Not Quite Random But Amost

Whew, here’s a week moving at breakneck pace, although I had a wonderful reprieve this morning.  I woke up thinking it was Thursday, and just about wept considering  how great it would be to have another day, just to make things tidy and beautiful.  When I sat at my desk with my coffee and checked my calendar it was like receiving the most amazing gift to realize it was only Wednesday.  It being Wednesday does also explain why there isn’t a little more done on my current socks.

I’m enchanted by this combination. Sam and I have been watching Angel – I think maybe I saw part of it years ago, but it all seems new to me now.  Sam asked for a pair of socks , ones I could knit whil we were watching and so it seemed only natural to keep with the theme. (Sam can have all the socks she wants, because she actually wears them. Handknit socks are her go-to, far more keen than her sisters, so she can reap the rewards of her enthusiasm.  I still dream of the day she might knit her own, but so far the odds of that seem to be about the same as the chances she’ll announce a longing to clean the house for fun.)

I was sure there was an Angel themed pair of socks out there, and it looks like I was wrong, but there was a pair called Staked, named for the parent series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer . Sam thought this was perfect. (I am less clear on the connection, but I’m faking it. I can admit that Angel seems to be a very nice Vampire, and he does whine marginally less that I remember Buffy doing.) I’m using Bertha, and I like it a lot, though really, what’s not to like about any combo of Merino, cashmere and nylon for socks. Soft, strong and pretty. 
I haven’t decided yet if they’re my plane knitting for this weekend when I hit the road again – the combination of charts and twisted stitches and keeping track of things doesn’t make them the best travel knitting, but I might give it a shot.

Saturday sees me at Yarnover for a class and a talk, and the thrill of going there is almost enough to take the sting out of missing the Knitter’s Frolic here in Toronto. (I’m mostly sad I’m missing the Marketplace. Shop for me, will ya?)
Sunday and Monday I’ll be back at Stephen Be for their big FiberFest 2013. (I think there’s still room in some classes. You could call if you’re in the neighbourhood.)
A special mention of Sunday night, I’m doing a talk for FiberFest, and it’s a new one – I think it’s going to be great, but right now the thought of it is giving me cramps.
I’m going to pour that anxiety into practicing.

Also, it’s totally possible I had a little falling down in the yarn department – and it’s totally possible that it’s arriving this afternoon, and it’s totally possible that it will be hard to resist.  It’s really possible that I might not even try to resist, because deciding to give in is so much easier than accepting failure.  I wonder how long I’ll be a knitter when I truly develop yarn resistance?
It all happened so fast.