Oh, They’re In There

Remember my to-do list? The one that required 20 rounds to be knit on Pretty Thing?

There they are. That there, my knitter friends is 42  rounds.  What’s that you say? You can’t see them? Well they’re there. The first 20 were knit, and then I started thinking that the gauge was wrong. Well, that’s not true, technically.  Technically I started thinking that the gauge was wrong on round 2, but why stop while you’re thinking about it?  Not this knitter. No, no – I kept knitting. I kept knitting until I had 24 rounds, and then I ripped them all out and started again.

Things went pretty well for the first 7 rounds of the third attempt (oh, sorry – did I not mention the second attempt? The one where I beautifully executed the "not quite long enough tail cast on"?  I specialize. I’m very good.)  On round 7 of the third attempt, I established the lace.

On round 8, I realized that I had done no such thing, and instead of ripping, I tinked back, found the place where I’d slammed in an extra yarn-over, fixed it, and knit on.  I knit on, that is, until the end of row 8 (again) when I realized that the lace was correct,  however the total number of stitches was completely wrong.

Attempt number four, I made it to round 4, realized that the gauge was still crap, and ripped back again. Now I’m on the fifth attempt, and I have knit 6 rounds, and that means the math goes like this.

24 + 8 – 1 + 1 + 4 + 6 = 42

42 is way more than 20, and I don’t care if most of them are invisible rounds. I’m totally leaving it crossed off on my list. Damn straight, and screw you, knitting.