Just a quickie from me as my plan to cram four days into two might have been a little bit much (if by a bit much, you understand that I mean that it’s completely crackers.)  My little Antler sweater is all done, just needs a little bath and a wee nephew to put it on.

I got tiny little bike buttons, found and bought in a couple of colours from Jennie the Potter. A hand-spun, hand-knit sweater seemed to need hand-made buttons to be just right, and it’s never too soon to start shaping the soul of a cyclist. 

I have a veritable mountain of yarn left over.  After carefully spinning as much as the pattern asked for, I had way too much – an instinct I should have heeded in the first place, although at least it’s a yarn error in the preferred direction. The sweater weighs 172 grams, and the leftovers – 165.  I could just about make a whole other sweater!

Actually, now that I think about it….

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  1. The Antler sweater is beautiful and the buttons are adorable. Doesn’t Marlowe need a sweater?

  2. Antler looks squishy, soft, and amazing! I love the buttons, looks like it’s time to order some things 🙂

  3. Actually if you take off the weight of the buttons and go for a v neck I’m sure it’s doable!
    He wouldn’t need matching hat and mittens for very long would he?.

  4. Such a beautiful sweater, and so beautifully crafted. I have a baby coming and newborns are small, aren’t they?

    Sorry, I really couldn’t resist. I’ll go make my own now, she said meekly, although I don’t have lovely handspun!

  5. How very perfect.
    If only you could keep a sheep in your back yard (do you even have a back yard?) and could grow your own wool. Wait, wait! A sheep AND and an alpaca.

  6. I am so jealous of your beautiful hand spun! No lumps or bumps or thick and thins..I can only bow at your feet!

  7. Oh yes, I know a potter who makes buttons.
    Hey, here’s a crazy idea — hand-dye half of the remaining yarn and make something in stripes! Or hand-dye all of it and make a vest for the spring.
    Disclaimer — I have neither spun nor hand-dyed yarn myself. ;->

  8. Do it! Make him another, but with contrasting coloured button bands! Hand dye with food colouring – Lucy and I do it all the time! It’s not like you’ve got anything else to do! From one flat out busy person to another.

  9. How about those little knitted pants? I forget the name but they are free on ravelry, I made some once and they go super fast!I am sure they take less yarn than a sweater.
    p.s. I love the buttons too!

  10. The little sweater is absolute perfection.
    I don’t have any homespun, but I do have a whole raft of great nieces and nephews! Guess what sweater they’re all getting next?

  11. Just one word, Benjamin.
    (with the understanding that others have already declared the category to be Vest.)

  12. That is a gorgeous sweater and I love the buttons! But that yarn looks so plush and squishable. Lucky Luis. Wearing that sweater is going to be like wearing a hug. 🙂

  13. Beautiful! Those buttons are so great. The perfect addition to a hand knit, hand spun sweater!

  14. I made an Antlers sweater for my grandson and he looks so adorable in it! I love the pattern and it knit up so quickly. It took me longer to find the buttons for it than to knit the whole thing!
    If you do a vest, please share so I can try too!
    Thanks for all the sharing you do with us!

  15. The wool looks so soft. I’ve never wanted to touch and squeeze anything you’ve made so much before!

  16. I almost got some of those bike buttons at Madrona and now I so wish I had! She does amazing work.

  17. How did you bind off the neck of the baby sweater? It has such a nice finish against the ribbing. Thanks 🙂

  18. Having a “sad day” because I found out today that my 85-yr old Mom no longer remembers me, so I clicked on Yarn Harlot to see if you could cheer me up. Yes! The sweater is wonderful and the buttons are perfect. I want to go straight home and make one. Oh wait, I have to work so I can buy yarn…..there’s always a flaw but thanks – your column is always a treat.

  19. What a little treasure! Those little buttons are perfection!
    Enjoy your blog immensely. Thank you.

  20. This sweater is just awesome, I want to make some for Clara and Ty. I am starting to learn to spin egged on by Tina and Debbie and I am loving it. Now I am hoping Josie will join the spinning inspired!

  21. Why not knit matching soakers (or whatever they are called these days). The buttons are wonderful and your spun wool looks so cushy-soft. Your little guy is lucky.

  22. I’m with Marie @ 5:44 PM on the bind-off of the neck – please, a quick tutorial? It’s perfect.

  23. I second the soakers suggestion. You could probably make at least two with the yarn you have left. Kool-Aid dyeing is always fun. Just think how cute the baby’s bottom would look dressed in soakers dyed grape purple or bright orange. Lime green would be fun too, if one were able to find it anywhere. The sweater is lovely, soft and squishy looking.

  24. @ Helen. Hugs.
    @ Stephanie. What a great sweater and love the buttons. But don’t go getting all wild with this success.

  25. I’ve got to second the idea of a sweater vest. In fact, a tennis sweater vest. The pullover kind, with a v-neck. And with a little contrasting yarn in the neck band, arm bands, and waist band. Cables on the front, plain back. With the right pattern, you should be able to make him one that will see him through the fall into early winter!
    Plus, he’ll easily be one of the most dapper toddlers in all of Canada.

  26. My son was born in August (years ago), which meant he was just the right size for the bike seat come spring. He adored being behind me, and used to push my rear and say “Faster! Faster!” So here’s hoping the snow melts early and the bike sweater can go for a ride on that adorable kid!

  27. Adorable sweater and buttons for your nephew. I finished making Antler for myself a little over a week ago. The bicycle buttons are adorable, but the buttons I used may top them. You see, when I was about half way through knitting my sweater, I remembered that I had antler buttons – sliced from real deer antlers. I love that my Antler sweater has antler buttons.

  28. Beautiful! Plus the yarn looks as touchably squishy as you described it when you spun it. What a treat for your nephew. 🙂

  29. I realize you don’t have much control over this, probably, but if you’re planning your tour schedule you should come to Denver! My Knit Night would be so happy to see you!

  30. This reminds me I really need to knit a sweater for my one year old daughter. My problem is I always want to design everything I knit…I should let myself use other patterns now and then for fun.

  31. It is never too early to start shaping the soul of a bicyclist. wiser words were never said. Love your eye for perfect!

  32. Kettle dye the rest and make a little hat, scarf and mitten set to go with the sweater. Or..leave the yarn as is and make the hat,scarf,socks and mittens.

  33. Is the pattern for that sweater available somewhere (I’m a fairly regular reader of your blog but missed it if you mentioned it before)? I have a 2-year-old nephew who needs a sweater almost exactly like that.

  34. what a darling sweet sweater and buttons. Children’s clothing grabs my soul…hm, little pants to peek out from under the sweater?

  35. Hi, Stephanie,
    Lovely sweater. I took a spinning class today and I’m unbelievably chuffed that I produced a few yards of yarn. The idea that you can choose how thick the yarn should be and have it turn out as you wished is unbelievable to me. Beautiful spinning. I ended up with very tightly spun, kinky lace weight. The teacher kept giving me dabs of fiber from different tops, so the yarn has barberpole striping where they come together. I just love it. Now, what do you knit with a few yards of lace weight? Maybe an egdeing on something?
    Your sweater is lovely and I’m sure the wee nephew willo love its warmth thsi winter. I’m assuming the daughter’s piece will be next up.
    JUlie in SAn Diego

  36. The sweater is wonderful looking. I love the buttons with their just barely there color. Enough to show against the sweater without screaming “I’m a button!”.

  37. Do love that antler sweater. Why not do it again with the leftovers and do the yoke in another color? The first thing that jumped to mind for me was a soft, fawnish brown.

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