Monday Mine

Thank you all for the amazing, supportive and kind comments on the last post.  It’s such a hard time here in so many ways, and I admit that there are days where it gets the best of me. Somewhere in losing someone, finishing a book, taking care of my family and training for the rally, I have to work hard to keep my perspective.  I’m being as kind as I can to myself (and others) while acknowledging that there is a metric tonne of work to accomplish around here if I’m going to keep things from getting (more) crazy.  This too shall pass, I tell myself, and I’m right. It’s probably going to get replaced with something else that’s crazy, but this is a really special time that’s unlikely to be repeated. (If this is not true, don’t tell me.) I’m optimistic today, and I’m all over owning this Monday. 

First up, the state of the knitting. Knitting proceeds slowly around here, what with the number of things that I’m having to do that don’t allow for it.  Riding my bike? Nope. Driving? Apparently illegal. Typing? Oh, how I wish.  Still, progress is progress, and even limping along as I am the wee jacket is almost finished – just a sleeve and a smidge of the body to go. (It is very hard to take pictures of this. The fuzziness makes all the shots look blurry.)

It’s so little that I’d like to state with confidence that it will be finished tomorrow, but I learned my lesson yesterday when I said that, then sat down to ice my knees (really, really rough training ride yesterday) picked up my knitting and then promptly fell asleep after two stitches.  When I haven’t been working on the jacket, a pair of plainish socks has been coming of the needles. 

It’s my first go-round with Valley Yarns Huntington.  (Pattern is my own, right out of Knitting Rules .) I bought it the last time I was at Webs, because I’m always on the lookout for good, plain, manly sock yarn. (This one is the fetchingly named "grey.")  Gorgeous hand-paints are easy to find, but it can be a lot harder to get yarn that Joe likes.  The price is definitely right on this, and it’s knitting up just fine thank you.  I’ll be ordering more.  (The stripes are leftovers from these socks, and are inserted because a) Joe has ginormous feet and I was making the grey go a little farther, and b) Holy cow are those socks boring without them. My sanity needed me to throw it a bone.)

I swear the knitting will get more interesting in the next few days – I know a plain sweater and plain socks really has to be boring the snot out of you, but I bought some great yarn I want to talk about and knit, and really, there’s only so long I can put knitting on the back burner before I end up in prison.  Later this week I’m planning on being in Colorado, and that’s a long flight. 

Before I go and attack my wordcount for the day, and before I go and touch base with everyone who needs me, and before I get back on my bike (Hill training today. Why aren’t I thinner?)  I wanted to recognize all of you for your generous donations. Thanks so very much guys.  You’re giving meaning to the ride for me, and it really does reassure me in the darker moments. You’re all awesome.  (Even the people who aren’t able to donate. I love you for considering it.)   A few presents maybe?
I’m going to do an abbreviated round today, and a few more later in the week. There are so many things to give away it makes my head reel. As always, to get in on the action, all you need to do is make a donation to anyone on our team:


The amount doesn’t matter.  Even tiny donations add up as fast as individual stitches, and we’re grateful for all of them.

First up, your friend and mine, the Amazing Cat Bordhi is back with MORE giveaways of her digital books.  Both Joyce R and Mary Kay C. will be lucky recipient of just about her entire collection of digital ebooks. That’s a copy each of Socks Soar on Two Circular needles, Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks, A Treasury of Magical Knitting, and A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting

Judith Brodnicki, designer and longtime friend of the show, went into her stash and came up with some amazing things.  This gorgeous skein of Schaefer Marjaana (merino/silk) 530 yards – is going to the welcoming home of Vicki K.

Judith also found this:

20 hanks (!!) of Noro Hana Silk (100% silk) More than enough for something gorgeous, and Elizabeth M will decide what that is.

This is from Judith’s stash too (I am starting to want to see her stash):

10 Hanks of Nashua Creative Focus Bulky (75% wool, 25% alpaca) and I wonder what Belinda K will make with it. 

Amber K has temporary custody of this beautiful top- hand dyed by Heather at Mad Colour fiber Arts.

It’s merino, silk, nylon and aluminum for sparkle, and I hope that Lisa B. loves it.

Finally,  Linda went into the stash to find things that other knitters would love to have, and she hit it out of the park too.  (Also, may I draw attention to Linda’s amazing carpet? Both white and clean. Boggles the mind.)  Linda has a skein of Wollmeise Twin in Pesto

Anne F. is the lucky knitter for that.

Linda will be sending these two pretty skeins of STR Silkie in Turquoise to Marissa H.

and last (but certainly not least) Linda has decided to part with a dear ball, her beloved ArtbyAna Party Cake.

You will like knowing that Linda ordered another to replace this one as soon as she decided it was leaving.  Some yarns she just can’t be without, but her original is going to Ellen T. 

There! That’s the Monday haul.  I’ve sent everyone who got lucky an email. Thanks for playing, see you tomorrow, I hope your Monday is amazing.