Making Friday a Little Better

Here’s to Friday! Frankly, it’s never been my favourite day of the week, but I hear that a lot of people are fans.  Me? I like Thursday.  You know the weekend is coming, and you’ve broken the back of the thing, but you still have time in your week to believe you’re going to get it all together. Thursday is a hopeful day – and less pressure than a full-blown Friday.  Anybody want some presents?  Behold. This weeks round of Karmic Balancing Gifts, from business and knitters who want to spread a little love around.  (If you’re one of the 16 knitters who’s name I drew this morning, then there will be an email from me in your inbox.)

First up, Janelle went into her stash and looked for great presents that could be re-homed in the name of Karma.  She came up with so much that if I were keeping a list called "People I would rob if I wanted yarn" list, I would put her at the top. (But I am not making a list like that. You shouldn’t either. It’s wrong.)

She found this great summer yarn, 10 balls of Amerino, it should make a great top for somebody that Beverly W knows. 

Janelle also found Five balls (that’s an amazing 1499m – that’s more than a sweaters worth ) of Ironstone Warehouse Flake Cotton,  and I hope Linda G loves it.

It doesn’t stop there, this is 3 skeins of Merino Frappe that would make the most beautiful hat and scarf – but Ginni G can make whatever she likes.

More? Oh yeah, Janelle’s got more.  How about Twelve skeins of Andean Silk?

That’s a lot of mileage, so I hope that Erin G has some ideas.

Janelle’s not done yet! How about seven balls of Palette, in Mineral Heather,  Huckleberry Heather, Clematis Heather and Iris Heather, winging thier way to Brianna B.

Here’s something amazing.  Beth (here’s a link to her Etsy shop Dancing Dog Studio. Go look, she’s super talented. I’ll wait.) has made a beautiful medicine bag.  She used peyote stitch – which means she put on one bead at a time. 

Medicine bags are very special.  I hope that Carrie N uses and treasures it.

Elizabeth from A Good Day For a Cupcake has a present. 

She makes these great sheep needles (among other things) and this pair of 4.5mm needles are for Cheryl B.

Ania went into her stash and came up with some beautiful romney/mohair roving

and a charming spindle to go with it.

(Those blue flowers are called Love-in-a-mist. They grow in my garden, I love them.)
Ania will be very kindly sending these gifts to Jennifer C.

Ana of Art By Ana, had an absolute fit of generosity, and landed three presents for you guys in my inbox.   First, one of her beautiful SE Party Cakes is headed for Sherry M.

I am crazy about those party cakes.  Next she’s giving away two skeins of her gorgeous laceweight.  50/50 Tussah Silk/Merino – 1000 metres.  Mya M (that’s how you do it!)  will be making something amazing. 

Then Ana went into her other Etsy Shop, Art-by-Ana HandMade, and came up with a beautiful project bag and a matching notions bag. 

She will be popping that in the mail to Mary A.  Lucky knitters all.

Andrea also contracted a bag case of Nice-Knitter, and she’s come up with ten skeins of Cascade Lana D’Oro Tweed that need a new home.

They’ll be making their way to Jill F.

Finally, last but never least, the always generous Aubrey at Goodies Unlimited (I love everything there.) has four virtual gift certificates for her shop, complete with free shipping worldwide. 

Helen G, Mary M, Casey P and Mary Ellen O will each be enjoying some wonderful things. 

That’s it for this week! More next week, and I think I might have to start giving things away faster, if I’m going to make them fit at all.  There’s so much generosity in the world that it makes my heart go all aflutter to think of it.  As always, if you’ve donated to someone on our team, by sending a karmic balancing gift or by sending in some hard earned money – thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.  (If you’re looking to donate, there’s links on the previous post, just click on our names where they’re underlined near the bottom.)   A special thanks to everyone who expressed their sympathy about Tupper by donating to the Rally.  Very kind of you, and he would have liked that.