Endings and Beginnings

I’ve started typing this a hundred times.  I thought I was just having trouble finding the right words, but it turns out that there aren’t really the right words to say something that you don’t want to say.

I’m convinced that the best thing to do here is just rip off the band-aid and tell you straight.  Yesterday I signed some papers and left Knot Hysteria, the company Tina Newton and I owned together.  We had begun the process of dissolving the company, agreeing that its time was come, but in the end, this is how it wound up.

This means that there won’t be another Sock Summit.  Tina and I agreed that we made that possible together, and without that togetherness, the thing can’t exist.  I want to thank all of you a very great deal, because in the end it was the knitters who believed in Sock Summit that made the thing real, and fabulous, and work that I will always be proud of.  I wish everything that amazing could last forever – and I wish things could be different, but they aren’t, and life happens, and things change.

I’m sure you have questions, but to be completely honest I’m also pretty sure that there isn’t much more I think it’s appropriate to say. Our reasons for coming to this place are private, and it’s important to me that this is graceful. 

It might be the end of this thing, but I’m going to pour myself a cup of coffee, knit, look at my daffodils and dream of spring, and remember that a good thing about endings, is that it leaves room for beginnings. I’m looking forward.