Just smash it some more

My very nice next door neighbours are renovating.  A great big renovation that started this week and will continue for four months and involves them essentially lopping the back of their house off, and digging out this big hole and .. have I mentioned that we share a semi-detached? As we speak there is a guy, or maybe it’s fifteen, I can’t tell, smashing on the wall of what is their kitchen, and my kitchen/office. 

It’s making me want to eat rocks. The noise, the shaking the drilling, and I’m trying to be big about it because heaven knows that they set this up in the nicest way possible. They really did.  Our neighbours let us know it was happening, showed us the plans, introduced us to the crew, made sure I had the architects phone number, and other than the fact that this renovation is going to make our house look like some sort of old hovel stuck to their beautiful home (It’s going to be like their house has a wart)  we are really, really delighted with the considerate way they’re handling this. We’d ask the same thing of them if we were renovating, and I’d hope we would be as sweet about it. I’m so happy for them, or at least I’m trying to be, because right now I keep wishing it would rain a little just so that they would have to shut off the saw.   

My dishes are rattling in the cupboards, the cat’s right on the edge of a nervous breakdown, and this morning when Joe said it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as he thought it was going to be, I almost asked him to hold my coffee while I called a divorce attorney. Joe doesn’t work from home. He listens to it for an hour in the morning and then heads off to the studio, leaving me to wonder if the demolition would go faster if I went over tonight with a sledgehammer and relieved a little stress.

I’ve never been good at this kind of thing.  I don’t like upset, I don’t like loud noises, and I knew straight up that this was exactly the kind of thing that was going to turn me into the kind of person who screams things over the fence, so today, just as soon as I finish writing to you, I’m going to go to the pub with my laptop because I’m sure it’s quieter, and even if it’s not, at least there’s beer.  Although I’m going to write and edit (today I’m writing an essay about my dentist) I’m taking my sock, because I’d forgotten how much progress I can make on a project just doing a little bit here and there.  Every time I have stop typing and think, I’m doing a round to take the edge off, and it’s adding up pretty fast. 

Orange and red added since yesterday, and soon I’ll start the heel, and I know I’ve told you before, but I’m going to say it again, I love self patterning yarn.  I love the way you can mark your progress, I like that with a little bit of care and neurotic behaviour you can make them match perfectly, and I will go to my grave insisting that it is faster to knit than a plain multicoloured yarn that doesn’t make a pattern. Ever notice? It’s like it flies off the needles – although this time I’m using another scale, because of the way the book is ruining my knitting time dedication I have to my work. 

The sock isn’t the only thing that’s limping along… the Nadira shawl is coming along beautifully. 

You can’t tell by looking there, but it’s quite a bit larger than last time you saw it, and I know it just looks like a green blob. Use your imagination.  Slow and steady wins the race, and even though I can only manage a row or four in the evening before I’m asleep holding my knitting,  it’s still forward movement.  I’m all the way to chart four, and five is looming on the horizon. Very exciting, if in somewhat slow motion.

You know what else is exciting? Today’s presents. 
Diane over at The Knotted Bag has a beautiful gift.

According to our good friend Mr. Random Number Generator, it is destined to be with Mary S.  I hope she likes it.

Remember Aubrey at Goodies Unlimited? She’s a kind of nice that just doesn’t quit, because she’s back this week offering four more knitters $25 gift certificates, complete with free shipping. 

Amy N,  Jennifer C, Emma B and Rita S, enjoy! (If you need a hint about what to get, ask me.  I have favourites.) 

All right. I’m off to the pub. I’m pretty sure the guys next door just ran a herd of cattle through a wall to knock it down – at least that’s what it sounded like from here, and me and the sock are going to go get a little peace, quiet and beer while we put another chunk of the book to bed.  What are you going to do?

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  1. Paying bills, being thankful my neighbors aren’t renovating, running errands, looking forward to more work on Color Affection, which I’m attempting again after some very nasty thoughts about it and everyone who likes it back in February… And yes, holding knitting while sleeping is better than sleep-knitting, which I did last night and I’m afraid to look…

  2. I’m going to the dentist. It will be much like the noise in your house but it will be in my mouth… Along with a little pain. If I were closer, I’d join you in the Pub. Wishing you speed on the book so your regular life can return. I keep telling myself that I’m a big girl and big girls cart themselves to the dentist but at this moment, I have my doubts.

  3. I’m hitting the soap-pot, with repair guys in the house banging (excuse me – FIXING )things, and feeling I have the better of it. Have a beer for me, hon.

  4. Sitting here in a very non-busy SCUBA shop knitting the first bootie for my grandbaby-to-be listening to an audiobook, then after work going to the Knitting Guild’s monthly knit in the park meeting.
    Enjoy your beer. Sure it was cattle? Might have been bison. Gorgeous socks. Happy writing.

  5. I remember living in a condo and the people above us enlarged their patio door as part of their renovation. I felt like going upstairs and hurling the concrete saw over the balcony. Noise like that should be against the law.
    Is there anyone who can take your cat for the duration? The poor thing is going to need prozac once this is finished and having had a cat on that I can tell you that you really don’t want to try to give your cat anti-depressants. It also has the added bonus of having an excuse to go visit the cat in a quiet spot and keeping yourself sane.
    Good luck.

  6. Today is the first day since April 1 without rain! The entire house is just humid and sticky. I will try to bake some and more laundry and dry out the basement and the attic and everywhere.

  7. You probably don’t want to hear this, but I’m going to look out the window as a bike race rolls through my town. Yes, a bike race. Sorry.

  8. Preparing to do battle with a new dictator (Asian accent, new to this side of the job in hand, high tension – oh the joy, take a deep breath and suck it up); more dictation from my most favourite of dictators, looking at another open home mid-morning in preparation for buying, packing for the weekend – we are going on a 1 1/2 day holiday, take son to a Magic Lecture this evening, decide what to do with the cold cooked sausages in the fridge.

  9. Or you could buy some Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. Just the thing when you want to block out the whole world and maybe listen to crickets chirping, or water lapping at the shore…a la Jamaica…
    Or just to block out the entire world and listen to complete silence. I hear they are the best thing since…well, quiet.

  10. Sounds like a really good plan. Our neighbors did a similarly large renovation last summer but we’re not attached to them. I mean we like them and all…

  11. I’m desperately trying to persuade two tiny girls to go to sleep despite the futile attempts of the security guard to turn off the alarms in the surgery across the road – I feel your pain – enjoy the beer!

  12. Oh, my sacred aunt. I’d be going nuts. Last summer they tore up the road in front of my house to replace a water main; it involved months of rerouting traffic at random times. And when they brought the equipment to bust up the pavement, and it shook my house, I was almost hysterical.
    You’ll never be able to work there. If the pub is too early try the Public Library or something.

  13. oh my I couldn’t imagine. We’ve been living in a constructions zone for years as the neighbourhood behind us has been built but that is afar cry from attached to our home. I hope the pub offers some quiet … or at the very least a nice chilled beer.

  14. I am knitting on a sweet white baby blanket. But right now, I am going to get my tabbycat named, Buddy, and we are going to take a nap on the new glassed in porch!! Weeeeeee.

  15. I would be moving out in that sort of situation. I don’t think I could handle it.
    Enjoy the writing, the knitting, and the beer… you deserve it.
    Meanwhile, I’m going back to my competitive strategy class…

  16. It does seem like sort of a raw deal that you have to be present for all the noise and chaos and don’t have the pretty at the end.
    the pub solution sounds excellent!
    Actually I’ve always been very impressed you are so productive in your home office. I can never get much done at all when I work from home. I do much better when I leave.

  17. How about trying a Feliway diffuser to see if it helps your little cat?
    {I have no connection with them at all but have had high-strung cats and the Feliway worked magic.) Also, the all-purpose “tincture of time” may help. I thought our two felines were going to go nuts when people with three large, mouthy dogs who spend large amounts of time outdoors moved in next door, but even the more skittish of the cats settled down in a day or two.
    I wish you patience with the process.

  18. Much sympathy from another who works at home. I don’t have a laptop and I don’t like beer, but I’m glad you have and you do. I’d have lost it long ago in your situation!

  19. I’m going to go home and listen to the silence. I’m with you on the noise thing. Many years ago we moved into a lovely rental. It was lovely until I discovered we were right under the flight path for planes landing at the airport 8 miles away. I discovered this one fine morning, upon going to bed after my night shift at the hospital. I soon discovered that was hardly noisy at all, once they started demolishing and rebuilding the house next door. Fun times.

  20. Hmmm. I agree with Laurie…plus you are going to have the same old house next to their newness.
    On the other hand, you could do a grand silence tour of Toronto…or at least your corner of it…on the nice days. Where are the quietest public spots to work in? Or the quietest, driest spots (in light of recent weather)?
    It is a challenge.
    And soon, you will be finished with that book and able to have your yarn party! ;-D Before the book tour starts…

  21. I’m going to drink hard iced tea because damn. I’m a SAHM and the kids (boys) are 6 and 9 and home for the summer and therefore driving me batty. Have I mentioned the rain. Every day for the past 2 months (seriously. breaking records and ruining fireworks because of saturated fields). Also, *we’re* the ones with the renovating (though just a bathroom and some plaster repair but 3 wks of dudes making noise and disruption and I have to be polite and pretend I’m not a) crazy or 2) bothered by their angelic presence. They’re super nice guys and I’m Canadian, so you know. Stiff upper lip and a pint.

  22. I thought I’d share that should you need to talk to the workers, approaching them with something like a 6-pack has a higher probability of them deciding they like whatever your idea is. I supervised a huge kitchen reno at my church. End of the first week, I stopped by just before morning break to bring fresh baked coffeecake and chat. Did wonders for us knowing each other as people doing jobs, not obstacles to one another.

  23. I’m heading off to knit night….
    Look on the bright side… if that fracking squirrel who has been stealing your yarns and fleeces stored any in their home, it’s bound to turn up during the renovations….
    Also, it may be time to hit Upstate NY for a vacation…. at least until the renovations are done… it’s beautiful in Saratoga this time of year (and there are a couple of LYS’s too! one on Phila street and then there’s also Trumpet Hill in Albany!)

  24. My husband feels your pain. They are renovated at his office building, using a jackhammer right outside his door. Tomorrow they start actual demolition.

  25. My neighbors had a moto-cross track across the field from me, and whenever I was in the garden or outside, I could hear that annoyingly loud no-muffler sound of motorcycles jumping the hills, going round and round time after time. When one day I found myself imagining going up on the roof with a weapon and shooting the wheels off the bikes as they came over the hill, like little ducks in a shooting gallery, I suddenly realized I HAD TO DO SOMETHING before I went stark raving mad. I finally worked out a schedule with the neighbors so that I could either work inside or go somewhere else, things got lots better. In your case, I suggest you find somewhere else to work during the time the contractors are working next door. It’ll save you from doing something rash.

  26. Well… I’m off to the garden (sorry!) and then to clean my kitchen. I have been living in renovations with a 2 1/2 yr old for the last eight months and we are pretty much almost done, thank goodness! But the guys that did the work were super awesome and I agree with Robby up above, a little chat and some coffee/tea/beer goes a long way, worked for me! Now, off to the pub with you, AKA your new office.

  27. We’re hoping to do just that kind of renovation to our house next year. Unfortunately, we have a joint driveway with a person who is not nearly as accommodating and friendly as you. I have no idea how it’s going to work. Last time I approached her about a very, very minor problem, she spent the next 10 minutes screaming at me.
    Good luck.

  28. I’m knitting a lace shawl in Mrs. Lincoln lacewt yarn from Knitspot. One needs very good light to see what one is doing… Only six more (long) lace rows until the easy part. How are your knees? Maybe you could take a long training ride…. How are the streets? I saw the flooding on CBC news the other night. VERY impressive! Looked like a total pain for the drivers.

  29. Don’t have demolition, not quite, have city fair going on not a block from the house, cars parked up and down the street, lucky we have a drive way, but the music from the dances and the midway ,not to mention, the demolition derby. and the ball games across the street makes this week of July a loud one.We are lucky it’s once a year and for 4 days.

  30. We are getting ready for the power company to come through our alley and put in underground lines. They are not taking out our overhead lines, mind you, just adding underground to try to alleviate the weekly power outages caused by old trees dropping limbs onto some of the lines. So we are happy about that part, but not so much about the part where they are going to dig up some of the concrete in the alley to do it. We are still paying for the renovation of our alley on our property tax bill. So now we will still be paying for another 7 years, but for something that has been torn up and patched. So they have added insult to injury on this one as I am disturbed by the noise while watching it be torn up.

  31. I had taken the day off of work to get some things done. Ran 4.5 miles, picked beans in the garden, got a haircut, took 19 year old son out for a birthday lunch, stopped by the new bakery, ate half a muffin, took dog to the vet, gave dog a bath and am now ready for a beer and some knitting.
    Wishing much peace and quiet for ya this evening.

  32. Hi Steph,
    Over at the Knitcircus blog Jaala had a recipe for sour cherry ice cream. I thought you might want to know since your tree is producing so much fruit.

  33. I have recently read — in several places on the internet, so it must be true — that the background noise in a coffee shop enhances creativity in writing. Although goodness knows you have enough creativity for several people, you might want to consider writing in a coffee shop one day. (If I tried to knit in a pub I would lose all concentration after about 2 minutes. YMMV.)

  34. I understand completely. The guy next door has just had the new girlfriend move in. The new girlfriend & her 2 really, really annoying children. OK, really it’s only 1 that is annoying but she makes up for the other one.
    Trust me, I like kids but this one is a piece of work!! She screams. EVERY. DAMN. SENTENCE. Or should that be demand. Yep, demand that’s it & hell she has loads of them. “GET ME THIS!!” “GET ME THAT!” “DO IT MY WAY!”.
    I am really hoping they move before she hits teenage years cause otherwise I will not be responsible for my actions, especially as I can’t drink beer or knit anything other than plain scarves.
    Phew, now that’s off my chest, I’m off to do a few rows before bed.
    Worthing, UK

  35. I’m so sorry–I remember hating it when my neighbors across the fence, a lot further away than across the wall, spent six months or so remodeling their house. All those hammers…
    And then a few years later we spent a whole year doing the same thing. Sorry, guys! (They saw ours when we were done and liked it better and wished they’d had our architect. That made a lot of the noise and hassle worth it right there.)

  36. I’m trying to get excited about reviving my abandoned blog. Now that life is kinda sorta back on track, I may have something to write about.
    And then there’s some yarn plying that I’m trying to get motivated to finished up.
    Have you tried the “E-Tomic Balm” from Goodies Unlimited, post bike riding and all?

  37. Well, I donated to Ken; I’m working on 1×1 rib of a sock cuff (talk about FIDDLY!!) and tonight I’m hoping to finish that and start on the cuff. It’s plain yarn, sorry, but it’s a gorgeous color. That makes up for a lot.
    No renovations in the near future. Lots of gardening, though…

  38. My border collie cross is trying to organize everyone as we have a kitchen reno gone amok done. Today was The Great Appliance Shuffle. The dog is ready to subdivide into multiples. I think I need to teach her to knit.

  39. You can tell the, the crew that it is very loud on your side of the wall. Some of the tools they use have reciprocal (? I think that’s what it’s called) parts that can be turned on or off. We have just come through about 6 months of it at my office and the work crew were very good about turning off that piece when we asked. It still allowed them to do their work just a little quieter.
    Good luck!

  40. I hear (and feel) your pain. I had to listen/rattle to hammer-drilling in the building service corridor at my office for more than 4 months. (It was directly across from my cube. Not to mention the colorful and unwelcome gossip from the contractors. Glad you have a mobile office option!

  41. Oh, I feel for you. We did a renovation about 6 years ago and they ended up having to jackhammer to get the foundation right. Goes right through you. I am taking a brief break after cleaning house all day in preparation for some friends coming over tonight. The best kind of work, I think!

  42. Right now i’m hiding on my front porch with my knitting. More specifically, i’m hiding from my 6 year old, who seems to have sprouted a new umbilical cord in the last 48 hours since his 10 year old brother refuses to talk to, play with, interact, acknowledge, or in any way entertain him! He’s following me around and i can’t get away!!! I hear them screaming at each other inside and i’m trying to feign deafness . . .
    Ahhh, peaceful knitting.

  43. Definitely the pub! Go now—before your sanity entirely abandons you! Take the cat, who should not be subjected to any more of that. Poor thing!
    We have this house painting thing going on…and on….and on. Not on the level of your noise, but after a month I am soooooo tired of the chaos, furniture askew, stuff in all the wrong places… I’m pretty sure you know the drill. Yes, my husband helps on the weekends, or occasionally late in the evening he’ll roll a ceiling or wall. But he seems unable to comprehend why the chaos bothers me. Whose idea do you think this was? Yep—his! It feels like I can’t get to anything I need to do, until this project is finished. Knitting is slight, but it’s helping keep me sane. This too shall pass—and so shall yours, only not as soon as either of us would like!

  44. My upstairs neighbours are doing some kind of DIY project that involves sawing and hammering. No idea what it is, since we don’t really know them. It’s just noisy, and I’m 8 months pregnant and all I want to do is sleep. They also have some kind of thing that taps on the floor frequently in a rhythmic pattern and drives me nuts on a regular basis.

  45. I’m taking a daytrip from Kingston to Picton to get away from the renovation noise and vibration on the other side of MY home office wall. It’s been going on for months, and last week resulted in enough wall pounding that a favourite piece of art (purchased at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival) fell off the wall and smashed. I totally sympathize. Hang in.

  46. My landlord has decided to finish the basement into an apartment. Yesterday they were jackhammering the cement floor and cinderblock ALL DAY long. We thought we were going to lose it. So you have my commiseration, totally. Too bad I don’t like beer. ; )

  47. I hate to rub this in, but I just put fresh deer water out. We have 3 fawns this year and you can hear a pin drop inside this house, except of course for the fans. It is a little warm here.
    I’m sure the cat would like a pint too, no?

  48. Today I lead a singing assembly for primary school children, and lots of parents came to watch 🙂 this evening I have conducted a choir made up of unpaid Carers, it’s their first concert after starting in sept 2012 and they were fantastic 🙂 not exactly quite…but magnificent!

  49. You need a cottage. If I had one, I’d offer it to you. Failing that, beer (ahem, writing) in a pub sounds good.

  50. I think I’d leave the house to hubby,since he doesn’t mind the noise, and move in with my best friend for the duration. I’d take the cat if she promised not to embarrass me by heaving up furballs on my friend’s carpet or good rugs.

  51. I love reading what everyone else is doing – I’m sitting in my cube pretending to work (for 1 more hour) while reading Harlot. Tonight watching Argo with a friend and my 3 cats while I knit (the mitred-square blankie), bat cats off the blankie and she hand quilts. I sympathize with you Steph – by the time I get done with my train ride home (a very noisy hour), I walk to my car, lock myself in and just. soak. in. the. quiet…..the pub sounds lovely – wish we had a pub nearby….

  52. The good news here is that you are sensible. Pub is an excellent choice for a roving office. Perhaps the management could tag a table with your name for the duration.
    Also on the bright side, training rides will be absolutely heavenly! Trade the vibration of the house for the vibration of the road. You will be eager to leave and enjoy the heightened sense of tranquility. If I were the betting kind, I’d risk a wager that the pain of your ridicously long rides (had to use a calculator to convert to miles!) will be masked by the dread of returning home.
    Lastly, sorry you have to endure such a process and reap no reward. Time to travel.

  53. I’m enjoying (finally) the peace and quiet now that my neighbour’s outdoor renovationss are just about finished. It’s been about 6 weeks of hammering, power saws and the tamping machine that sounds/feels like a helicopter is going very low over my house (I bet the workers laughed at me when I ran out of the house and looked up at the sky the first time they ran it, LOL!).
    I’ve also just emailed the Region to tell them there’s a dead bird on my back patio. And I can’t dispose of it until I hear back from then whether or not they want to “collect” it to test it for West Nile virus. I hope they reply (or, preferably, come and get it) tomorrow!

  54. I suggest you come up to my cottage on Lake Huron. I have wifi, the lake, peace and quiet.

  55. Maybe you need a “hot desk” somewhere like the Centre for Social Innovation for four months?
    Or is there a desk at Joe’s studio?
    I would need coffee at my side so the library is not going to be sufficient.
    I don’t think you can realistically stay working at home with this level of noise all day for four months …
    i just made a pot of risi e bisi with fresh Ontario peas and garlic scapes. Beautiful day in Toronto!

  56. I sympathize deeply. I barely made it through a similar project when we built an addition and renovated our kitchen a few years ago. For me it wasn’t so much the noise as the constant presence of other people on the other side of the kitchen door and outside the windows that drove me batty. But at least it was worth it because the new space was our own. Maybe ear plugs or an iPod might help when you have to work at home.
    I hope the neighbours are prepared to pay to fix any cracked plaster in your house – since you are in a semi you may well have some damage to contend with from all the vibrations. Sorry for the bad news, but you might want to look out for and document any new cracks you see.

  57. When I read your blog, for the most part, I find myself aspiring to be a better person. Today, I feel like we are twin souls. It will be ok. Although, I will say, the neighborscould have done this while you are away, as you so frequently are.
    I’d find out if and when jack hammers are involved.

  58. I sympathize. My neighbors are replacing their sewer line, so all day yesterday there was a backhoe roaring in the alley. And as a grand finale, they cut my internet cable (they did check with the cable company ahead of time and were told there was nothing there, so it wasn’t their fault, at least.) But they will be done in another day or so, plus I left on an out-of-town trip today, so my suffering is nothing compared to yours. Hope you have lots of nearby coffee shops and pubs in which to work and knit.

  59. Oh Stephanie I give to you my tiny apartment here in Denver Colorado if you wouldn’t mind my 2 cats who are mouthy Siamese. I went through the jackhammer buzz saw drunken guys last year when the building owners discovered an empty apartment needed an entire overhaul. Seriously, see if you can find a relative who will keep your cat in peace & quiet. Cats really do not do well with noise. It affects their urinary systems in nasty infections. As for you – the pub, library, museum, anywhere with alcohol, & of course yarn, you are easier to relocate than the cat. If you need to fly away I’ll open my home to you, there’s a respectable stash in my closets if needed.

  60. Those noise-cancelling headphones sound like a great idea! I know I feel as though I will go crazy when I’m at a fast food restaurant and the employees don’t turn off the “fries are done” beeper fast enough. So, yeah…sort of sound sensitive, myself…

  61. I feel for you. I went through a building envelope replacement at my last place. Two years. Two solid years. One full year of construction – and get this – being up and dressed by 7:30 each morning when the crews started milling around outside the windows and randomly (it seemed to me) opening holes in the walls. A full year of coming home from work to find little e-mails saying “kindly remove everything from the north wall for tomorrow morning” or “please remove all pictures from all walls”.
    Which reminds me – the shaking and banging will loosen nails in the walls. If you have a favourite picture on a shared wall, take it down.

  62. You know, you could go for a quiet bike ride… [ducking the flying needles] The socks are lover-ly!

  63. Oh, Stephanie, there are those (or there must be) that can tolerate, ignore, or even enjoy the noises of razing and construction. But I, too, am not one of them. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up as soon as I hear a hammer or drill or other construction device. My mind immediately starts to enumerate the reasons it is wrong for them to do that within my ear shot! I am truly sympathetic to your plight. Hopefully they are only permitted to do it between certain hours and you will get a few days’ break each week. But I know that you will be watching the clock everyday waiting for that time.

  64. I’m enjoying a quiet evening at home, with some Chardonnay, after having a hectic day at work.
    Of course, you know you can wear earplugs while trying to get something done at home, although some people find them uncomfortable. You could also try sound-canceling headphones. Even if you’re not listening to something else through them, they can help deaden the sounds of things like saws (or the drone of the engines during a flight).
    As for your poor cat, you might ask your vet about anti-anxiety meds. Yes, Ativan for kitties. I’ve known a few cats for whom such meds were prescribed; one was in a dominance war with another cat in the household, but the other was freaked by a neighbor’s new and very yappy puppy. The medication could help knock your cat’s stress levels down a bit and help her get through this with her wits intact. (Don’t go there. You know you love her.)
    The shawl looks lovely already. Even unblocked, the stitch pattern is attractive. I might get the pattern just to see how it might scale up in a heavier-weight yarn! It could be quite attractive as a baby blanket or the body of a cardigan.

  65. Ugh that noise would drive me up the wall too. You are a good neighbor though! I believe escaping to a pub is the smartest idea ever 🙂
    This evening I went and spent some giftcards (woo!) on some clothes for my kids and one shirt for me (!)… and now my plan is to have a little sherbert and do a little knitting. Cheers!

  66. I just spent 12 hours unraveling 400 yards of sock yarn that I made into a huge mess by cutting the string holders without looking first. I would rather do this than face another remodel; the dust, noise and general disarray. Enjoy your beer.

  67. OMG, I laughed so hard at the beginning – and not, you understand, from ‘haha glad it’s not me.’ No, from, ‘keep laughing that you aren’t the only one and that will keep you from murdering the guys who are working here.’
    My apartment building is under renos on all the balconies on one side this year… and my side next year. They start the sledgehammer at 8:30 and stop around 5… about an hour after I have to be at work. Part time evening work was great until summer hit….part time student in the mornings, and my three cats are starting to get twitchy….and knitting won’t even help me. I’m at a hard part in my wedding shawl, the puppet I’m making a friend is trying to commit suicide, and the lemon for a fruit bowl is hanging itself.
    *hugs* hang in there, you are inspiring to those in reno-hell.

  68. I’m flying from Shanghai to Portland, OR after a six week research trip in China. I’m so excited to see my husband I can hardly stand it. And, the extra sock yarn I slipped into my bag before I left, just in case, is prepped and ready to go. Thank goodness you taught us to always take more knitting than you think you might need when traveling. Your previous posts possibly just stopped some sort of international incident spurned by me running out of knitting with 12 hours of flying to go. Thanks!

  69. Working on my first patterned sock! Survived the leg, heel flap, turning the heel, and now just shaping the gusset. Patterned socks are interesting, but omg! They take SO much longer than regular socks! Been working on this 1st sock for about a week or so! So many ideas for more patterned socks but not enough time. 🙁

  70. Oh my, I’ve been there. Our next-
    door neighbors leveled their house and started from scratch.
    The ten-day long jack-hammer fest that was (for all intents and purposes) about 15 feet from my desk made me want to cry. I tried earplugs. I tried earplugs with a Bose sound cancelling headphone. I ended up just walking away and going anywhere but there. There was much shopping involved. Shopping helped, but my financial balance – not so much.
    I’m now enjoying a sick satisfaction that my neighbors are now living through a full-remodel of their next-door neighbor’s home, complete with jack-hammers, endless sawing, hammering and workers shouting at one another about whatever….

  71. You are a lovely neighbor. I hope you and the sock had a good time at the bar. Looking forward to the new book.

  72. I hate to mention it, but are you sure you’ll have enough yarn for the second sock? I only mention because I only see one band of purple in the ball while you’ll obviously need two.

  73. Nursing my sick 6 week old and wondering why my breast milk wasn’t good enough to keep him from getting sick.also cruising ravelry and trying to find something to knit. not sure what I’m capable of knitting that might get done before Christmas

  74. Six months ago, they started excavation for a new pipeline (natural gas) in the utility easement behind my house, and worked all winter, complete with digging holes in almost completely frozen ground. House rattling *thumps* were common, and there was a steady drone of heavy equipment. I was stuck at home with an ageing/ailing dog (she was mostly deaf, so it didn’t bother her). They finished last month. Ah, bliss! Nothing but the farmer and the construction across the street.
    And then this week I had a crew putting new hardwood floors in my house. And I had to be home to answer questions. (They were lovely — efficient & no noisier than necessary, but still….) They knocked so much crud off the floor joists that the creaks that went away are back. And there’s stuff all over everything in the basement.
    Good luck at the pub!

  75. Just think: you won’t have to listen to any construction noise while you are on your epic bike ride. Something to look forward to!
    If your neighbors are, like us, crazy enough (and/or cheap enough) to continue living in their home during the renovations, trust me when I tell you they are living through far worse than you are. They may have more to show for it at the end, but they will also have those pesky bills to pay. It really all does balance out.

  76. My neighbour sold the house and 8 cluster- bungalows sprung up over 12mths. Knocking down the old house was the easy part, piling on solid ground was the worst. Check up the regulations on noise level and working hours allowed and try asking for a weekly report of the noise and vibration levels from the contractor. It is best if both equipment measuring noise&vibration levels are placed in your compound (reports from their computers) so they cannot throw a blanket over the noise-measuring device. I live in Asia so our rules and regulations are not the same. Noise is still noise anywhere.

  77. Hoping that a healthy combo of knitting or beer will help you survive the neighbors project. If only they could be taught to knit, such a peaceful occupation…

  78. I hope the pub works for you, otherwise a library is a nice place to concentrate. I wrote at least half of my Ph.D. at the university food court, next to Taco Bell…. It was a nice room…. seriously…

  79. Awful, I hate noise also, makes me irritable and a little bit CRAZY. You are a hoot.

  80. Thanks, YH, I read some of your tweets and stopped at the word semi-colon, I searched the net and found it is the ; thing, we use it a lot, so, yes, I too am thanking my teacher he taught us how to use it (but language was my favourite homework anyway) (only three years of a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes a week, minus three months of weeks a year, so excuse my English, as I name it. Each day one can learn something new, it is up to oneself to do it too.

  81. Hello Stephanie,
    Just had to drop in to comment: for that period of time, you really have to find a solution. Perhaps a nearby friend who works away from home would let you work in her home for few hours a day, or perhaps there is a quiet corner in Joe’s studio you could work in (an unused soundproof room – wouldnt that be great?). Anyway, I really think you need a regular place to go so you dont go raving bonkers.
    Wishing you a relatively peaceful weekend!

  82. Surely they can shout you a decent work space somewhere while they make your workplace unworkable? I would be miserable! Especially as you’re being straight forward and friendly. Also friendly or not you should document your house – all the corners up the walls and ceiling skirting. Vibrations from demolition can damage the inside finish of your house even if it’s structurally fine (our house shifted slightly on its foundations and now has plaster cracks in a few places after work just across the road.) Cosmetic stuff is still important. Just be a little cautious incase anything’s significant enough to want to discuss in future.

  83. Oh my goodness. There’s a major renovation happening three houses away, and the incessant sawing is making me crazy. I cannot even imagine if it were next door… Does your library have a writing space? Because you seriously need a new temporary office.

  84. We have lived in our semi-detached for 20 years. The house next door had a nice Italian landlady and nice quiet tenants and no A/C. It sold last summer to a very nice woman with big ideas who did some crashing and bashing (don’t believe that 4 months stuff; they’ll be at it Christmas morning…) and installed a furnace that vents outside and a F(*^*&ing huge air conditioner that blasts us off our front porch. But she is very sweet and we feel a bit churlish cursing the noise when we’ve had 20 years of quiet. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy working in the pub!

  85. You and the cat both need peace and quiet, that’s for sure, especially the cat, who won’t listen to explanations and truly will be scarred by this experience.
    What am I going to do today? Get my work to-do list done, leave early, do some food shopping, do the laundry, mow the lawn (we’ve had 12″ of rain since May 15, all we do is mow the lawn …) and get MY cat ready for a get-acquainted trip to a friend’s house, because that’s where the cat will be for 10 days in August.

  86. Ditto what someone said about Feliway. Every cat is different, I’m sure. But a few years back I got my puppy, and my two cats did not take it well, to say the least. I’m pretty sure one didn’t come down from the top of the kitchen cabinets for a week. But as soon as I plugged in the Feliway diffuser, they were transformed back into my normal (or “normal”) cats. It was a miracle.
    I’ve also noticed that the vet has one in their cat exam room. It’s like cat Valium to one of my cats. Of course, that same cat basically gets high off of Fabreeze and bleach, so, you know, maybe she has issues.
    But anyway, good luck with all that. At one place I worked in college, construction crews spent about a month jack-hammering cement and tile on the other side of the windowless room I worked in. Eventually, the noise just became part of my soul.

  87. Do contractor take photos of exterior/interior of nearby houses and give each house a copy before they start hacking? They have to make good to any cracks or defaults made during construction. If noise or vibration levels exceed standards set by local authorities, contractor could be called to task if there is proof. Do stay away during work hrs or you will go crazy. It will be tough staying nice or sane while keeping the dust off your knitting.

  88. Thank-you for asking. I’m volunteering at our local Musicfest this week-end and I can’t believe I get to see Mary Chapin Carpenter, the Indigo Girls, Walk Off the Earth, Kris Kristofferson and many more awesome artists for FREE. Well, I have to do some work for my ticket but quite worth it. Perfect knitting time, outdoors listening to music. Good luck with the neighbours’ reno, sounds like the time our neighbour bombed some rocks out of his basement.

  89. I feel for you. Try living in a Manhattan apartment when renos are being done next door. Or above you. Or below you. Oy.

  90. Mostly I’m trying to recover from a broken hip, so while that allows lots of knitting time (all that sitting), it doesn’t allow for me to work in the vegetable gardens, escape easily from noise (thankfully back at home from rehab where it was mega-noisy nearly 24 hours a day!), or do the many things I’d also love to be doing besides knitting. Still, I’m finishing up a lot of socks in the meantime so that’s got to be good. Hope the noise ends soon, although escaping to a pub also sounds like a great idea too!

  91. Chores are done, animals fed and watered. I’m off to knit in the gazebo with a yummy cup of ice coffee! Wow, talk about bed working conditions. I feel your pain. Hang in there and use the pub as an office!

  92. I am going to be grateful that I don’t have a renovation going on next to me. I will endeavor this weekend to go out and enjoy some quiet time on my porch and think of you.(hope that doesn’t sound creepy ;))

  93. Construction is rough! There is always some sort of remodeling going on near, or at the least bit, a leaf blower! Good luck getting through it & getting out of the house is about the only way to stay sane, and the knitting & beer is a great idea 😉 *P.S.- LOVE the colors in the socks! Thinking I need to make something with bright stripes….

  94. My neighbors have been building a garage for over a year. It’s a off and on project. Right now it’s on. They have made only meager attempts at consideration. They have a truck blocking the alley all day. Recently, my tenant had to call 911 on them. They were burning construction materials in a big metal drum. That activity is about 5 different kinds of not legal. It is better than the huge thumping machine of really loud thumping. It felt like an earthquake and I have no idea why it was necessary. Good times.

  95. I’m at the library, so thankfully it’s pretty quiet. I’m going to try to finish the Podster gloves and do some writing of my own.

  96. In from March 2010 to August 2010, several awful things were happening simultaneously in my life: my father was in the hospital having a horrible roller coaster of a time of it (he passed away at the end of July), and they were renovating my street, sewers and all. Near constant noise six days a week, starting at 7 AM every day. Our dishwasher was broken, and we were invaded by all manner of insects, including black flies, fleas, stink bugs and ants. It was all I could do to hang on. Knitting really can take the edge off. Thank God for knitting.

  97. Eventually the reno next door will be done. It will look nice and increase the resale value of YOUR side. If you ever want to sell, that is.

  98. Someone may have already suggested it try the library usually not silent if it is a public library but quiet (if the university library is close you may find quieter spots there), plenty of outlets and wifi. Sorry no beer allowed (well at least at my library)

  99. You are a better person than I am. I would be losing my freaking mind with that noise. I would be working from the library (or pub!) until they are done. Love the knitting progress. Beautiful.
    Me? I’m working and then going to enjoy my peaceful Friday evening by knitting and knitting and knitting!

  100. Check your hardware store(s) for noise-blocking headphones. They work perfectly for me, with my (very) noisy vacuum cleaner…

  101. You and the cat have my sympathies. But I’m concerned…don’t you, and the neighbors, live in a 100+ year old house that if you hammer a nail in for a picture, something bad happens to the plumbing in the basement? Or so it seemed for a while?
    Maybe a cherry cobbler and a chat with the workers asking them to let you know when really noisy days will be so you can escape before it starts? Or days when it will be quiet because they won’t be working there for some reason?

  102. Slog my way through a mountain of data in a poorly created spreadsheet (obviously not one of my own design) while listening to a Librivox recording of Walden by Thoreau read by Gord Mackenzie, hoping my husband figures out how to disable the security system on his new motorcycle because he hasn’t been able to ride it yet after three whole days of ownership, and dreaming of finishing the second book in The Castings Trilogy by Pamela Freeman, Deep Water.
    Godspeed your writing so we have another wonderful book for our queues!

  103. Oh honey, you are preachin’ to the choir here. Our town is building a new 2 sheet, 2000 person capacity ice arena and guess where it’s going. Right across the street from us. First we had the dish shaking, bone rattling stage and we are now heavy into the constant noise. There is obviously big pressure to finish this thing so they begin before 6:30 am and sometimes work until after 7 pm. They haved worked in the rain and on Saturdays and Sundays including Father’s Day. To make matters worse, I had foot surgery at the start of June and was a helpless captive to the din for several weeks, unable to get away. Sometimes it has become so routine I can block it out but usually I feel like I could qualify for disability as a victim of noise pollution. The thing that has most amazed me is that construction vehicles apparently never go forward. They seem to always be backing up and making that ear piercing beep beep beep noise multiplied by many vehicles. I’m sorry–I didn’t mean to take up so much space but I feel confident you must understand. Thank you. I feel (just a wee tiny bit) better now.

  104. I’m driving my daughter out to Bon Echo so she can go camping with her birth mom’s family (2 1/2 hours each way – yay) and then hopefully I’ll get back early enough to hit the tail end of knit night!

  105. Chauffer all day. Non-stop. 11 stops, 4 of them appointments. No time for knitting in between so I’m a little twitchy right now. Sorry, but gotta say, love your story, especially the part about maybe moving it along faster by going over there to relieve a little stress. HA! Have fun at the pub, you totally deserve it.

  106. There’s a big remodeling project (“The Plan”) going on at my sister’s house, adding bedroom and bath (and other stuff) on the ground floor so my 79-year-old mother can live there. Unfortunately, Mother has already moved in–and is listening to all the racket and flinching a lot. We’ll be having a perfectly ordinary conversation, then hear a monstrous crash. We stop and wait to see if anyone swears. If no one swears, the crash was deliberate and part of The Plan; if someone swears, we may need to call the paramedics. Or the insurance company.
    Oh–and workers on the other side of your kitchen wall? The workers demolished part of my sister’s kitchen wall on day 2. Two syllables you never want to hear from a builder? “Uh-oh.” (Demolishing the wall was part of The Plan. Watching the lintel sag was not.)

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  109. Right now I’m waiting for little girls to fall asleep while their mom and grandma make hats for Halos of Hope. I turned in my 3 hats earlier today 🙂

  110. Atta Girl…I was going to suggest Starbucks-or-local-equivalent, or public library with WiFi, but pub will certainly do! And the smashing cannot last the WHOLE four months, only the first part, if that helps…thought I cracked up at your thought of going over there to help wreak havoc! I wonder if they’d be open to that–could be a hoot if they actually let you smash something! =)

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