Karmic Balacing the Second

So much got done around here on the weekend, which is brilliant, really, since I leave for Squam this week and if I didn’t get a grip on this place, I was going to end up living in a world of woeful regret.  Amongst the packing and the organizing and cleaning, it struck me that if I really hustled, I could finish the angora yarn in time for it to be my project at Squam.  I got up early on Sunday and worked on it, while the house was quiet, and everything was peaceful. 

It didn’t stay peaceful though, when I ran out of angora and proceeded to have a complete nervous breakdown, followed by a fabulous game of "I know it is here somewhere" coupled with a little "what sort of person steals angora" as I scoured the entire house looking for another bag of fibre I felt sure was here somewhere.  (It was. It was even more or less where it was supposed to be. I may not have been searching efficiently.)  I’m not sure if I have enough yarn for the sweater, but I’ve decided to chance it.  If I run out I’ll just… well, truthfully, I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’m sure it will occur to me then.

I also finished all the pieces of Afterlight, and blocked them. If all goes well, today I’ll have time to sew them up (HA) and this evening I’ll do the neckband (DOUBLE HA)  and be done in time to take it with me.  These are bold delusions, but they are all I have.  

In the meantime – more Karmic Balancing gifts! A thousand thanks to the generous knitters writing me and offering lovely things. I see your emails, you’re in the queue, I’m getting there – hold tight. 

The first gifts are courtesy of Susan, who’s sending three gorgeous skeins of Baruffa Cashwool out into the world. 

One each will go to April Z, LisaDP and Loretta J.  Those skeins are huge.. enough for a shawl!

Next up, Mary Jo has an amazing gift.  She’s not a designer and doesn’t have a company, but she makes ridiculously cute knitted toys for a Childrens Hospital, and has taken the time to write up the patterns, and put together little kits as gifts. 

Not only that, but the yarns are all dyed naturally with plants from her garden. Three people will receive one kit- either a fox, an owl, or a monkey.

My personal favourite is the fox, but Laurel W, Nicole T and Sarah S will work out with Mary Jo which of these darling kits will be theirs.

Next up, yarn that I love (and I mean that, it pushes all of my buttons) from Catherine at Blueberry Pie Studio.

One skein each of this really cool self striping sock yarn, called "My Box of Crayons" will be going to each of Melissa H-B and Cindy C.

Good news for Jessica P,  Lolly M and Bettina, all three of them will be getting the entire Really Clear pattern  collection (including patterns for 2013 that are not yet published, you’ll receive them as they are released)

Cythia will be in touch to find out if you would like them as paper, or digital copies. Thanks Cynthia!

More? Sure! Dani at KSC Designs is donating a needle roll. (Love her stuff.)

Not just any roll, oh no.  Lynne W will be choosing what kind of needle it will hold, and what fabric it will be, lucky duck. 

One more? Why not.

That there is a beautiful skein of hand dyed sock yarn, and Kevin (who’s the lovely dyer) is going to mail it to Arianne G.

Ok, I lied.  Three more.  Maureen has, bless her generous little heart, offered any or all of her patterns to three knitters. 

Her patterns are, by the way, totally fabulous (those are the Swirl Socks. Personal favourite) as I’m sure that Heidi S, Jessica F and Sheeri C will discover. 

There you go! Thanks to everyone for donating, and if you’re looking for a way to get a piece of this action, all you need to do is donate (any amount, I know we all do our best) to any rider on our team.


You’ll get an email from us about how to enter. (Although it can take a few days.)  If you’ve donated but not got instructions, just email me. I’ll fix it.  There are still weeks and many gifts to go.