about your Joe, then the dam burst. Beautiful, heartwarming words, as lovely as your first letter. Luis is an adorable little boy, and just about the best knitter’s model ever!

  5. Ohhh, little baby melt! Such a lovely letter, such a lovely boy. Thanks for sharing both with us (and making me a bit wistful for a 3rd…)

  6. What a heart warming post! You make me love Luis also. And the sweater is beautiful.

  7. That was just beautiful Stephanie. Love all of it and the sweather is awesome and I can see all the love you have for your nephew!!!
    Thanks for sharing….TEARS, TEARS.

  8. This is lovely. You made me cry–in a good way. What a wonderful letter for an obviously sweet and adored little boy.

  9. Oh. My. Goodness.
    First off, whatever spirits aligned the stars when this gorgeous manchild was conceived, those parents should just go ahead and populate the earth – we would have the best looking planet in the universe.
    Second – the handsome little devil is a natural when it comes to sweater modeling – how could we not ADORE him with you!?
    Congrats from one Auntie to another – and I’m just sayin, I have a niece here in the states who’s only 5 months, but maybe later on down the line they won’t notice the “age difference” … lol
    Enjoy him 🙂 xo

  10. Oh what an incredible little cutie! And what sweet, sweet words – you made me mist up. I laugh that you say Luis is helping your girls learn what it’s like to be a mom, but… ‘Not Yet.’ I look forward to having a little babe in my arms again, to be a grandmother, but my girls are only 14 and 16. Gotta long wait to go. 🙂

  11. What is with you Pearls & McPhees? You guys make the moat gorgeous kids! Happy Birthday Luis, & thanks for brightening up my day half a continent away.

  12. This was the most beautiful, heartfelt post, and I know that I am not the only one who cried over it.

  13. That is a lovely, lovely sweater, and Luis looks…everything a baby should. I can’t wait to have some of my own.

  14. If every child in the world got a letter like this that they could hold onto through all that life sent their way, good or bad, there would be peace on earth.
    Beautifully written, Steph, and, of course, the sweater is pretty fabulous too.

  15. I don’t know which is better…your touching words on the bonding of the families or the smiling baby pictures of Luis in his new sweater.

  16. Oh! I am bawling. If only all babies came into the world and were loved this way. If only I could love myself this way…
    Thank you Luis for bringing this expression out in your Auntie for all of us to bask in!

  17. What a lovely letter for a lovely child! In 14 years he might be embarrassed as all heck by it, but give him another 10, and he’ll truly appreciate all of it: the sweater, the letter and the love.
    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  18. Thanks Steph, for making me cry yet again. Your words are beautiful and so is that adorable little boy!

  19. Of course, I’m crying at my desk again. Not only is this a beautiful entry, but it also reflects how I feel about a baby who came into my life, now 16 years ago. Other than the handspun and the 50 words of Spanish, it all applies to Our Ty. He has changed my world in too many ways to count and still is changing it in the most unexpected ways.

  20. Wow. Just…wow! Beautiful words. Beautiful babe!! Brought tears to my eyes…… Happy Birthday, Louis!

  21. Tomorrow morning at 11 am, I will become an aunt to 3 beautiful girls when their dad marries my sister. They aren’t quite as small as Mr. Louis here, but we are so excited to have them just the same.
    I only hope they will feel as happy, as nurtured, and as fortunate as you nephew clearly does.

  22. You’ve reduced me to tears with the your wonderful words.
    Thank you for letting us share a tiny bit of the joy that this little boy brings to the world.

  23. Awww!!! Such love! It is amazing what babies as sweet as Luis can do for a family, huh?! He lucked out in the auntie department I must say 🙂
    He loves his new sweater too! So cute!

  24. Heh, heh. You think Joe has melted into a puddle NOW. Just wait until he has grandchildren of his own. (Not that I’m advocating an early arrival of such, if the girls aren’t ready for it, but…)
    Babies are awesome, says this grandma who recently welcomed nieto (that’s Spanish!) number 4.

  25. God, he’s cute!
    I love all the photos, but especially the one where he’s with his dad and looking so seriously at the candle.


  27. Just gotta say, Stephanie, when your girls get to the baby-having phase of life (not yet not yet!), you are going to be such an awesome grandmother.

  28. LOVE the picture of a smiling Joe holding a smiling Luis. Love when guys love babies, especially the big guys. There is just something about seeing those huge hands holding that tiny body so securely.

  29. Beautiful post Stephanie. This past Sunday I became an aunt for the first time, and this precious baby girl is having the same affect on my family, me in particular. I’ve not been terribly close to my sister, but over the past few months that is starting to change, and when news came that her baby had arrived, all plans for the day flew out the window and a trip to the hospital (little over an hour away) was in the works. Holding that tiny little girl at 8 hours old was amazing and is definitely drawing our family closer together 🙂

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  31. You make me cry with your sweetness. What a cutie-patootie. I especially like the photo of him on his stomach, what a smile! Oh, and the hand-knit sweater is lovely, too.

  32. I am sniffling happy little tears here at my desk. I’m just shy of 4 months pregnant now, and I can only hope that what we’re creating will bring as much joy as Luis has. Congratulations and happy birthday to him and your entire family. 🙂

  33. What a lucky baby to be born into such a warm and loving family! And how adorable is he in that sweater!

  34. Aww shucks, that was lovely.
    I keep meaning to tell you – our next door neighbour has his car! or rather his car registration, their car registration is ‘LUIS’ can you believe it? Actually their surname is Lui, and with a bit of oriental/poetic license they have his car! How is that for one upmanship?
    It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

  35. Marvelous. Thank you for sharing. PS – I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’ve figured out that I can just click on the word “Antler” and find the pattern to that beautiful sweater… 🙂

  36. Thanks everyone for letting me know I wasn’t the only one who cried. What a cutie!!! And so fortunate to have extended family near by.
    When my guy was a baby, he kept outgrowing things before I finished knitting them. (Sigh) So, for Christmas this year, I made a cat from the Knit Your Own cat book, changing colors so it would look vaguely like his cat. He liked it so much, he’s now taking orders for cats for his friends, college students all. I’m flattered.

  37. The world needs more babies..more happy uncles, more happy parents, more happy aunties and….many more babies.
    Stop worrying about the money, time, space and all the silly reasons we make for not having children. Have them! Enjoy! They bring an awful lot more to our lives then we could ever give back.
    Precious are the little ones. Accept and invite them!

  38. My friend’s first baby was born today. A girl. I’m finishing booties now.
    I like babies.
    I am not as calm as I sound. Don’t I sound calm? I’m sure I sound calm.

  39. Thank you for this lovely post. We expect grandbaby #6 this summer, and I can tell you that each one who came before him/her made us all feel exactly as Luis makes you and your family feel. We can hardly wait to do it again! Don’t you just feel like the luckiest people in the world? Enjoy every minute. They fly by way too fast.

  40. This made me smile and cry at the same time! I felt many of these things about my own children and most all of them about my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing!

  41. What a beautiful baby…and sweater…and a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful letter. Yeah, blurry-screen-virus going on here too. What a lucky young man to have an Aunt Steph like you.

  42. Beautiful….jsut beautiful. i love how you talk about a mother being revealed, by her chil. so true. 🙂 thank-you for this post.

  43. You are such an artist with words Stephanie. Your wonderful letter brought tears to my eyes. I am a bit of a sentimental person anyway, but your words about each family member and how this wonderful little boy has affected them – they are just so eloquent and touching.

  44. Such a beautiful post – pure poetry. The sweaters look beautiful and the little man is indeed a born sweater model. 🙂

  45. You are so eloquent, Steph. Thank you for this post, and for all of your writing. You have a gift of capturing moments, whatever they are.

  46. Louis is such a handsome young man!
    Stephanie, your letter is just lovely and heartfelt. It makes me want to be part of your family too!

  47. What a lovely birthday letter to young Lou! He is the most adorable baby I’ve seen since my Tara grew up and turned into a woman. I’m glad you are enjoying every fleeting moment!

  48. The world would be so much nicer if babies and their parents received such lovely letters along with knitted things. I think I will start to write some myself following your wonderful example.

  49. Beautiful Steph, I am weeping and completely in agreement with feelings of such a sweet loving human can bring to all of us, if we are so lucky.

  50. This brought tears to my eyes. What a special baby, to be loved so much. And what a gift to all of you. The sweater is beautiful, but it pales in comparison to the thoughts you have expressed in this post.

  51. What incredibly beautiful sentiments. You expressed what I had always wanted to say about my granddaughter but I never was able to put my words together as well as you have in this post. I just love babies . . . poop, spitup and all. I think you really nailed it when you talked about how the just melt into your arms.

  52. Aw, such a beautiful love letter! The sweater is beautiful, as is the boy! Thanks for letting us all peep into your heart, Stephanie.

  53. If anyone truly has a “megawatt smile,” it is Luis! And now with teeth!
    I think this blog post is truly one of the most beautiful things you’ve written. It brought back so many memories of when my brother and my nephews were about Lou’s age. Among them was one of my brother teaching one of our aunts about the dangers of changing a baby boy without taking proper precautions! I hope Lou’s mom and cousins haven’t also had to learn that through a demonstration. . .;-)!
    Also, that picture of Joe holding Lou deserves to be framed and put on display on a mantlepiece or bookshelf. Just to remind him that he does know how to hold a baby if/when any grandbabies arrive.

  54. My thoughts were different. I’m so glad you are a writer who stuck with it, a knitter ditto and started a blog instead of doing something/anything else! I hope you will be able to hand Luis a copy of this when his first child is born. Thank you for sharing.

  55. OK, I have melted into a big old gooey puddle. What a sweet baby (and those little teeth are just precious!). I’m so happy for you and your family, that you have this special little boy in your lives.

  56. beautiful Luis.. and sweater and dad..
    I RSVPd to the gig in watertown Ma that I was going to go, but my plans have (unfortunately for me!) changed and I can’t go. I can’t reach the people to tell them that. (I can’t find their email!)
    My apologies and i hope you have a great time. I’m so bummed I can’t make it.

  57. Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing what this little guy means to you all, and the joy he has brought. 😉

  58. Oh my, I remember those days! My son is now out of school and working, and not rushing into anything, but I’m sure I could knit a couple of little sweaters and tuck them away? All Luis’ sweaters are so beautiful! As is he and that amazing smile.

  59. Your letter is stunningly beautiful and heartfelt. What a fortunate family to share love of this magnitude with each other. It is a blessing for you all and brightens the love that pulses in the world.

  60. Stephanie, this is the kind of post that makes me sit back and think. You are growing as a writer and philosopher – you are more than a knitting humorist, not that being a knitting humorist was trifling, by any means. Thanks for sharing this deeper side more frequently, it seems, these days. It helps us all lean into the better sides of our beings.

  61. Tears of joy. Thank you for sharing such love and such adorableness and so much joy with so many of us. So. Beautiful.

  62. I’m sitting here nursing my 9 month old baby girl and crying as I read your words. Babies are beyond special ?
    Happy birthday little man

  63. Ok, I’m bawling my eyes out. You are such a beautiful writer. Thanks for sharing this with us outsiders. He is an absolute doll (although I’m still Team Hank!).

  64. Thank you for your words, Steph. I don’t know if it’s because of the way you write, or because I’m 5 months pregnant, but your words here have moved me to tears. They also make me sort of wish I could move back home (the US) from this home (Spain, my husband’s home) to be able to share more of our baby-to-come with my family.

  65. Oh he’s adorable! Penblwydd Hapus, Luis! And the jumper rocks too xx

  66. Thank you for posting about Luis – he’s adorable. I wish there were more of him, in fact, since he’s exactly my son’s age. I feels a little like my baby has a friend whose progress I constantly want to know..
    And belated one year wishes, Luis! You completed 1 year just two days before my little boy – many cuddles and kisses to you.

  67. I thought that first picture was from a vintage baby pattern! The sweater is beautiful, as it seems, is your family.

  68. Thank you for expressing so beautifully so much of what our family has experienced since the birth of our first grandson seventeen months ago. We all adore “The Manchkin”.

  69. Thank you so much for this, and expressing it so beautifully. What made it stand out for me was that even you, ‘knitting goddess’ we all want to emulate, were late with your knitted present. Phew. I can relax now 😉

  70. What happy tears you have brought to me. Every baby deserves this kind of love. The world would be a much better place. Your blog brings joy and laughter into my world. Thank you!

  71. Why is it that when you make me cry, I always feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Gorgeous baby. Gorgeous sweater. Magnificent letter. All that love……

  72. Beautiful baby, beautiful sweater. Wonderful words which he will surely appreciate in years to come.

  73. He is just too cute for words. Imagine what you feel now and times it by a hundred fold, that’s what you get when you hold your grand child for the first time. Totally awesome!
    Happy Birthday Luis!!!

  74. Your beautiful letter, and beautiful little boy, made me cry. And damm! I’ve been resisting the urge to have another baby, (because as much as I love the end product, I HATE being pregnant) but it’s a good thing my husband is away for the next three months. Or my willpower would be right out the window.

  75. Beautiful baby, beautiful sweater. And lovely words which he will appreciate in a few years!

  76. Holy crap, Steph… I was fighting tears through that whole thing, but the part about Joe? (And the awesome photo of Joe with a sleeping baby in his arms?) I lost it.
    I am blessed to be surrounded by babies right now, and I hope I will continue to be blessed with babies (NOT mine, and DEFINITELY not my kids’, but other people’s babies!)

  77. Such a beautiful letter! Love the sweater and what a sweet smile with those tiny teeth!

  78. oh pretty, pretty baby! I love your smile, your soft fluffy hair, your beautiful sweater, your sweet bare toes, the words of love sent your way by an adoring aunt… and mostly? I love that your choice of plaything is the tupperware! some things never change. 🙂

  79. I am glad I am not the only one that thinks Joe is a hottie!
    The babe is a total cutie, too!

  80. What a lovely letter to Luis! I want to remember this someday when our family has someone small and amazing join our ranks. Just beautiful! Luis is one cutie! And that picture of Joe—do you know what kind of a Granpa he’s going to make someday?! You’ve got Luis is thank for that!

  81. What a lovely letter, and such a cute and happy little boy. I have to admit that my own little baby girl is about to turn one year old, and your letter has me beyond misty. I can’t believe my baby is going to be a year old–a toddler!–and that era of her being a tiny little thing snuggled in my arms is over. You’d think I was mourning my daughter going off to college 3000 miles away with the tears I’ve shed after reading your note to Luis. Like Joe, I wasn’t really a baby person until I had mine, and now look at me. I’m a wreck. Isn’t it amazing what these little beings do to us?!

  82. Joining the chorus of snifflers…I especially love the comment that Scamp (aka Shirley) made–every baby should have a letter like that to hold onto through life. It would make all the difference.
    Peace and joy to you and yours.

  83. What a lucky boy to have so many people so clearly in love with him. And you made me cry. 🙂

  84. Snif; one of your best. Don’t ever doubt that you have a true gift of language – the sweater is lovely as well. With such love and support, just imagine the man that such a cherished boy will become…

  85. Made me cry thinking about all that has changed in my life due to my almost 1 year old son.
    Thank you.

  86. I’m sure that Luis isn’t just pretending to love peek-a-boo. 🙂 Luis is adorable and so is his sweater.

  87. So beautifully articulated how a young one can make all of us just a little better. Lucky you and lucky Lou!

  88. Oh yes, you know I cried. What a sweet, handsome little Luis – happy birthday child! I hope your Mum prints this and saves this for you to read when you are much older. While you might be slightly embarrassed at first, I expect you’ll be moved by the end, as all us readers have been. 🙂

  89. Steph,
    The sweater is so cute and fits perfectly but the letter is the best. I am sure his mother(after all she is related to you) is putting these in a book for him. Nothing is more precious than family and that little cuttie with his new teeth is perfect baby in every way!

  90. To Eastporter (March 1) – Start prepping yourself now for those leaving-for-college tears. Last Fall, when my only child left for his fourth year at college, my eyes filled with tears and he said to me, “Mom! Why are you crying? I’ve done this before.” Right, kid. Like I’m ever going to get used to my baby leaving home with a suitcase.
    Stephanie – What a story!!! What love you’ve expressed. Thank you.

  91. Exactly! It’s so wonderful. (And, even better when it’s your baby having the baby)

  92. You are able to use words so well to articulate such perfect emotion. I am in awe. What you have written is the best gift I could ever imagine.

  93. You made me cry, early in the morning. Thanks for putting into words what babies mean to the world…and by inference, what each one of us means. We were all somebody’s baby once. May we always be so cherished.

  94. Those two little teeth in the last picture just kill me. What a great little guy! (How could he not be, with all that wool-love about?)

  95. Keep writing your special love letters to each and everyone you treasure. Luis is one lucky little man. But remember that it’s not just the wee ones who need those words – love- to hold onto. Your love shines through your beautiful sweater. Thank you so much for all you share.

  96. I hope you realize that you and Luis have probably caused a population explosion. Everyone wants one!

  97. It takes a cute baby to be worthy of the cute sweater. Please don’t make me choose which is cuter.
    The blue sweater is adorable too. Is that your handiwork as well?

  98. If only Hallmark offered “baby’s first birthday” cards like this! And by the way, that shot of Luis, Daddy and Candle should be converted to a counted cross stitch chart. What an heirloom. Thanks for the sniffles.

  99. I think you secretly LIKE making us cry. Thank you for reminding us once again that love and family is what is most important.

  100. As the newly-minted auntie of a brand new baby girl, this made me all verklempt. I am getting to know my brother now in a new way, and I love every minute of it. Thanks for saying so beautifully what so many of us hold in our hearts.

  101. I had tears in my eyes as I finished reading this tribute. I am sure it will be a treasured keepsake for dear little Luis along with the beautiful sweater. I have three little grandkids, ages 3, 8 & 10. They are all treasures in our family.

  102. Tears at your lovely words, He will know what a wonderful auntie and writer you are. Babies hah how they grab our hearts and make us stop and live in these most precious of days. Thanks for sharing this it is just perfect.

  103. Your words are beautiful and moving. And how could anyone NOT love such a cuddly bundle of adorable? Reading your words and seeing little Luis’s photos make me even more eager to have children of my own, when the time comes.

  104. What a sweet, lucky baby to have an aunt as wonderful as you! There is SO much love in your family and you can see it and it’s a beautiful thing!

  105. I wish I could write something similar for my now grown-up nephew. Even at 20, he could use something like this. But Stephanie’s words are wonderful and unique…

  106. What a wonderful expression of love. Luis is a lucky child to be born into your family. Thanks for sharing this post with us as well.

  107. Snif! :’) Beautiful. Thanks Luis, and thanks Steph for making me feel word by word the letter is also about my Sofía 😉
    Enhorabuena familia!

  108. Okay, I have 9 kids whom I love dearly, and am very conversant with the joy they bring, etc. But your sweet letter to Luis has brought tears to my eyes. How I am looking forward to grandchildren (one day, not yet.)! I only learned to knit after my kids were a little older …my oldest recently said, “our kids are going to be covered up in knitting, aren’t they?” Yep.

  109. What a lovely, lovely letter. When I became an uncle for the first time a few years ago, and felt this same sort of blazing adoration for the small person who had entered our family, I eventually had a related epiphany: that I, too, had been on the receiving end of love like this all my life. That this was what it was like. And the little ones should get our thanks for that, too.

  110. I loved reading all this, and what a handsome totally loved guy Luis is. All I can think of is my personal message to Luis: Ready! Set! Go! Terrible Twos coming up next! Whoo, whoo! Have fun!

  111. Oh my word!! What a touching and heartfelt expression of love to this little guy! And what a delightful and adorable little person he must be. You’re a blessed family : )!!

  112. Wonderful words, and a tribute to small children and their mothers everywhere. I wish I had written something like that when my grand babies were born.

  113. Gosh, that was one wonderful essay…it should be republished somewhere…maybe Parents magazine? It resonates…Babies really do open hearts, especially the ones that are unplanned. Living on my own (even after coming from a big family and baby-sitting all the time) I became a bit anti-baby myself. Maybe knitting for a wee one would open up my own aorta again. It’s easy to get self-started as a single adult taking care of only myself. Making things for others is a good way to start sharing.

  114. I click on your blog site every day and every day since Luis has been sitting there, I crack up in silly giggles just seeing him smile.
    What a beautiful baby boy!!
    Thank you for sharing such lovely thoughts and especially for that Wonderful Photo (well, all of them actually).

  115. Beautiful. Thanks for a wonderful way to start my Monday…babies are the best!

  116. I usually just lurk here, enjoying your humor and humanity. Today you brought tears to me eyes, I was all choked up reading your post.
    Thank you, that was just beautiful.

  117. The digital generations will grow up with many pictures documenting every step of their growth, but digital words – texting and emailing – not only are fleeting, but don’t encourage thoughtful and beautifully crafted keepsakes like your column. I’m sure Luis, not to mention his mother and father will treasure this warm birthday (+11 days)gift years from now as much as they do today.

  118. I think I started crying at the first sentence. I had to get up and walk away from my computer several times as I wept. (I never got to have kids.) This truly touch my heart. Happy Birthday Luis! You’ve got one heck of Auntie.

  119. As my own little one prepares to turn one next week, you have successfully reduced me to tears. Thanks Steph 🙂

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