I had a wonderful weekend at Yarnover and at StephenBe, if a little exhausting, but really, if that’s how work is going to be? I can think of lots of exhausting jobs I could be doing that wouldn’t be any fun – so I’ll take it, and happily so.  Something shocking happened though – I took no pictures. Wait, that’s not true.  As I look though my phone, I can see that apparently, I took three.
This one, of the very, very pretty Italian tubular cast-on that I did on the plane when I realized I’d left my waste yarn for the provisional tubular cast-on that my pattern suggested right smack on the middle of the coffee table at home:

This one, which is an absolutely horrific shot of Carson Demers, Nancy Bush and what appears to be Carson’s glass of Chardonnay.

(I have no explanation for why this picture is on my phone. Some bizarre kinnearing accident. I don’t know, but there they are.)

… and then there’s this one:

A shot I took on Sunday night when I snuck behind Stephen Be right before I took the stage at the conclusion of Fiber Fest.  I swear, I thought it would be better.
It’s a huge shame that these are the shots that I got – because if my camera juju hadn’t apparently left me at the border, I’d have pictures of things that were a lot more interesting – like the 100% mink yarn at the Grinning Gargoyle booth in the Yarnover marketplace – Like about 20 of the vendors that had amazing stuff, now that I think of it, including one amazing angora yarn that I meant to go back and buy, but ran out of time for. (It’s inspired me to fetch the angora out of the upstairs stash and do a little blending and spinning, actually – does anyone remember the vendor?)  Or – if I had my wits about me, I could show you the Habu trunk show that almost cost me a fortune (I remembered I had some at that last second. Very near miss.) Or – Steven West doing a cartwheel, or knitting teachers emerging from a van like it was a clown car full of the most beautiful knitwear.  Or – I could have taken pictures of the scads of amazing knitted stuff that I saw on the students (sometimes I don’t know why they are taking classes – they are already so clever) or the bizarre but artful arrangement of decaffeinated coffee packets housekeeping left in my hotel room on the second morning. (I think they were trying to tell me something.)

It was great – and I’m sorry I only took a picture of Carson’s wine. 
I’ll try harder next time.  Were you there? Were you somewhere else?  Get any good pictures?