I have never been more right

Have I ever mentioned how I feel about upgrades? SURE I HAVE. I know I have. I know that I have explained many, many times about how I think that upgrade is a confusing name for something that always makes things worse before it makes it better, if it ever does. I am experienced in the ways of upgrades. I understand how they work, and as a result of that experience and my more than adequate intelligence, I avoid them as much as possible. Sure, this means I’m running some antiquated stuff around here, but it works dammit, and I don’t see any reason to change.  Ken, on the other hand, my best friend and the tech guy who keeps this blog running, he has other concerns, and so eventually he’ll just upgrade something. Just do it, and by the time it’s over it’s over and I just handle whatever happens and that’s what happened last night. Ken upgraded the blog (now it’s probably only five years behind) and then I went and wrote a really great post for you, and it was so good.  I loved it – you would have too, if when I went to put the pictures in, the whole thing hadn’t frozen, crashed, eaten the entry and generally laughed itself silly.

It took a few minutes and a phone call to Ken, but it turns out that after he does whatever thingie he did, there was a whatchamacallit that I’m supposed to do, and I know that, because he told me last time, but I forgot because I’m a knitter, not a computer geek, dammit.  It’s done now, and I fixed it and now I can post pictures but I don’t have time to re-write the entry – so you know what? Here’s the pictures.

I give up.  The upgrade beat me, and now you’ll have to entertain yourselves. You tell me what those pictures say to you. 

Knitter out.

(PS, the one part that I am going to do over is this: Today’s prize.  Three skeins of FiberShed yarn, a gorgeous worsted weight 100% alpaca, courtesy of Therese and Charlie over at Salt City Fiber Works.

They’d like it to go live with a knitter, and the random number generator picked Susan O. Thanks to everyone!)