Almost There

 This week is epic. The book is due, I leave with the rally on Sunday, and if I think about that stuff too much, I get a tight feeling in my chest that I know is the knot of anxiety around all that, and that knot is unhelpful, and in this case, just plain wrong. I’m am kicking ass and taking names and last week when my Mum and Erin decided to go North to the cottage, I lamented that I couldn’t go. There’s no internet there, there’s no cell phone, and I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but writers on book deadlines are horrible, horrible people.  My whole family knows it, and my mum actually told me that I shouldn’t go up there, not if I was going to be "like that."

I tried to give up, and accept that I just wasn’t going to be going, and then I got an idea. What if I could finish enough of the book that I wasn’t "like that"? What if I could head up there with things pretty much wrapped up, with just a little left do do, or maybe even on the final read-through?  Maybe I could go for just a day or two?  Maybe I could do some rally stuff there… air out the tent?

I decided that if I worked like a lunatic, gave up just about every free minute I had, I might be able to earn my way to the cottage. I set a word count goal, and I kept my eyes on the prize. Me, sitting on the sand of Georgian Bay, finishing the book before I went for a swim to the big rock. I’ve been pressing on for days, and then yesterday, a minor miracle.  I have only one essay left to work on, the rest of the book is sorted and ready for the last read, and I smashed my word count goal to smithereens.  It was spectacular. It was like fireworks and today as soon as I finish up the work I have to do, I’m heading off. I’ll finish this book there, and then come home Tuesday night or Wednesday to attend our team fundraiser* and be ready to ride with Jen on Thursday and pack and get ready to go to Montreal – the long way.

I can see the finish line, and it’s going to be such a relief. There’s only a little internet up there – I’ll try to post tomorrow with a bunch of Karmic Balancing gifts – now that we’re in the home stretch there’s going to have to be a bunch of them if I’m going to get them all given away.  I wanted to take a second to thank all of you for the amazing support you’ve shown all of us. This whole year has been such a challenge, and not always the best kind, but the rally… the rally is the best sort of challenge and I’m so proud to take part in it and even more proud that I represent all of you and your amazing generosity. People don’t know what knitters are like, and it is my exquisite pleasure to be able to show them.  I point at what you’ve donated, watch their mouths fall open, and I watch as they wonder why their golf buddies haven’t done the same.  You’re amazing. Every one of you, and I’m so, so grateful. 

See you tomorrow, or Wednesday – and thanks for everything. I don’t know if it’s the joy I feel that the book is almost done, or the adrenaline from being so close to the Rally, or maybe it’s the crazy level of sleep deprivation + caffeine that I’m rocking right now, but I am crazy in love with all of you. 

PS: If you felt so moved, the pages to donate to us are here:


*There’s a fundraiser for the team at a pub here in Toronto on Wednesday evening. Tickets are $25, there will be food, there will be really great door prizes, and there will be entertainment, not the least of which are speakers from PWA and two of my three daughters performing a ukulele version of (amongst others) "Hey Ya" which really, really shouldn’t be missed.  All proceeds go to the riders on our team taking part in organizing the thing.  If I know knitters are coming, there will be yarn door prizes too.  If you’re in town, and you’d like to have a bit of fun for a great cause, email me. I’ll hook you up. 

1,193 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. You go, girl! Good luck with the book (which I am anxiously waiting to purchase) and with the ride.

  2. Go, Steph, Go! I hope you remember, when you’re hours and hours and hours into your rally ride that we’re here cheering you and your team.
    p.s. Wish I could come to Toronto on Wednesday evening. Cheers! (in every sense of the word!)

  3. Ahh, you will be taping the performance of Hey Ya, yes? And posting it here so those of us who live waaaaaaaay the heck over here (and can’t, despite desperately wanting to, pick up and fly to Toronto for the fundraiser) can see/hear it. That is one of my absolute favourite songs and your girls are some of my favourites, too.

  4. Well done! Enjoy your time at the cottage with your mom & sister, and know that we all love you just as much.

  5. just threw in my bit. Your funds are looking good. Have a good breather at the cabin and come back refreshed and ready to push through to Montreal. You looked very fit in those last biking photos. Go!

  6. Lucky you, going to a cottage. I haven’t been to one since the family one was sold decades ago. Sigh. I’d love to hear more about your writing process (more than simply that it involves a lot of coffee). We know a lot about your knitting, but not a whole lot about your writing. See you next week when you ride through Kingston; I live next door to Queen’s.

  7. Ah, the joy of deadlines. My next book involves a guy who, as a teen, accidentally helped burn down the town’s main tourist attraction – an historic recreated village. The morning it was due, after one too many all-nighters of writing, my husband said something about going to Upper Canada Village and I swear my first thought was, “We can’t go there, JT burned it down 25 years ago.” I think your approach to this deadline is FAR more conducive to actual thought. Enjoy, enjoy.

  8. Good luck on the book (which has been added to “Purchase Immediately” List) and the rally! You’re amazing and inspiration!

  9. Ohh, can’t wait for the new book (off to Goodreads to mark it as to-read), and hope your time at the cottage is delightful. Your knitterly fans are cheering you on here, there, everywhere!

  10. Have a good ride! …and remember, in Canada, summer is just too damn short to say no to the cottage!!

  11. Good Luck with the ride!! I am sure it will be fun, tiring and rewarding all at the same time. I look forward to hearing how it all goes and I also am looking forward to the new book.

  12. Congrats on the book writing status, Stephanie! And think of the cottage visit and swim to the rock as necessary rally training …upper body strength, ya’know! You make us all proud, Steph, and we know you’ll rock the rally as you rock everything you do!!!

  13. Ya know, Steph… have an absolute talent for taking what is already a hysterically convoluted and unmanagable schedule with enough crap packed in it to make the average person’s head explode from the sheer pressure of it all…….and decide that you have a quarter-second free at half past midnight into which you could cram SOMETHING ELSE to do.
    Didn’t you ever get told that cautionary tale about the tiger who chased Sambo around and around and around in circles until the tiger melted into a pool of butter? >:-)

  14. Oh, so amazing, everything. And about Pretty Thing (which I personally love) that’s the way I do a lot of knitting, getting great mileage out of every skein.

  15. Good luck to you all on your ride, hope all goes well, I will be thinking of you all. Enjoy the fund-raiser sound like fun will be had by all 🙂

  16. Congratulations and good luck! I can’t wait to hear all about both!

  17. Ride on! And I’m glad to see you’ve switched to the more compliant knitting.

  18. I have that very same mug on my desk at work! I bought it for NaNoWriMo last year!

  19. Deadlines and cottage? I finally realised that when I have writing and edit deadlines (even self imposed) and the cottage is calling me, I can’t do anything sitting on the dock or near the hammock or indeed anyone else. So I’ve commandeered a solitary spot in the sleeping cabin (table at window with view of lake through the trees) where the writing gets done. X hours of work, away from friends and family, away from the water, away from all other duty or fun. Just work, until cocktail hour. The down to the dock for swimming and wine and relaxation. My recommendation.
    (Lack of internet is a plus, not a problem. There’s wifi in town at the library.)

  20. Rock on, Stephanie! And dare we hope that the book will be out in time for my kids to give it to me for Christmas?
    Enjoy your training swim at the lake — richly deserved.

  21. You’ve almost met your goal and you haven’t even started riding yet!!!! Didn’t it take you until the end of the rally to hit $50,000 last year?

  22. Judging from the photo, you’ve returned to those simple yet colorful socks rather than driving yourself crazy with that obstinate Pretty Thing. This is a good thing, as now you don’t have a problem piece of knitting driving you batty while you’re trying to concentrate on your book. The Thing can wait until you’re back from the rally.
    Good luck with the fundraiser!

  23. Go, go, go! You’re motivating the rest of us to keep plowing though the things that we’re doing.

  24. Good luck with the rally…will be thinking about you next week, and can’t wait to read the book!

  25. Have I missed the title? You refer to a book, but somehow, I cannot find the title….Can you give a girl a hint? Thanks

  26. Hi, Stephanie,
    I think a little time at the cottage sounds like a great way to finish Pretty Thing. Lying in the sun, watching the clouds sail by and knitting. Best medicine for “writer’s crazy head”. That and a finished book. Good luck on getting it all wrapped up in time to go.
    Julie in San Diego

  27. I’ll be thinking of you on the ride and wishing you lots of luck — go out there and ride for me!!!!!! I’m fat, unfit, ex-skinny, I wobble on a bike through lack of practice — do it for me, Steph, cos there’s no way in hell I could!!!

  28. Go you!! Amazing. Thank you for the blog, and so looking forward to the book! And good luck with the rally!

  29. Mighty woman! Hear you roar! Have a blast, all week. Wish Toronto was closer…

  30. Hope you have a great little vacation with your family. I went to finally donate for the rally and saw you were so close to your goal that I just had to put you over! Maybe that will make your retreat just a little sweeter. It made my day to help you get there!

  31. Sounds like you have a handle on all of it, and you’re even working some relaxation time in 🙂 Good girl! It’s important to take care of yourself while you’re busy saving the world!

  32. I did donate a tiny amount, to Ken, but got no email. I’d love some sok wool, I live in hope my name will be pulled out the hat!

  33. Congratulations – you’ve met your fundraising goal! Knitters ARE the best! Now we just have to get everyone else on the team to THEIR goals (and you can increase yours to really blow everyones’ minds!).

  34. Long time reader, first time commenting because I just have to let you know that if anyone will ever ask me who inspires me I have to tell them it’s Stephanie Pearl-McPhee!
    Never underestimate how much you make a difference in many lives! Now get on that bike and show them how knitters ‘do it’!

  35. I enjoyed seeing your name top the list for collecting donations on the bike rally website … never underestimate the power of knitters!

  36. Hurray!!!! Congrats on it all and enjoy the swim – keep that cool water in mind when you are “glowing” profusely on the ride!

  37. Have a great trip! Once you are there, all of this chaos and discomfort will be a vauge memory. Besides, you will then be looking forward to publishing you new book. You just have to get past this one last hurdle, and you are home free!

  38. Oh my goodness, my chest leapt when you said ukelele. I really, really wish I could see your daughters play! Could you take a video?
    I have decided to keep the ukelele my ex gave me (it was a good moment in the marriage) and give myself book lessons. I’m gonna learn a heavy metal song (wouldn’t that be fun on a ukelele!?) and then smash it at the end while wailing the last note. Just joking, I think I really want to keep it. Besides how satisfying would it be to smash a little ukelele?
    Anyway… have a really, really good time at the cottage, and CONGRATULATIONS on meeting your goal!! Can’t wait til the book is available!

  39. Just saw some pix of new little prince, and he looked nicely snuggled up with parents who are already in love with him, but the blanket he is wrapped in is clearly NOT HAND-KNIT.

  40. That was absolutely the first thing I noticed, GeniaKnitz. The whole country had NINE MONTHS to knit something!

  41. You continually impress me. With your biking. With your writing. with your knitting. You are amazing!

  42. I was reading the part about how hard you are working and feeling so good about how you are getting to do all (most) of the things you wanted and then I got to the part about the Pub appearance and the girls singing and playing “Hey-Ya” and I decided you really need to move to California. Bring Joe, your Mom and sister and the girls…. Starting to feel sorry for myself that I won’t be there. Enjoy the glory of the finish to both the book and the ride!

  43. Congratulations to hilarie for her politically correct version of the story of Sambo. Never once did she mention his size or color. As a former children’s librarian, I truly appreciate her avoidance of controversy.
    I also knit, rip out, knit over, rip out, knit over until the yarn gets grubby. Know those make a pillow from thrift shop sweaters instructions? I’m going to do it with the useable parts of UFOs.

  44. Wendy – In the Marine Corps we will go so far as to say, when we must, that a Marine may be “light green” or “dark green” but we are all green.

  45. Have fun at the cottage, and the fundraiser–and on the rally, may the wind be always at your back!

  46. Steph and Jen have met their goal – Pato is less than $300 away from his. Can we get him there?

  47. Just enjoy the ride, all of you, keep safe and hydrated. I too would love to see the ukelele act.DM

  48. I wish you all the best on your upcoming ride! A great challenge for a great cause.
    I have a question…. which I feel a bit silly asking, but I’ve searched and searched and can’t find my answer anywhere. The yarn above that you are using for your socks…. have you mentioned it and I missed it?…. what is that yarn? It is intriguing because it appears to just change instantly and not gradually and I just love the colors.

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  50. Thanks, hilarie.
    Am I correct in assuming your answer means I know of a knitting Marine? Talk about mind-boggling!!!

  51. I am in absolute awe of your fundraising capabilities. And you did it all with individual donations, not some big corporate chunk o’ change. We just finished our fundraising walk/run for ovarian cancer research and our little team barely cracked $8000 all told. What a wonderful and generous world knitters reside in.
    Have a safe ride. Rubber to the road!

  52. On July 22 Steffi asked “Have I missed the title? You refer to a book, but somehow, I cannot find the title….Can you give a girl a hint? Thanks”
    According to Amazon the title is The Amazing Thing About The Way It Goes, due out March 4, 2014.
    NB: This is what retired librarians do – look things up.

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