Quickly Before The Snow

I’m rushing today, trying to get all that I need to done ahead of what will be another craptastic winter storm.  I try to welcome the weather and love the earth and all of that, but this winter has officially outworn its welcome, and I’m no longer able to love it.
The news this morning that a storm’s headed our way was almost met with tears.  (I realize it’s March in Toronto and I have no right to disappointment, but I still managed.) I’ll leave you with a picture of the Fiber Optics braid in progress:

and tell you that it’s a dream to spin. Almost enough to make me forget the snow.  I can also tell you that I had one of the best weekends ever, spinning that, but also hosting a fine surprise party for my sister’s 40th that I don’t think she’ll soon forget.

There was merriment and debauchery, but the highlights for me were when Meg and Sam performed "Hey Ya" for Erin on the ukulele as a tribute to years and years of car singing.  (I actually think I like it better as a sweet Uke duet.)

and when my Mum, taking part in a challenge to write a limerick for Erin as a present, came up with not one, but three poems- and in the finale rhymed "vagina" and "angina".  I won’t say how, but know that it was brilliant. 

I offer you this crappy iphone picture as proof that I a) dressed up and b) pleased my sister.

We should all be glad it’s blurry.  For St. Patrick’s we hosted a tiny feast, and I present you a gratuitous Lou/Ken picture as evidence.

Except for the snow, I bet you are all awash with jealousy.

Thanks to everyone for their generous bids on the yarn. Ann H nosed out the competition on the multicoloured skein, I’ll be shipping it off with my thanks, and there were two people tied for the blue skeins, and in an executive decision that just plain felt right, I opted for the offer that was in my city. I’ll walk the yarn to over to the right house, and donate the shipping costs I saved myself. More money for the cause, and a nice hour out for me. Thanks for all your support on this.  There will be more to come as I march towards another epic ride. Right now I’m waiting for winter to lift enough that I can get out there for training. It’s hard to believe this winter will ever end. I try to be hardcore, but considering how much I fall off my bike in fair weather, I don’t think I’ll try it while there’s still ice.