38 thoughts on “Not home yet

  1. I’m sure you hate leaving the tropics for a Toronto winter, but you’ll get a warm reception from your Joe. But if you ever get him to go with you down there, Toronto may lose one of its famous knitters . . . . Do you see knitted beach wraps, swimwear, and sarongs in your future??

  2. I can’t imagine the shock of walking out the door of the plane onto the jetway, where it’s never quite sealed against the plane, and feeling the cold blast after spending the past few days on the beach in the sun.
    I hope the universe sees fit to make the next leg of your journey at least as enjoyable as the last.

  3. You missed the big dump, and get to come home to the snowplowed piles of grey sludge at the side of the road, and puddles of slush at the corners. Mmm. Leaving town at this time of year is an excellent thing to do!

  4. Wishing you success at the whirlwind home tour and a safe trip to Seattle. It’s not as nice as the Caribbean here, but there’s no snow, either.
    Hope to see ya at MFA.

  5. I wondered if you would have tried a bit of kite flying, only to check and find you flying back home. Hope the return travel didn’t stress you too much.

  6. Welcome home! Enjoy your family time before you double up and jump again. We have a saying in our family…take time to savor the moment(s). Sending you good thoughts for safe, drama-free, restful travels.

  7. Just keep reminding yourself, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” And then ignore the piled up dishes, laundry, and general air of clutter and neglect. It’s the price of a week of sunshine and solitude, and you get the added bonus of mutual ‘missage’ on the part of you and the family.

  8. It must be very hard to tear yourself away from that beautiful beach. Fingers crossed for a safe and not too snowy turnaround.

  9. Safe travels, as you have much of it going on over such a short period of time. Hope your Carribean sojourn was as relaxing as it looked!

  10. Glad you had a lovely vacation – I lived vicariously through you for a week – I hope you don’t mind.
    What did you end up knitting with that pretty yarn?
    Safe travels to your next destination.

  11. Wonderful airplane shots – I’m totally geeking out. My dad loved taking pictures out the airplane window, when he started traveling for business, as he’d never flown before. Your set says it all.

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