A Peek

There’s some top notch yarnbombing going on here at Squam. It’s the best kind – welcome, invited and put up with a commitment to remove it all when the yarn people go – which is lovely, because this is not our place and I’d hate for us to be thought of as people doing some sort of unwelcome yarn graffiti that pissed anyone off. 
I’m glad there’s respect for property in this, but on some level, I just can’t believe that all of this will be taken down…

because if I owned this joint…

I’d want it all forever. 

Everywhere you look, another wee bit of knitter art peeks out at you.

Big things.

Little things.

Things you don’t think are yarn at first.

I love it.

You know what else I love? These stitch markers. 

Amy in Michigan sent them to me, to be Karmic Balancing gifts.  I’ve paired them with lovely yarn from my stash, and I have them with me at Squam.  To save shipping, here’s how I’m going to give them away. I’ll be at the Art Fair tomorrow night (it’s open to the public) and the first five people who find me and tell me they’re a bike rally donor – they get a present.  Code phrase "the knitter casts off at midnight."

(I’m just kidding about the code phrase.  Sort of.)

58 thoughts on “A Peek

  1. I love the yarn bombings!!! I swear, nobody can possibly understand the bond knitters share, or the appreciation we have for little miracles like that 🙂

  2. that bit about the Code Phrase? made me snort! Thank you once again for bringing laughter into my day 🙂

  3. With the exception of the canoe, (which I really love)I don’t understand why these items can’t stay. They are lovely and interesting. I can see going on a hunt to find all the knitted goodies!I might even *copy* the idea of the Adirondack chair!

  4. These are wonderful. Have a great time. I am missing again this year- Last year I was in Peru (poor me) hiking around and going to weaving school and this year we are moving our entire household 4 miles..I loved Squam the two years I went- maybe next year…

  5. Those are some amazing examples of yarn bombing. I don’t know how much of a hassle it would be, but is there any way you could make these pictures available in the original, higher definition? I’d love to use some of them for inspirational desktop wallpaper.
    p.s. Love the code phrase. I would totally say it, if I were there. 🙂

  6. Love the code phrase. Knitters need code phrases. After all, we don’t have a secret handshake because we spit splice!

  7. Wow – I’m so amazed by the yarn bombings! On another note, how do I send you some yarn for a Karmic balancing gift – I sent an email, thinking I could send it from my house to whoever wins. Is that not how this works? Sorry, I’m a relative newbie to this…

  8. Holy moley! That canoe is stupendous! There needs to be some inte se lobbying for the knitting to stay as I am sure it all adds to the charm of the place and is not just visual clutter.
    Love it.

  9. Love the mushrooms. If they have to be taken down, at least the smaller items can be offered up to nature. I put unraveling scrap yarn out for the birds to take for nest building. So it ends up out there anyways, but recycled.

  10. Steph, I love the photos of the yarnbombing. They are such neat little things (and big).

  11. I had never considered making a canoe cozy before. Better not show hubby and canoe that pic or I’ll be in for a heap of knitting!!!

  12. I. Want. The. Mushrooms.
    Wish I was there, instead of baking and making jam here in not-so-sunny Manitoba. I wish I was in Ontario, even, on my Annual Yarn Pilgrimage – but I’m not.
    I wonder if, in my guise as a beadwork artist (when I’m not knitting or spinning) I ought to start making cute stitch markers to sell on my market stall?
    One thing is for certain: you always provide food for thought, and usually a guffaw or two. I would SO use the code phrase if I were there!

  13. My friend Jenn helped make that canoe cozy! It’s awesome, as is all the rest! So magical. Some year I’ll make it up there!

  14. I wonder if some of the delightful smaller objects could be part of a fundraiser for Squam? Silent auction on the last evening or some such. I don’t know if Squam itself has funding needs, but the knitters know lots of organizations that do! What to do with with a canoe cozy?

  15. Seriously? Who hasn’t dreamed of using a code phrase at some point in their life?

  16. Cooo leh! Knitters rule.
    Are you going to pair some yarn with a recording of the Yarn Harlot singing her favorite road songs, too?

  17. My sweetie and I have a code phrase. “The moon is full and the big cheese gets it at midnight.”

  18. I LOVE the yarn bombing, especially the toadstools and mouse. Two weeks and counting until Denver, if anyone is going to Conifer and is interested in trading classes with me, I am in the sock class and would like the mowata class, please let me know. I will be the one hanging around before the silk class with a little drool hanging off the side of my mouth!!!

  19. Beautiful! Love it! I’ve never seen yarnbomb flowers before, and one of these reminds me of hydrangea. This has given me some inspiration for my own backyard. 🙂
    Have a happy Squam time.

  20. Super cool yarn bombing!!! 🙂 I do have one question – that last item before the stitch markers, the pretty blue flower looking thing – that’s not yarn, right? That’s really a flower?

  21. Wouldn’t it be cool to own that joint? It is like heaven on earth on Squam! And now…it looks like it is just that much cozier!

  22. I absolutely adore the mushrooms. Anyone know whether there’s a pattern for those available?

  23. I love all the yarn bombing, especially the little things that just peak out!
    And the secret code? Made me LOL. Wish I could be there to use it. 🙂

  24. The only thing that could make the code phrase better is if you were at a random restaurant, in a booth with dark glasses, sitting quietly (not knitting!) and occasionally glance around suspiciously. The donors would walk in, sit down, give you the code phrase and you would silently hand them a package. Repeat until the last donor when you jump up, yell “I know Purl followed you here!” and run out.
    Perhaps my Mom was right and I have an overactive imagination.

  25. If the yarn bombs were knit of acrylic, they WOULD last forever! I do like the mushrooms, though.

  26. Anita (8:22) you are just too funny! I can’t get the image out of my mind. And I am sure Steph would carry it off to perfection.

  27. Whoever came up with the antimacassar fitted to the lawn chair is brilliant!

  28. The canoe!!! OMG.. and I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. I did donate to the cause and I hope I remember the secret phrase.. 😉

  29. Love, love, love!! Not that I know what it means but fiona @ 1235 said what I want – some way to keep this for inspiration!! I intend to build me some tiny houses in my retirement, one for all my little crafts, you can bet some of these ideas will be included, love the flowers (or whatever they are) going up the steps. last YB pic. Thanks and have great fun!

  30. I am drooling over that canoe. I think I just need to yarn bomb my own house already.

  31. Totally cool yarn bombing! Of course, it always is at Squam. I noticed some here the other day when I was downtown – a bunch of mis-matched and -shaped sorta squares wrapped around a tree trunk and a sign post. Sigh …

  32. Seriously, you guys need to come bomb my house. My poor yard look super terrible due to budgetary constraints. But we live in yarn. And thats just beautiful!

  33. Steph, thanks for sharing with those of us who are only dreaming of Squam this year!

  34. I SO wish I were at Squam. I’ve always wanted to use a code phrase! Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  35. I opened up Bing this morning and watched the video of Freeport, Maine.
    It is ALL too much fun!

  36. Thank you for sharing with your amazing pictures. Over on Soulemama there’s a great one of you spinning! Wishing you a safe drive home.

  37. “The donors would walk in, sit down, give you the code phrase and you would silently hand them a package.”
    Anita’s mother may have thought she had an overactive imagination. I’m a retired cop’s wife, and I think she’s selling something on the black market.

  38. Wow all that yarn bombing looks beautiful! I’m hoping to tag today. I wasn’t quite sure of the date because everywhere I read there were different dates.

  39. Such silliness!! But I laughed out loud at the canoe! Yeah, too bad you couldn’t leave it for the next people to discover.

  40. Oh squee! That’s my little blue mouse. I was a first time Squammie this year and I loved it. I learned some things, I created some things, I met some people (our new theme song is ShaNaNa), and I sank right into the woods, rain, air, lake and birds.

  41. Dang! I was at Squam, and I was a donor, but I was on a very low internet level for the weekend. I hope that you had a great time, and, yes, everything I had seen came down.

  42. The Squam Bomb is a work in progress. It is taken down every year (to the sadness of the RDC staff who LOVE it) and stored and improved upon and morphed into something bigger and better for the next year.
    RDC is a traditional, family camp and we do not want to impose ourselves on the wonderful family memories that RDC has fostered over the decades.
    If you thought 2013 was good, just wait until 2014. The ideas, they are a-buzzing. And yes, we measured sone large things today before leaving.

  43. Those little mushroom are to die for! I want them tucked away in corners all over my house.

  44. Someone knit a canoe cozy?! A CANOE COZY?!?! … a canoe cozy… I bet I could do one for a kayak…

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