The Panic Button is on the Right

I’m in a hotel. Yesterday, while I managed a few deadlines, a few kids, a few jobs and a few errands, Joe caught on to my plan.  My plan was, even though I’m driving to Squam by myself this year, with nobody to share the driving, I was still going to leave at 6am this morning and power through the ten hour drive, all by my lonesome. I’d made this decision to be thrifty and to have more time at home before I left.  I’d also made this decision despite being really super averse to long drives alone.  I think it’s because there’s no knitting.  I listen to audiobooks to pass the time, but it’s just not the same, and after a few hours I’m bored to the point of exhaustion.  I get out, walk around, and drink so much coffee that by the end of the day I can totally feel my hair growing, but I still find it a lot of work to stay alert.  If I’m in the car with anyone else, I can drive forever, but if it’s just me, then it’s about five hours before I’m loudly singing songs with the windows thrown open.  (These are not any particular songs.  I make up the lyrics.  They usually go something like "Oh, why am I still in this ca-ar, and how long until it is ov-er! This is too far to dri-ive, and I hope I can stay a-live"  Admit it. You wish you were a wordsmith like me.)

Anyway, he was somewhere in the house, upstairs while I was down, and when I told him I was going to drive the whole way today, he shouted down that he didn’t think I should do that because of the Priory Mash.  

"The what?" I shouted.  "I should worry about the Priory what?"
"NO" he called. "The Friary Clash!"  This was all starting to sound odd, but although Joe is not religious now, he was raised Catholic, and educated by Jesuits, so sometimes he says stuff about Monks and Nuns that I don’t quite follow, but I still couldn’t see why any Prioress or Friar would give any sort of a crap about when and how I drive to New Hampshire. Maybe it was a Holy Day of Obligation or something to do with a Saint.

"Not Priory – Friary?" I shouted.  Joe shouted something very much not to do with a Holy Day, and yelled something about how he didn’t want me to have something to do with a flash.  I thought it was rude of him to bring that up menopause right then, and said so.
"Listen to me" he yelled.  "You shouldn’t drive the whole way tomorrow because I am worried you will have a DIARY TRASH!"
"Diary Trash?"

I went upstairs. I stood in the door of our bedroom and said "Why can’t I go tomorrow? Is it something about a Monk? A rave? Did you read my journal? What are you talking about, and what does this have to do with the change?

Joe looked at me, and then repeated slowly "I do not think you should drive the whole way tomorrow, because I am worried that you will have a FIERY CRASH."

I split it into two drives.  Dude has a point. He is sort of fixated on Monks though.

144 thoughts on “The Panic Button is on the Right

  1. Yup. I’m half deaf and my family tries to talk to me from upstairs or two rooms away. Sometimes it’s funny and more and more annoying.

  2. Definitely better to split the drive into two days. Way too far for one person in one day. Travel safely. Have a good time and take 2 days to drive home also. Seriously! 🙂

  3. Yup. I always over-estimate my stamina for road trips. If it goes past 8 hours, by the time I arrive I will have a hate on for every other driver in the entire world plus will be too tired to knit. Horrors! Need to remind myself: Road trips should be broken into segments, with stops for pie, yarn and a decent night’s rest. With those kinds of stops, it beats the heck out of being crammed shoulder-to-shoulder into an airplane.

  4. Hopefully you enjoyed the knitting time in the hotel room, but yes, totally better to split it into two drives!! Have a fab time at squam!

  5. Way safer. And all my young men try to communicate with me half way across the (small) house while two tvs are on and they are playing some war game on xbox (with an xbox going in as many as three rooms in my house, I often feel as if I am living in Europe during WWII and I am about to be attacked while trying to knit quietly in my living room!). Then they get mad that I ask them to repeat themselves more than once. Have fun.

  6. Drive carefully, set the cruise, lay back and fall asleep. I get my best naps when I’m driving. Two of us on the road like that (oh wait, maybe I should include the guy that gave me that phrase…) Three tops.

  7. 10 hours of driving? alone? with no knitting? Was there not a bus you could take? a train? What am I saying, you probably even looked into hot air balloons.

  8. Oh, for a personal chauffeur to take us on those boring trips…Joe was quite right. Be safe. You have nice weather in New England to look forward to today. Hope it will last for you!

  9. I thought *I* was the only one who threw open car windows and made up lyrics to songs sung at the top of my lungs to try to stay alert in the car !!!
    We could form a knitting band!
    “The Twisted Stitchers” !!!! Or something….
    Good plan to break up your drive.
    Wise husband.
    Keep him.

  10. Safe Travels, Stephanie! Thank Goodness for audio books, Right?

  11. Ah!!! The joys of creative hearing. I used to be wildly entertained by my creative hearing, until I married an engineering rated sailor who is slowly losing his hearing, but will not admit this. Now it isn’t so entertaining because after the 3rd time I have to ask, “WHAT on earth did you just say?” we are both so annoyed that we really don’t want to converse with one another at this point. Suffice it to say that your post today gave me a much needed chuckle as I slog through the sorting of our apartment as I try to whittle down our belongings so that the move from VA to WI next week doesn’t cost us the sum of our savings account.

  12. Wow, not just a crash, but a fiery one.
    Are you sure it wasn’t something to do with stash? Like pining for your stash, but replace “pining” with something that sounds like “priory,” “friary,” “diary,” or “entirety.”

  13. This gave me my first, and possibly only, chuckle of the day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  14. Long ago when I was in sales, it was audio books and mentholated cough drops that kept me alert on the road. However, when my eyelids really began drooping, there was nothing to do but crank up some Journey to ear-splitting levels and sing along with Steve Perry.

  15. This was hysterical!! Had me laughing in my chair. Just wait another 20 years until one or both of you start losing your hearing–every single conversation will go like this!
    Thanks for starting my morning with a laugh.

  16. You just reminded me why I love having “long distance” conversations. You get all kinds of new words for the vocabulary.
    Safe driving!

  17. Years ago, with one candle burning on the dining table, someone in my house said (I thought) Glenn Campbell. And someone else replied, wasn’t he a lineman for the Cowboys? No, I said, he was a Rhinestone Cowboy. And someone said, what does that have to do with one candle? I so get your conversation with Joe. And I have done that drive alone – NYS Thruway Buffalo to Saratoga. It is a looong way. Glad you split it up.

  18. Laughed so hard I nearly wet myself! I’m married to a firefighter who, because of years of exposure to loud sirens, is a “little hard of hearing”. It makes conversations at our house so much more interesting. I find myself frequently saying, “Context, baby. Put what you think I said into context.”

  19. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hears things a little jumbled. But it’s not all my fault. My husband usually starts a sentence in mid thought so only the last half of what he was thinking is audible. Try to sort out those!

  20. that is why there is NO shouting in my two bedrm apt. If you want to say something to me better get in front of me cos there is no telling what I will wind up hearing!
    Safe travels- hope your time is fabulous, Squam sound so much fun!

  21. Steph, as usual, thanks for laughter to start my day! Have a safe trip!! There may not be Monks on the side of the road to save you!

  22. This reminds me of one of the more famous misquoted song lyrics. Creedance Clearwater Revival once had a hit called Bad Moon Rising in which John Fogerty sang “there’s a bad moon on the rise”. The only thing is a lot of people thought he was singing “there’s a bathroom on the right”

  23. Travel safe. You could totally stay over at my place in Vermont, but I’m less than 2 hours from Squam Lake- not really near the midpoint of your drive.

  24. When actually he started by saying “Priority — STASH” as an encouragement for you to buy lots at Squam, but got so irritated that he took it back.
    ‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy, Jeremy.

  25. Good idea to split the drive. Besides, it will allow time to stop at every yarn store on the way – a mini yarn crawl.

  26. oh man- this happens to me all the time (i cannot hear you unless you are right next to me, wife, and even then sometimes i have to see your mouth moving to understand). so glad i’m not the only one!
    and although i prefer road tripping by myself (i tend to get tired when others are there if there’s any kind of silence) i’m so glad you split the drive. it’s totally not worth the fiery death. or the priory smash, or whatnot. 🙂
    be safe and have fun!

  27. Joe is a keeper! However, I do get anxious when my husband who has never flown in a plane waits until the day I am leaving to fly from CA to CT to visit family to tell me about all the fiery crashes he’s read about in the last 3 years. Safe travels Steph!

  28. I don’t do yelled convos. When any of the three other people in the house yell to me about…whatever I ignore until they come to me in frustration and say “WHY aren’t you answering me?” and I repeat “I don’t do yelled conversations” and they are learning.
    I do find YOUR conversation amusing though. 😀

  29. My husband told me a trick he uses to stay awake on long drives: suck on ice. Get a large cup of just ice when you stop for gas. You cannot fall asleep with a piece of ice in your mouth. No calories and reduces the need for rest stops that coffee or other drinks require.
    I’ve tried it and it does work.

  30. Reading this convo is so funny – it reminds me of many a conversations my husband and I have. I fear it will just get worse as we get older (something to look forward too). 🙂
    Oh do drive carefully Steph! Joe is definitely a keeper.

  31. Every conversation with my father-in-law-who-lives-with-us goes like this. And he has hearing aids and I try to be in close range. And he wonders why I don’t want to sit around and talk to him all day. Of course, I do have a life, jobs, things to do…in addition to not needing extra frustration.

  32. You & I are alot alike sister! Ten hour road trips, I’ve done them from Orange Co., CA to S.Lake Tahoe, but never by myself and never will. These days at 54 yrs/age, I don’t even go 50 miles by my lonesome. I take my son with me for safety reasons, even though I do have AAA road/svc. All it takes is to have your car crap out on the road an hour away from Tahoe, no cell phone reception out there on U.S.395 waiting for the CHP to show up and being reduced to using a PAYPHONE!!! And worse…I didn’t know how to knit then (insert fainting couch & smelling salts here)! Now when it comes to singing…this is done with the windows up. When I do it this way, I sound just like Streisand, sound just like her!

  33. I think Joe’s idea was the best and I think your explanation was the best. Have fun.

  34. I seriously hate long drives alone too…with someone, I am great. Knitting, music, snacks…awesome. Alone, not so much. So you can only imagine what a sacrifice I am making to drive 6 and a half hours alone, to come to Denver to see…YOU!! I am so stoked, but I wish there was a train.

  35. If you had another person with you, then ten hours could be doable, because you could take turns drivng. Solo it’s better to take it in two.

  36. Joe is quite right. I NEVER do long drives alone (over 5 hours). Safety over thrift! Wish I were going to Squam, but thrift won out on that one.

  37. LOL…I have those kind of conversations with my BF on my [terrible] cell phone. Sometimes funny, more often exasperating. (As a result we’ve both learned the military call-sign letters.) However, drive safely and Joe’s right about splitting it up. At my age, anything over 3 hours requires a back-up driver…which means you could totally do 5 or 6, but 10? That’s for youngsters on RockStar or Monster drinks.

  38. I know it is probably too late to offer a suggestion, but find a good radio station and sing your way to Squam, or load up on your favorite cds, (or what ever portable music storage is called these days), and play music all the way down. It might be uplifting, relaxing and enjoyable. Remember: This is a GOOD time of the year to do so many hours of driving. At least there is no snow, storming or other weather problems to deal with.
    Stay positive and have a great time!!!

  39. I know those situations all to well. I thought that I was the only one who made up songs. My first verse usually includes, “Whose stupid idea was this? and what was I think-ing,” and I am singing after 1 1/2 hours.
    As for hearing what people say, I end up saying, “would you please repeat what you said because there is no way that you said what I think that I heard.” My children counter with, “You are so strange.” Oh well. Perhaps I am, but I am not alone.

  40. I am the same age as you, and this is totally why I wear hearing aids. Too many years of conversations about “soccer” that I thought were about “stalkers”. And they sync with my iPhone so I can listen to podcasts while pretending to pay attention in boring meetings.

  41. Ha! Too, too funny! I love those kinds of misunderstandings, and have them frequently with my daughters while we’re on opposite ends of the house, although sometimes I think they are really saying what I’m hearing just to mess with me. 🙂
    Have a very safe and stashing good time!

  42. I am the same way when I drive! I can go a bit longer with show tunes sometimes. 🙂

  43. My husband will often try to talk to me from the living room when I’m in the back restroom with the water running. All I can hear is “Wha wha wha… wha!”
    I generally shout back, “I don’t know what makes me think I can HEAR you!”
    And still… he persists.

  44. I sing silly made up songs to my children every morning to get the boys out of bed. Usually I pull out a t shirt and throw it at them in an effort to help get them moving and I often sing about whatever the t shirt says. Today it was about flying monkeys. The boys don’t like my singing or my lyrics, if you heard me singing you would get a move on, too. My boys are 13 and 16 and have struggled through my singing all their lives. I am sure they will miss me when I kick them out for college. Sing on, Sister!

  45. Yeah, that happens when you’re both shouting between floors. Or your husband has spent too many years using power tools. My husband and I were walking down a shopping street when I noticed an upstairs office with a sign in the window. I said, “How about if we get a psychic reading?” He looked at me like I was beyond nuts and asked, “Why would I want a psycho greeting?”

  46. Thank you. I started reading and laughing. Dd looked at me, and I said Yarn Harlot is a nut. I started reading aloud, and she started laughing, and I laughed harder…I stopped being able to read the words through the laughter….we both laughed so hard we cried and couldn’t breathe…even before we had finished!
    The scary part? Dd could hear our family having this conversation.

  47. I don’t blame Joe for his fixation on monks. They are pretty cool. I bet if you were a monk, you’d get a lot of knitting/spinning/weaving/dying done. But good luck wearing your FO’s out on the town.

  48. I had to snerk and giggle, because we did this while we were biking yesterday… Mr Tomato has a habit of talking to me when he is either facing away from me or moving in another direction, or both. I have to say “Dear. I cannot understand you when you are moving away from me. Stop, turn your head and then talk to me.”
    And then he gets all “yes dear” with a sigh.

  49. My husband and I have had the same thing happen to us repeatedly. The latest was him thinking that I had said, “I’m going to sell the Pentateuch.” (For those who are not Jewish or Christian, those are the first 5 books of the Bible.)
    We are still laughing about it two days later and can’t even remember what I was trying to say in the first place.

  50. So much better to be safe. I hate driving anytime whether I’m with someone or alone and every year at Christmas I have to drive two days to get home for the holidays. I dread it every year.
    I listen to a lot of books on tape but podcasts are a nice change too. Don’t listen to any knitting podcasts though. It is torture to listen to them while you can’t knit.
    Also, I am trying to learn French so I down load French language learning podcasts and practice my terrible accent while driving. That is actually a nice break for a while.

  51. I think breaking it down into two days is a better idea, but I must admit that I found myself wondering if you could create some sort of a Bucket(seat) Brigade. Here’s the idea… Some knitter volunteers to drive you from Toronto to Point X (maybe two hours down?), then another knitter picks you up at Point X and drives you to Point Y. This continues for five “legs” of the journey to Squam. You knit and chat and the driver gets to pick your brain about Knitting Secrets and all. Then the whole thing happens in reverse for the drive home. Perhaps people would even bid on the opportunity and the funds could go to MSF or the bike rally.

  52. That is just hilarious! Your Joe is a dear – points to him. Glad you took his advice.
    With my husband’s hearing changes, I have taken to spelling things out – like when we did’t want the kids (or the dog) to know what we were saying.
    I know what you mean about the driving – 10 hours alone in one go would put me over the edge. I used to be able to do it, but now I just get too sleepy. I would have to drink so much tea to stay awake, the pee stops would add another 10 at least.
    I must confess, I was in a major traffic jam last Friday, and while at a complete stop I did work on my husband’s birthday socks (the Old Joe pattern – love it!) People were staring.

  53. Clearly my spelling needs work (or my keyboard techniques)
    Please insert “didn’t”
    I love ironic humor, don’t you?

  54. Hilarious. You do capture marriage very well. I immediately called my husband over to read this, with the recommendation, “This is us.”

  55. I was rolling with laughter reading this because it is my house exactly, but when I got to Carol at 10:42 I totally lost it, tears running down my cheeks. Thank you both for the best laugh I’ve had in ages!

  56. My daughter tries to have conversations across the house, or even just from the living room, usually when I’m doing dishes and running the water. I have begun replying, loudly, “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA”. This has gotten the point across more effectively than any other tactic I’ve tried in the last 5 years.

  57. Steph (which is how I always refer to you – as a friend) – loved the misheard conversation! I was a commercial driver for 10 yrs. and wished I could knit at the same time. I DID see a bumper sticker that read “Do not knit & drive” which gave me a laugh. The owner of a wool shop that I knew very well responded “what…I always knit & drive”…so watch out for those types on your trip. Keep up your wonderful blog…my knitter daughter and I both have all your books and we tell every knitter we know about your blog. Keep on keeping on. Carol
    PS. I have just been offered a job at the local yarn shop here (I’m 68 yrs. old!)so hopefully I don’t get fired for my addictions. 🙂

  58. Joe has a literary turn of phrase for someone still in their bedroom! Maybe I could join the same club sometime.

  59. My first thought was “Shades of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Thought-You-Saiders.” Except neither of you is doing it on purpose — but it’s still giggleworthy.
    P.S. @Crabbygal: I am so THERE!

  60. Haha. Our washing machine was on the spin cycle and my husband went out doors to see the helicopter hovering over our house. I said “you’re looking for the one behind the laundry door”. Red faced!

  61. May I recommend Barbara Kingsolver reading her recent Flight Behavior. She did a great job reading it and wove an interesting story. 14 cds for 17 hrs of fun driving. Good luck. I put in about six hours of driving yesterday.

  62. Don’t you love those conversations that take place from one end of the house to the other? And ours is an old house, too, with plaster walls…and there is usually something blasting away somewhere.
    On the other hand, you have all sorts of new words to your next lonesome highway song!!!
    Travel safe and don’t drive faster than your guardian angel flies.

  63. Threat of fiery crash is the reason I’m flying to New Brunswick this summer from Ottawa. Sense prevailed and I bought plane tickets the other day. It is just close enough to look doable, but it isn’t (if sanity is to be maintained).
    My favourite Audiobooks are: Harry Potter series, Stephanie Plum Series, Hunger Games Series, and Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Brison. Do you have Audible? Safe travels.

  64. Maybe you should go back to Stitches Saskatchewan. Joe could go with you. There are monks there after all. He could spend quality time with them 😉

  65. Thank you. I so needed a good laugh! Now I get to laugh again while reading it to my husband; hope I can make it through without breaking down completely. It reminds me of many times around here.

  66. Too funny! We had a similar day at our house recently. I told Brian to go to the store and pick up cold cuts. He heard Kotex. And this was after a lengthy conversation that made total sense to both of us. Later that same night, I said something about wanting to get presents. He heard pregnant. Oye!

  67. Someone is fixated on monks, but I am not entirely sure it is Joe. I’m glad he managed to convince you to split the drive: I used to be able to do 12 hours, but now 6 is about my limit. This aging thing, it is not fun.

  68. You. Are. Hilarious.
    struggling mightily to keep from laughing very loudly in my office. result: tears on my keyboard.

  69. I’m glad you have Joe to look out for you and glad you finally figured out the message! You’re right, long solo drives are not fun.

  70. The next time you do a long drive, you should poll the readers to provide you with a good place to stop for lunch. You pick the town to stop, and just find a nice sandwich shop, or whatever, and get out of the car and have a nice lunch break. Maybe take 20 to 25 minutes to eat your lunch in a calm, civilized way. Then you will get back in the car nice and refreshed. Also poll the readers to let you know good coffee places to stop on the way. I assume you are a coffee person. Starbucks is a good default.
    You will have to deal with traffic in metropolitan areas between 6 and 8 a.m.,then again between 4 and 6 p.m.. Have your coffee just before those times.
    Also, you have no deadlines for arriving per se. It would be great to arrive very early, but better to arrive a little later and not be a frazzled mess. Take your time. Traffic is clunky and awkward at times. Be in a good frame of mind for it.
    Treat yourself well while you are making this drive. You deserve it. Don’t just get in the car and drive until you are a frantic mess. That is what invites accidents, and whatnot. See my message above about bringing music, or cds with books being read on them. Be kind to yourself and you will arrive in good shape.
    Have a safe and happy trip!

  71. I am doing a 10 hour drive from Kentucky to Mississippi the end of this month. I have done it before and swore I wouldn’t do it alone again..sucker…don’t think I can break it up into two days because I have to work…I feel your pain.

  72. Drive safe! Let your hopes for the weekend ride with you there and your memories keep you company on the way home!

  73. Steph, You are a really good writer. Because I have discussions like this with my husband all the time, but I can’t make them into a funny story. Good work.

  74. I truly wish you could see the huge smile and little giggle that you just generated on my face. I love reading your blog each day!

  75. Joe’s still a sweetie with his plan to save your life & everything. Who would knit the babywear for your family if you perished prematurely on the highway?

  76. Hee Hee Rams that is such a funny response to a hilarious post.
    If I’m really honest I have to confess to thinking a 10 hour drive by myself sounds like luxury beyond luxury. That’s 10 hours of listening to the Tragically Hip through the Australian landscape – divine!

  77. Hilarious! Thank you for the tears of laughter, I needed that.
    Good call to split the drive into two days. Here’s my secret weapon for staying awake at the wheel–sugar-free chewing gum. There’s something about making your jaws work that wakes up your brain, at least temporarily. Maybe you can alternate it with the ice cubes. 🙂
    Safe travels and have fun at Squam.

  78. I love long drives!!! Love, LOVE, LOVE AND ADORE THEM!!!!
    Next time you need a co-driver, let me know, I’ll be happy to be of assistance.
    You can do all the knitting. Leave the driving to ME!!

  79. “The Friary Clash”? Aren’t they that tribute band made up of Benedictine monks who sing that song about Zsa Zsa and her pet rabbit — you know, “Bun Bun Dohlink”?
    Seriously, my hearing can get pretty creative especially since I have tinnitus in one ear. I’ve been known to mishear radio & TV ads as saying some very naughty and risque things!
    Joe was right, tho. A 10-hour drive may be doable when you’re in your 20’s and buzzed on Mountain Dew soda. As one gets older, the monotony and the effort of maintaining the driving position both start getting to you, no matter how loudly you crank the stereo to stay awake. Don’t you think he deserves some really nice socks as a thank you?

  80. You perfectly described by challenge driving long distances.
    I have the same issue at jazz concerts sometimes. 2 weeks ago I pulled out my knitting for the first time in a dark theater and found it did the trick. Wide awake, thoroughly enjoying the music and working on my shawl, Martina Behm’s 22 Little Clouds. Heaven.
    I can also relate the the multiple-room chat. My husband does it too.
    Safe driving. Enjoy the event. Post photos and share the experience when you get back.

  81. Please take car as there is only one you and you are kind funny and smart and much loved Missy.

  82. Yep. The Plaidman’s half deaf, and we can have conversations like this sitting at the same table in a restaurant. I’m forever having to clean my glasses after facepalm….
    Stay safe! Looking forward to Squam posts.

  83. This HAS to be one of your funniest posts E-V-E-R!
    I’m glad you didn’t have a fiery crash… Or a priory clash… Or a criery blash…

  84. I’m glad you’re being safe in driving. Ten hours is a long haul. ::still giggling over the Diary Trash::

  85. What I hear is always much funnier than what they said, and I can always use a good laugh so I don’t mind a little hearing loss at all.

  86. If I don’t have a fascinating audio-book then I listen to Comedy Channels on Satellite radio e.g. Blue Collar Radio, as the constant unexpected comments keep me alert. Even a 1-hour drive, like my daily commute, is long for me. Or something scandalous like Howard Stern. I am very conservative and easily shocked, and can only stand him in small doses, though he sure does keep me awake!!

  87. I totally understand about the driving with the windows open and singing loudly. The 8 hour drive between New Hampshire and Niagara Falls often has me doing the same, but usually includes cheek slapping and loud yelling to WAKE MYSELF UP!

  88. Thank you, Joe. I’d be worried about her too.
    I’m doing a 12 hour drive on Saturday, but I’m taking my 12 year old son (and maybe my 17 year old son) along with me… and I like long drives… I get a lot of thinking done on long drives 🙂

  89. Joe has a good head on his shoulders. He does not want Squam to turn into Squash. Have a wonderful time, and safe travels.

  90. Having recently done a 10 hour drive to KY I think Joe had the right idea. I did the return trip in two sections also at the encouragement of husband. We picked the right guys!
    Presbyteria: Ortho-sox buns thrombosis?

  91. I did a lot of driving through upstate NY, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts last year, and I would’nt do 10 hours in one day. You have to train for that kind of driving. I did Putney VT to Hamilton ON in one day, and slept for the next 2.

  92. Ten hours is about my limit for driving by myself. I’ve done 15 hours before and once drove from western Mass. straight through to Wisconsin. ( I was 24. It took me about 22 hours & included a trip through Chicago I hadn’t planned on. Let’s just say that was a while ago & I wouldn’t do it again today.)

  93. hehe I’ve done 21 hours alone (all in one go) and wouldn’t want to repeat it, but I routinely drive the 13 hours to Chicago in one day (sometimes I wish I lived in Toronto, it would only be 9 hours) by myself or with my kids. I’ve always loved road trips, even if I’m by myself 🙂
    It doesn’t take any special kind of training, but you do have to kind of enjoy driving, which as I recall Stephanie, you don’t particularly.
    Hope you have a blast at Squam though!

  94. Reminds me of Mrs. Piggle-wiggle and the Thought-You-Said Cure. Anyone else remember that story?

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