I’ve got a deadline kicking my arse, so I’ll be random. It’s easier than stringing it together. This weekend I:

1. Drove to Springfield (Ontario, not Illinois) and taught for Wildflower Wool.  It was amazing, what a great group of students.

2. Drove home, walked in the door, put down my stuff, and Sam and I hopped on our bikes to go out, rode to the bottom of the driveway and:

Broken arm, or broken elbow, to be precise. (Sam wants you to know that the reason she looks rough is because it was, and also because I did her hair.) The rest of the weekend passed in a blur of the emergency room, fracture specialists, sock knitting,  x-rays, casts and passing things to Sam. (She’s right handed, and that’s her right arm It’s a serious bummer, but she’s being a trooper – or maybe that’s just the percocet talking.)

3. Let Luis play the ukulele.  He really likes it…

or, was that licks it?

It’s all the same to him.

4. Read all the comments on the previous post and felt grateful that you’re all so totally made of awesome. It must be all the yarn that does it to you.

5. Finished the knitting part on the little grey sweater.

It’s all done but for the rest of the embroidery.  I’ve done the sleeves, but those six motifs took hours, and there’s ten on the body. I hope the fetus it’s intended for isn’t in school before I finish.  It’s ridiculously fiddly – and yeah. I get the irony of that coming from a knitter.

6. Wondered what you were doing this weekend. Did you have a good time? What are you knitting?