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I have been knitting the Kusha Kusha scarf for (please pause, while I check my archives…) three days shy of two years.  Obviously, this scarf doesn’t take two years to knit, but I feel like I can now admit the truth about it.

I hate knitting it.  The yarn is stainless steel, and other than the fun way you can make shapes out of it  while you’re knitting – I don’t find it fun to knit at all.  It’s super fine, hard to see and manage, inelastic… It charms me not at all, and I keep wandering off and leaving it behind. I find myself in the rather unusual position though, of coming back over and over and over again, because frankly, as much as I hate knitting this scarf? I really, really want this scarf. 

Seldom am I a product knitter. I like the stuff I make, but I knit because I like knitting, and generally speaking, if the knitting stops being fun, I’m out.  Not this time. This time I can see the finished thing too clearly, and I know what it will look like, and what I’ll look like when I’m wearing it.  I will have on a long black skirt, a beautiful thin black top that drapes and has no closures, and a pair of black tights and black shoes.  The Kusha Kusha scarf will be tied around my neck in a subtle rumpled way – a way that says both "my clothes are sexy post apocalyptic rags – I make the Matrix look unchic" and "I look this good without effort."  (Note to self: In this vision I am also 5’9".  Look into this discrepancy.)

I am so totally smitten with this scarf, that I am determined to finish it, even though it’s making me crazy – I was determined to finish it when I took it to Cabarete, I was determined to finish it when I took it to Madrona, and now It’s my travel knitting today.  It is the only knitting I have with me,* and it’s a long trip. With my wool as my witness. I will own this scarf tomorrow.

*this is a lie. I have another thing with me in case because I worry about what would happen if I had a delay, or knit faster than ever before… a backup thing is always good.  I am, however, ignoring the other knitting. It’s not really here.

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  1. Meanwhile, Joe’s Gansey waits, unloved and forgotten, at the bottom of a pile of UFOs.

  2. if you pull off that look, we all want to see pics.
    Especially if you manage to be 5’9″ to do it. 🙂
    I’ve decided Feb is going to be my “finsh the darn things” month, and I’m not letting myself cast on anything new until I get at least two more things off the needles. (the second sock didn’t count as casting on, it was the second sock. stop it).

  3. Don’t worry, it will look lovely with your normal wardrobe, and your normal height, but if you really don’t like it when you finish it, I just happen to be 5″9″

  4. Stop knitting it. It will be shorter, making you look taller in comparison and best of all, you can stop knitting it. All probems solved.

  5. I have the materials to make one, but I haven’t actually started it yet. Which part of the yarn makes it most unfun to work with? For me, I’m worried most about the lack of elasticity, because I don’t do super well with cotton either.

  6. Get enough of that steel, it might set off the metal detectors. I am amazed the TSA hasn’t confiscated it from you as a weapon.

  7. I really detest that yarn. It feels creepy.
    So I gave it up, but, did not give it away.

  8. I was smitten with the idea of that yarn, but knew it would annoy me! (And is that first “Anonymous” comment actually by Joe himself?)

  9. If you abandon the project, can i use it as a steel wool muffler to silence my loudly quarreling downstairs neighbors? Please? They’re like the bickersons without the comedy.

  10. I have yet to discover the event where the dress code is ‘sexy post-apocalyptic rags’ other than…the day after the apocalypse. Hopefully you have time.

  11. I say cast off the scarf and use it as a giant scrubbie! I bet it would be great for cleaning the tub.

  12. I have been knitting a kusha kusha almost that same amount of time and am having the same issues with it. Please inspire me, I will finish mine if you finish yours 🙂

  13. When you figure out how to eliminate the discrepancy between your actual height, and 5’9″ would you please tell me how you did it?
    Won’t the stainless steel feel scratchy around your neck? Or is the black thin top with no closures a turtle neck?

  14. Oh, look at that. I bought yarn for that.. 2 years ago? I dream of a fancy metal scarf that I can mold into fun shapes, and then say, oh this? I made this.
    But I still haven’t cast on. I hate knitting scarves. I look forward to seeing yours!

  15. I have a similar delusion with my knitting. I see myself as bohemian looking and windswept in the sexiest way. One of the Knit Pick models very much fits this bill (and she has red hair as I do) so I keep ordering the things that look great on her.
    I ignore the fact that I’m a lot heavier than her with a big rack and frizzy hair. Not. Bohemian.
    I admit to being genuinely shocked when I realize I’m actually quite different looking than the imaginary me. How did I get so far off?

  16. I’ve got that thing too. and it’s just sitting. somewhere. and, one day, before I die, I swear that I will finish it … but, for some reason, I always put it off – can’t explain it!

  17. You can do it Steph. It took me a loooonnng time to finish one (for my mom) and the blasted thing shrank more than I anticipated after felting, but it is beautifully sculptural.

  18. that scarf is fascinating. I may have to attempt one for my daughter. she is 5’10” and it would look wonderful on her 🙂 me –not so much lolololol

  19. oh ho! I DO remember this scarf project and the yarn. I confess that, conceptually I found the yarn interesting. But couldn’t quite imagine actually knitting with it. But, go for it! And, as anonymous too said,,, how about Joe’s gansey? How was Madrona?

  20. Youve read my mind! I can’t quite seem to turn back to mine because I don’t enjoy knitting it, but I really really want the scarf! If you finish yours, maybe i’ll be inspired to finish mine.

  21. Ummm … is it maybe a good thing that you’re not knitting with wool, given that rash promise?
    I would SWEAR I saw a post, a goodly while back, showing Joe’s COMPLETED gansey. Am I merely wishfully hallucinating?

  22. Working on a project I started 18 years ago.. Afghan that just needs a border. Do I win?…..

  23. I’ve had this scarf in my queue and I have yarn for it and I’m just avoiding it. I think I’ll love it when it’s finished but I don’t want to knit it…well I do but I don’t. ::sigh::

  24. That’s weird because I just said to my daughter yesterday, “I wonder what happened to that wool/stainless steel scarf the YH was knitting awhile back? and “Didn’t she buy a kit for a sweater/jacket sort of thing out of the same yarn?” Well, now we know what happened to the scarf. Any info on that sweater thingy? I only mention it cause I think they are neat-o and will never knit something like that. (Yes, I said neat-o. We geeks should reclaim the word proudly!)

  25. You are going to look drop dead gorgeous in that scarf. (I am also a process knitter and mittens are my nemesis. Go figure.) Hope you finish soon!
    PS. Now I want one. I want to be (or feel) 5’9″ too!

  26. Ewwwwww!!!! Why would you want to knit steel wool when there’s all that lovely real wool & silk & linen & cotton, out there??? Life’s too short!!

  27. Finish that scarf and you deserve the biggest beer you can find. If you send me the receipt, it’s on me 🙂 My heroine of unfinished projects. I may now allow myself to drop the very old sock on my needles that lost its charm well before the heel. And….ARTISCENTRAL at 9:55…sorry…no, you don’t.

  28. I have been knitting a Kusha Kusha scarf for years also! I made another one and it just kind of hangs – doesn’t look like the picture. I think I need to reblock it. I will finish mine someday though!

  29. It is kind of like a bad book. 🙂 More and more I won’t bother with a bad book, but every once in awhile there seems to be some redeeming reason to suffer through it anyway.
    As someone who as pulled projects I simply haven’t enjoyed knitting, I appreciate your situation.

  30. LOL at JoanneDownunder. I agree, if it’s not fun to knit, bag it. However, here I am in your same situation with the traveling sweater.

  31. It will be stunning. I do knit things that actually rub on my fingers, cumulates into a kind of buzz on my skin. I have to stop and let it all rest every now and then. But, I like what things look like, so I continue.

  32. Right there with you. I’ve been working on a navy blue one for…I really can’t remember how long…but I, too, will one day have a finished Kusha Kusha! Not really sure when, but ONE DAY!!!

  33. The very best way to make kusha kusha is with a knitting machine. It doesn’t care that the yarn is weird and inelastic, it just does a beautiful job making mindless stockinette. Sometimes its process, but when it’s product, the machine can make it happen..

  34. And I remember sitting beside you in Carson’s class at Madrona about 2 years ago and we were poking Barbie doll boobs in the scarf. And laughing silently so as not to be rude. But my favorite memory of that day is when Carson innocently said that no one knits behind their backs and you and I looked at each other and began knitting behind our backs. So – finish the scarf! It will be so much fun to wear!

  35. I feel that way about stuffies, which is just cruel because they are so very cute once completed and their new owners are charmed and they are never outgrown (in terms of wearability) and they use up odds and ends…but I’d rather darn a sock.

  36. I don’t understand. You’ve described the yarn as being “stainless steel” and that must mean it has no flexibility or softness. So, how awful will it feel draped around your neck?

  37. Not sure if I’d be interested in the scarf but if you find a way to be 5’9, please share! I’d settle for 5’6. I can understand as another process knitter how hard this has been. I avoid socks because I hate knitting the 2nd one.

  38. Being 5’9″ (or 5’10” in my case) is not all its cracked up to be. In your vision, is the crotch of your tights somewhere around mid-thigh because you can’t find them long enough to actually go all the way up? Are you wearing a black skirt because your black pants are too short? 😉

  39. When you started your scarf, I bought 3 cones of that yarn in different colors. I decided to hold them together and just knit garter. The scarf is beautiful — I would buy it in a store — but it is currently only four inches long. It is hell to knit, and I fear I’ll be staring at those cones on my shelf forever.

  40. you know.. there should really be a ‘like’ or <3 function for all the other comments on your blog 😀
    I’m now very curious to see what the scarf is going to look like when its done….. 😀

  41. Go on Steph! You can do it! 🙂
    It seems like such an awesome concept, and I am sure you will look fabulous wearing it… can’t wait to see the finished product! 🙂

  42. What Kandice said. And let’s not forget the perpetual impression of cabinet doors on your head because you whack it every time you forget to fully close them. Also, the part where pretty much all knitted things take *way* longer because they are sized for someone who needs a large.
    But, I am quite certain you *will* own the scarf, and you will love it.

  43. That pattern is in my Ravelry queue but I have never been able to bring myself to buy the yarn. I made a long sleeved shrug out of Habu Gima cotton and hated every single minute of it. So inelastic and hard on my hands, so hard to see where I was in the pattern, even difficult to measure. And that was just with the cotton, not steel wool. But it was a present for my sister, the result of me going shopping with her and saying, when she was admiring an incredibly overpriced shrug at this trendy little store in Ashland, Oregon, “Oh, for heaven’s sake, I can make that for you!” We popped over to The Web-sters (also in Ashland and if you are ever there, go visit because they are just the best!) and bought pattern and yarn, and off I went.

  44. Haven’t read the comments above …. but as much as you travel by ‘air’ …. will it freak out the TSA that you are wearing metal clothing ?
    I rough as my fingers are today (and I live in the South Eastern US) I can’t imagine knitting with a metal thread , much less wrapping it around my neck. Is it comfortable or warm. Or is it just a fashion statement?
    M in NC

  45. Kandice and other 5’9-ers. Norma Kamali, etc. and DKNY and possibly Eileen Fisher make clothes just for you! Find your designer! Then buy it on Ebay!
    good luck with that. I love you, but we are not on the same page at all with this stainless steel stuff. Are we knitting or building a skyscraper here?

  46. I loved knitting that scarf. I loved what it looked like when done. I *did not* love it after it felted. So if you like the way it looks after you finish knitting it, I beg you not to felt it. It just isn’t on my favorites list after I felted it.

  47. I have the same problem with this scarf!! Made me laugh, apparently it’s not just me. I’ve also had it for at least two years. For me it’s a combination of the thread-like stainless steel yarn, and endless stockinette stitch, which has kept me from finishing it. But I want to wear it so much!!

  48. I am wondering how metal yarn will feel as you are wearing it? Obviously I now need to find this yarn in person to fondle it! 😉

  49. I am another Stephanie with another unfinished Kusha Kusha. I have also vowed to finish it this winter. I wonder where it is…

  50. I am TOTALLY with you on the back up thing. I don’t go anywhere without plenty of projects. Every time I saw that Carnival cruise ship on the news last week all I could think was “somewhere there’s a knitter who is glad she overpacked.”

  51. I have a copper version of that yarn. It is fascinating and yet difficult. My husband might say that about me …..
    I am knitting a drop stitch scarf with my copper/bamboo and when I finish it in a few years I wonder how dropping stitches in this yarn will work. 😉

  52. I have the same relationship with this scarf. I am in the last section, but just don’t feel like picking it up. I saw it the other day, sitting on a shelf, and thought about it. I think about it a lot, just don’t do anything about it…

  53. I have all the materials for one of these and started it multiple times. Just couldn’t hang with the way the yarn felt. Ended up giving the supplies to my sister to play with. I feel your pain.

  54. Good luck with that! I’ve never been tempted to knit wire, for some odd reason. But, I needed this post! I’m working Selkie with worsted rather than chunky. The most beautiful, soft, squooshy yarn—but the thing is nearly 600 sts per row at this point—mostly stockinette. I’m afraid I’ll run out of winter before I can wear it. The end is kind of vague, since I want it to cover various features on my figure—and then there’s the I-cord bind-off. *sigh* The end is near, just not near enough.

  55. oh karen @ 9:54, i just laughed so hard when i read your comment! now we can all say, see? i’m smarter than you thought, huh, dear?
    i am not sure i understand this yarn- it molds, but you have to block it? it is stainless steel, but you felt it? i, too, must find some and feel it. i would hate it like cotton, i am sure. i can only handle cotton for dishcloths- my guilty traveling-in-the-purse projects.
    and i, too, have a very different picture of myself than the reality. i think the trick is to stop looking in mirrors. i never seem to go to places where that post-apocalypse look would be appreciated, though. so i guess my imaginary look matches my imaginary lifestyle.

  56. Stainless steel yarn? I guess it must be a superfine gauge but I would think it would feel cold and strange flowing through your fingers. Good for you for sticking to it!

  57. Every time I pass the Eileen Fischer on Fifth Ave– I die. I want to wear their clothes, really, I do. I love that post-apocalyptic look, the shredded, unstructured thing, with all the natural fibers… but when I try them on, I’m all blobby, and the store ladies are only vaguely encouraging, so I step away from the clothes… and come back in a few years, only to repeat the experience.

  58. It’s probably too late now, but have you considered frogging it and knitting it with a kidsilk haze? Or to be really crazy….knit two different colours together?

  59. I bought that yarn also, but not to knit. I gave it to my sister the bookbinder to make handcrafted bindings. Perfect for her purpose.

  60. And now we know what will be the topic of the 19th…the completion of Kusha Kusha…and how actually KNITTING on a project helps speed it along (one of those laws of physics that knitters blithely ignore on a regular basis!)…
    And as for changing images/looks/vision of self…for Halloween, I decided to dress up Goth. I researched hair color…chose a temporary black…and guess what???? I didn’t wash out in 28 washes!!! It actually was one of the longest lasting colors I have ever used.
    Fortunately, son’s college baseball team’s colors are lemon and black. So, I am keeping the black hair until the end of baseball season…and then spending a tremendous amount of stash enhancement money on hair color correction!!!

  61. You inspired me to knit this scarf. I loved the final result almost more than I hated knitting it. It is gorgeous, even on those of us who haven’t grown much past 5’3″.

  62. You will be glad you finished it – I made a golden one, and I feel more chic than I have any right to feel wearing it. Added bonus: it’s fun to play with when I’m bored. Side thought – didn’t you buy a kit with this yarn for a jacket?

  63. I remember when you posted about buying a sweater kit for this “yarn” and I saw it made up at Stitches East that Fall. Remembering what you had posted in the past about nasty comments on your blog being the equivalent of the same in your living room, I respectfully bit my tongue (finger tips), so to speak. I guess I’m glad you began with a scarf, but did you really also buy a sweater kit? And if so, when this scarf is finally a scarf will you begin immediately on the the next stainless steel project? Please let us know how it “wears”, won’t you?

  64. A few people have mentioned Eileen Fisher clothing and, if you are in the NY area I’ve good two really good leads for you. On Central Avenue in Yonkers there’s a store called Green Eileen which is the EF thrift store. You can get great, gently worn items for waaaaay less than retail. And their lab store in Irvington (when it reopens–they gut their butts kicked by Sandy) sells their mill ends on cones. It’s hit or miss but everything I’ve gotten is beautiful and it is really really inexpensive.

  65. Mine, in blues, was cast on sometime in 2008, and is currently at 82 inches. But I want more single stainless knit…. because then I will look 5’9″.

  66. You had me at “inelastic”. I cannot abide knitting inelastic yarn ( cotton, I’m looking at you ).

  67. I am so with you on the process versus product thing. I stopped dead on a minimalist, all-garter-stitch wrap (and it’s not stainless steel but lovely laceweight alpaca) because I just couldn’t stand the boredom any more. Just one more row, bind off, and block – no, can’t do it. The shop sample seduced me into making it, though I knew how much I hate garter stitch, but even the knowledge that I’ll love the end result can’t motivate me any more.

  68. So many of us with unfinished kushakusha! We should start a club, find people who like to knit with stainless steel, and donate our half-scarves/yarn if they promise to use them to knit temporary housing for refugees.

  69. I had to look this yarn up because I thought you were joking about the stainless steel! Wow! Interesting.

  70. I too dislike the yarn but I was one of the people who was intrigued by it when you first mentioned it two years ago and lucky for me I was able to push through and I finished the scarf in a week or so. It is a cool scarf. Hang in there, it will all be over soon.

  71. I made that scarf and hated it. It looked like something the dog had been at. It only works with a certain style, and if one starts rumpled, like me, it only makes things worse. Good luck.

  72. Since you are still knitting the scarf, I’m assuming your traveling companions behaved themselves. Otherwise, you could’ve trussed them up in your scarf! Glad you are happily home!

  73. i had precisely (*precisely*) the exact same fantasy when knitting mine, also for an eternity.
    then i finished it, did the felty thing, & voila! a total waste of time & money, as it was small, scratchy (this coming from a scratchy breed spinner), & just generally terrible looking on me.
    let it go, yarn harlot. dream other fantasies & fulfill them instead, the kusha will only let you down.

  74. like some others, i’m 5’9 and change… would this scarf make me appear properly a post-apocalyptic waif, perchance? cause there’s nothing more silly on a size 16 lovely than a tiny raggy scarf.. course, you’re most likely thin in your fantasy. know what I think though? that would be a really cool lampshade. i kinda want to find that yarn and figger it out, now.

  75. I love that design and when I think about queuing it I think, “well, the Yarn Harlot knit it.” But you didn’t, yet.

  76. This will be great if we return to the middle ages and have to fend off barbarians with horned helmets. No wait those were my ancestors.

  77. Knitting that isn’t really there totally doesn’t count! Good luck with the Stainless Steele scarf.

  78. I’ve learned that the hard-won projects become my favorites once I finish them. Especially if they’re gorgeous in the finished state. All of the teeth gnashing is over and I can simply enjoy the wearing. And I remember that I’m truly an artisan worthy of some of that delicious artisanal bread that I see in stores……..

  79. I feel your pain. I too, tried to knit this scarf. You got further than I did. I was so bored knitting it. I would like to knit a lace pattern with the stainless steel yarn, but haven’t gotten that far yet. Because there is always some new yarn that says, “you need to knit with me”.

  80. I made one — over a long period. It just kept calling me back. I was just as intrigued as you are. After I finished it and wore it, I realized I would have to rethink the “wearing of the scarf”. Since it doesn’t drape, it needs to be placed however you want it to look and then fasten it at the loop or knot or whatever. Then it does not hang down your front and look like a piece of fishing net that you salvaged somewhere. The thing is, as soon as I was done, I ordered another kit!!

  81. DeNile isn’t just a river in Egypt, Stephanie. Glad you have the back-up knitting. As for the whole height thing — good luck with that. It hasn’t worked for me yet, and I keep trying.

  82. I never finished the project I started knitting with that yarn because I didn’t enjoy knitting with it but it’s absolutely fabulous for bobbin lace. I made a couple of little bookmarks and it’s great. It stands up to the wear of the bookmark and is fun to play with while you’re reading!

  83. I knitted Kusha Kusha two years ago. I have been knitting for over ten years and for some reason, with this yarn, I had trouble distinguishing the knit side from the purl side every time I picked it up after not knitting it for a while. Lots of reknitting on that one.

  84. Really. I hate knitting with steelwool, it is for scrubbing pots and pans, or.. sculptors should learn to knit, it is obviously meant for them. So, I abandoned knitting with it and will never ever return. luckily I bought only 10 grams, but it is so d*mned thin and light, ugh,I will find another use for it sometime, sometime…

  85. I remember seeing your original post about this and was intrigued. Not intrigued enough to do anything about it at the time, but now that my memory has been jogged I think it’s time to try it. I am a boring stockinette kind of knitter. Thanks for the reminder!

  86. OMG and LOL! So many comments about this scarf…I have THREE to knit, if I get around to finishing the first one…

  87. I have the very same project, in the very same color…and considering the speed at which you knit and finish projects, I’m anticipating my scarf to project to carry me through to my nineties. Damn.

  88. Good for you! I agree. If I’m not enjoying the knitting I don’t want to do it. Sometimes though, you just have to power through.

  89. Would one of you clever people who are knitting this scarf explain to me *how* you felt stainless steel??!
    I’m totally gobsmacked at the very idea. It’s… it’s… metal!

  90. I have wanted to make that scarf but am afraid that it would be too much of a chore to knit it. Can’t wait to see yours!

  91. I just checked the date I started mine. Also, almost 2 years ago. I’m going to bust it out, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have the umph to finish.

  92. I don’t know about this metal yarn thing. Somehow I’d feel like I’d knitted a fence.

  93. That’s exactly why I haven’t knit with any habu. I know it’s beautiful yarn and it makes beautiful things, but I just can’t stand to devote so much of my life to tactile unpleasantness. You are a brave, brave woman to finish it, my friend. I’m sure it’ll be lovely. Habu nearly always has that going for it.

  94. I bought all the yarn about two years ago as well, and loved how it looked finished, but haven’t gotten up the courage to even start it after reading how hard the steel is to see and how unforgiving the whole project is…but I too love it and long for the post apocalyptic chic of it, but as I get older every year I wonder how a post apocalyptic granny will pull it off!

  95. I knew there was a reason this scarf was the #1 pattern on Ravelry today. Should’ve checked your blog earlier.
    I know what you mean about knitting and wearing this scarf.

  96. You don’t need to be tall to be chic. You just need the attitude… and that scarf. When you put that look together, please do post a pic.

  97. Please take this with humor: It looks like an old, well-used fishing net. Ha! I’m sure it will look pretty with the outfit you described.

  98. When you figure out the height thing, lemme know. Maybe there’s a pill that will make me, at 40, go from 5’4″ to 5’7″…and while we’re at it, 30 pounds lighter.

  99. How does the yarn feel when worn? Does the mold-ability of the fabric help the scarf stay on without un-chic adjusting?
    I’m always intrigued by which projects turn knitters into product knitters.

  100. Chalk me up as another knitter with an unfinished Kusha Kusha scarf. Maybe by my birthday in July I’ll finish it. I also have a granny square afghan pining away for attention – all I have to do is put it together and border it, but I can’t seem to get to it.

  101. I’m intrigued by steel yarn – but not enough to actually knit with it, I think I’ll stick to something nice and fluffy and sheepy!

  102. Anyone else notice that Kusha Kusha is currently the most looked-at pattern on Ravelry? Now, I wonder what caused that….

  103. Marion: I was just thinking the same thing.
    Whenever you mention a pattern, Stephanie, it is always in the top twenty on Ravelry. I think this is awesome!
    (Makes me think of your older posts that I’m reading where you’re talking about the power of knitters…And look at that, just from your readers!)
    Hope it gets finished. That scarf will be awesome.
    Katie =^..^=

  104. I thought it was just about the coolest thing I had seen. I hated knitting it, though, and I find it extremely uncomfortable to wear. I’ve worn it for a total of two hours. I get it out once in a while to try again, and then put it back.
    Be careful when you felt it. Mine was done in a flash by hand.

  105. I too have many projects that I get bored with; is why I must have about 15 different items on needles!
    Are you coming to Stitches West this weekend? Seattle isn’t too far from us!

  106. The only way I could finish that damn scarf was to take it on an airplane without ANYTHING else to do. But I do love the result. Would I make another? Never.

  107. I didn’t enjoy knitting mine either, but do love the finished scarf. Probably shouldn’t tell you that I wish I’d knit mine longer than the pattern – I prefer to wear my scarves wrapped, draped, etc & mine (as the pattern was written) isn’t as long as I’d like. I’m ducking now……

  108. I must also be longing to be 5’9″ because I just put this in my Ravelry queue. Haven’t committed to buying the yarn yet – maybe I’ll wait for Stephanie to finish hers.
    Am I crazy?

  109. You talked me into making one!! Just placed my order at Purl Knits!! Mine will be in black so it will be not only slippery and boring but hard to see!!! Can’t wait!!

  110. Ummm… Won’t it go rusty if you wear it outside when it rains or snows or is humid or is foggy (or any other weather bar bright sun that your part of Canada gets regularly)?

  111. You know, within minutes of reading your very first post about Kusha Kusha however long ago it was, I purchased the darn yarn and pattern and I, too, just hated it. I started it on a car trip with metal needles and cursed the whole time. Found it stuffed in a closet recently and thought, “eh. yuck.” You’ve inspired me. In this one case it might be about the finish line and not the journey. Right?

  112. Yarn with metallic threads is lovely, but it feels like knitting a Brillo pad and your hands get torn up. I made a vow after a thorny but beautiful shawl for a friend: NEVER AGAIN!

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