When the Going gets Tough

I was going to post yesterday, I really was.  I was all over it, it and about eight million other things, and then right when the going got tough…

This gal got going out for poutine* in the afternoon.  It was Jen’s idea, and it’s hard for me to refuse her anything, especially poutine on a snowy afternoon. I fight a daily battle not to go for poutine in the afternoon,  (In the interest of full disclosure, poutine was just our starter.  We had nachos for our main. We regret nothing.) By the time we were done lunch, knitting, and looking at the snow while going over some stuff.. that was it. The day was gone – and today I keep trying to feel bad about it, but I just can’t. This time of year takes its toll, and I think you’ve got to cling to all the joie de vivre you can create. 

I worked on Color Affection while we were there, and then last night, and I realized that everyone in the comments who said that they thought I wasn’t digging it because it’s autumn colours rather than spring? They nailed it.  That feeling I have when I look outside and see brown and white and grey… that’s how I feel when I look at this shawl.  I love these colours, I even love them together a lot… I just think that they’ve got no place in my soul right now.  Every time I look at them a wave of ennui hits me and I think about lying down somewhere. 

See that? Lovely, sure. Very nice.  Now look at this though…

Eh? See that? Feel the joy leap in your heart? The colours of tulips and flowers and grass and hope.  I chain-plied the single this morning, and the whole time I almost giggled.

I took it upstairs afterwards to have a little bath in the sink, and couldn’t stop looking at it. 

This is the least Stephanie-like yarn ever, and I can’t stop smiling at it like it’s a baby or a pony, or a 50% off sale on my favourite yarn.

I think I need to change what I’m knitting.   I’ll come back to the other colours when my knitting isn’t the only thing in the world that has any.

*Since I know someone is going to ask, yes, vegetarian poutine. Lots of it is. Yes, we do have a favourite spot. We like it at Utopia. I am proud that they don’t know me there. Self-control, my friends. Self-control.