Sorry for the late post today, I went to the dentist, and it seems like my brain unfroze when my mouth did.  (Lucky for me, this is the last visit for a while. I can start trying to think of my dentist like the nice guy he is again, now that it’s over.) In the meanwhile, while I puttered, waiting to unthaw, this bobbin of single yarn is sitting on the wheel. Resting.

I’ve been told many times that singles left to rest for a day or two have the twist quiet down and are easier to manage.  Being me, I find this period of waiting almost impossibly difficult.  Difficult enough that I’ve actually asked several competent and renowned spinners over the years if the period of waiting is actually required or important,  or if it’s just some crazy made up thing designed to delay gratification for the betterment of our souls.  They always agree that the energy will still, the yarn will be easier to manage… the waiting, they agree, is helpful, and not personal.  (For the record, the only spinning teacher who’s ever technically disagreed was Judith MacKenzie, and all she said, when I asked her if I couldn’t actually go ahead and properly ignore the rule, said "You can if you like."  If you know Judith, then you know that when she says that, what she actually means is that it’s a terrible idea. If you asked her if you should set yourself on fire, she’d look stern, shake her head no, and then say, head lowered, eyes askance "You can if you like." It’s the strongest statement she can make, being the paragon of grace that she is.)  I’ve decided, since I want to chain-ply this bobbin, and it not being my very best thing, that I’ll wait.  No problem.  I can knit.

This here is my Color Affection in progress.  I love it a lot, but not tons.  I wanted one with low contrast, sort of a blur of the colours I like, something not too stripey, not too far outside the curve.

I wonder now if I’ve gone too far the other way. These colours are not similar in hue – but the are similar in value. A deliberate choice on my part that may have been too timid.  Still, I feel that I’m not far enough in to pass judgment, though really, I caught myself last night thinking that maybe I won’t know until I’m done, until the whole thing is there in its entirety.  Sigh.  Keep knitting.

Maybe I’ll knit socks. Maybe it’s just me, or people who live in a climate like mine, but I stared out at the snow yesterday and thought "TURN." I’m ready for a change. I feel right on the cusp of it, right on the edge of some big change, and for the life of me, I can’t help but think that it would all happen if the snow would stop.