It would appear that my nephew is so sneaky that he grew while I was knitting, which makes me very glad that I noted the number of stitches and the method of concocting down here – because this one? It’s cute and all, but it fits him the way that 15 year old girls like their jeans to fit, which is to say that it’s too small for my taste.

This little sweater is clearly not going to last him any time at all – his Aunt Kelly took these pictures the other day while they were playing in the park (isn’t she a good photographer?) and I can see the whole thing is skimpy. The only place it looks like it fits is through the torso. Look at his little arms poking out of those short sleeves. (Those sleeves, by the way – I was absolutely confident that they were going to be rolled up. Way too long. Kindly deduct the required points from my knitter card.) 

I suppose I’ll be figuring the math for the next size up, and having a scrounge through the stash for two skeins of something that would be just right. (I think I might skip the stripe matching thing this time. That was killer.)  

I’d be upset, but there’s another baby on the way in this family, and I know Katie will share Luis’ little things, and besides, Lou doesn’t look like the sort of kid who’s going to be an only child.  The sweater will get used.

I do wish he’d stop growing quite so fast though – for more reasons than I can tell you.