Re: Yesterday, From the Comments

A small collection of replies, answers and thoughts, upon reading the comments.

I’m glad the first item on the list is drink coffee. That sounds like a wise plan.

Damn straight it was. I’m 11 days away from the Rally and 7 days away from submitting a manuscript. The house is littered with empty coffee cups and the other day when I was in the shop where I buy coffee (and I was buying more coffee) the cashier asked me if I was "Ok."  That item got crossed off.

"Extra water shoes"? I understand extra biking shoes, but water shoes? Does the bike rally route include stream crossings this year?
-Carrie in northern NY

You have no idea how fast I would be out of this rally if there was stream crossings. Portaging a bike is not anyway that this knitter’s going to be spending her time. I need the water shoes because (and I can’t believe I’m willing to be part of anything that works like this- and in my defense, I did not totally get it when I signed up) there aren’t really any showers for several days while we’re travelling. There’s lakes though, and we swim in those to cool off and clean up enough that people can’t smell the rally coming from kilometres away. (We get to stay in the dormitories at Queens University halfway through. Real beds! Warm showers!)  A few of the beaches are rocky, ergo – water shoes. Extra water-shoes because I have mine but Jen doesn’t and I was going to see if I could find an extra pair in the camping box.  I didn’t -still, crossed it off. 

What’s a spork?
-Several People

It’s a spoon/fork hybrid that you use when you’re camping so you don’t need to pack so many utensils. Because, you know, carrying both a spoon and a fork would be exhausting.  Turns out it’s also "a colorful and foul-mouthed feature musical comedy" directed and written by J.B. Ghuman Jr.  I will be taking the former – and I did find it – in the Basement, which Joe did vacuum. Crossed off.

You finished the big 100k rides and had some ice wine to celebrate! The list shows me its down to the final wrap-up and pack (wow!!) and you’ve finished knitting something but it’s not blocked so you can’t show us but you’ve started something lacy with a lovely, soft cashmere/silk. How far off am I?
– Kelly H

Shockingly close, actually. Jen and I did indeed finish our back-to-backs (220km in two days) and we did celebrate, but that’s vinho verde – not ice wine. Vinho Verde is a slightly carbonated young wine from Portugal. Low alcohol, light tasting and perfect for summer – and boy was it summer. Those rides were like traversing the surface of a star. Brutally hot. Yes, the list does include the final wrap-up and pack, and I didn’t finish knitting something, but I did start something anyway, but that’s not quite cashmere/silk.. but it’s close.  Actually Kelly, you might have just been right about the rides.

But I’d really, really like to know what that gorgeous, shiny yarn on the gold needles resting on the green thingamabob is made from, and what it’s being knitted into.

Of course you would, isn’t it lovely?  It’s even prettier in person, if that’s possible, and it should be. That’s Windy Valley Muskox yarn, Royal Blend, a 50/50 blend of Qiviut/silk, and it’s so delicious that it is impossible to do anything other than smile the whole time you knit with it. I had one little ball (in natural) that I’ve been saving.  It’s been sitting on my desk for a good long time now, where I can pat it on bad days, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect project. It’s time came the other day when I decided to make a little something to auction at our team pub fundraiser. (It’s Wednesday night, btw, if you’re in town and you’d like to come, drop me a line.)  I wanted to make something that even non-knitters would think was special, so this little ball is becoming a Pretty Thing.  I’m enjoying knitting it up, and it couldn’t be for a better cause, but I’ll miss that little ball. 

Pretty Thing’s a fast pattern, only about 61 rounds (and takes less than 150m – so perfect for expensive yarns.) If I do 20 rounds per day, I’ll have it done in three days. (Noted, on the list as PT twenty rounds. Done, except that I might rip it out and go down a needle size. Best not to think about it.)

"thesis – get one" cracked me right up.
Mary Heather

Yeah. It was funnier for me after I got one, but I did, so that’s struck through as well.

To sum the list up – for those of you who thought it was code:  I drank coffee and found my spork while Joe shopvac’ed the basement. I wrote the blog (sort of, upgrade notwithstanding) and edited the M essay (M for the title) and thank wool, while I did, a much needed thesis for the piece emerged. I looked for the extra water shoes for swimming, and did the final read through on an essay tentatively titled Immunity to dirt. (Hence, IM on the list, which indeed stood for immunity, and not "I’m dirt" but thanks for worrying that I was having a crisis of self esteem and felt the need to note it on a list.)

LB is my editor, and I needed to email her and find out when she needs the manuscript back after she edits it, because I wanted to make sure I put it in the calendar. (Cal.)  I had to order a pair of cycle socks – because it turns out that my shrimpy little feet don’t fit into the ones I got very well. (Being a knitter has spoiled me. I expect my socks to fit, dammit.)  I did twenty rounds on the Pretty Thing (although I pulled back four – I fixed an error and didn’t like how it looked)  I made an appointment with my optometrist, and I did not vacuum the living room, which perhaps we should have all expected, considering that I didn’t give enough of a crap to even spell it right.   I talked to Erin about her fundraising item, and finally, I blew up the mattress to make sure it doesn’t leak and Jen and I aren’t left sleeping on rocks.  Today I’m putting up the tent and making sure that works too.

See? Not so crazy at all, and I crossed it all off too, except for the vacuuming, and I don’t think we can expect me to care too much about that, which is good, because I don’t.  Gift?  I can do that.  

Today’s gift is a rally special one. Rowan is a handweaver, and she makes some beautiful scarves.  Like this one –

and this one

and this one.

See how amazing she is?  Her very generous gift is not one of these scarves, it’s a custom scarf.  One very lucky person will be choosing the colours and talking to Rowan about what they would like, and then Rowan is going to weave it, just for them.  That person is Angelia R, and I hope she’s as thrilled as I would be.

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  1. You did all that, and it’s about 45C, and you don’t have air conditioning? I’m exhausted just reading about it! “Pretty Thing” might need to be re-named “Gorgeous Thing”. Love it.

  2. Lucky lucky Angelia!!! It was fun guessing what the list meant, and even more fun when you explained it all haha.

  3. Loved the list, and the subsequent explanation. Your lists are so much more interesting than mine.

  4. Loved the list, and the subsequent explanation. Your lists are so much more interesting than mine.

  5. Now that your to do list is under control, want to tackle mine? Just kidding. Glad your manuscript is under control – that means a new book for us! Enjoy the day!

  6. With a new book coming out that means a book tour, right? Is there any way you could get the Charlotte, NC area on your itinerary? I admit to being positively green with envy in the past reading about your book travels and not once have you come within shouting distance of us! Also, please update your travel site when the tour is finalized so that we might have the possibility of a road trip to see you.
    You and Jen are looking buffed and ready to go on your ride….all good wishes for a safe and successful trip!

  7. What would we do without our To Do lists in our own personal shorthand? Thank you for explaining what yours meant – some of it was pretty cryptic. I had no idea what a spork might be. In Australia the very same thing is called a splade. We have a collection of them from the 1960s and 70s that we use all the time, not just for camping.
    Good luck with the book and the ride.

  8. Fun fact about sporks: there was a kitchen gadget store in the Don Mills area called “Spork and Foon” (it may have been a chain). They did not sell sporks. This really annoyed my mother who wanted one for my sister’s lunches without having to head downtown to MEC. Not only did they not sell sporks, but the clerk seemed to assume it was a joke (in fairness they probably did get people joking like that, but if your store is called “spork and foon” you need to stock sporks, dammit.)

  9. Wave to me as you go through Brockville and I will spring for a shower 🙂 I waved my little heart out to the riders the last couple of years.

  10. You could entertain us endlessly with games of “Guess My To-do List Shorthand”. Interactive blog at its finest! Lovely yarn, by the way. I wants it. Bad.

  11. Gorgeous weavings, and generous artist for the Karma to Angela– you have such nice supporters.

  12. I agree with Christine at 5:06 about the store needing to sell sporks — except then folks would ask why they didn’t also sell foons. Now, i’ve been wrong at least twice before — just ask my exes — but i think the foon is a figment of the store-namer’s imagination.
    I also second the Charlotte commenter’s request for a book-tour itinerary at the earliest possible time, and add a plea — come back to Indianapolis. The Children’s Museum dinosaurs are wondering about you.

  13. Vinho verde! Now that’s a surprise… I’m from Portugal and I was happy to read you enjoy our wines (I prefer our reds, but when it’s hot, nothing beats a good Alvarinho. What was the wine, may I ask?

  14. I wish I was going to be in Ontario sooner than August, so I could drag my non-knitting poor long-suffering ex-spouse to witness at least part of the Ride and wave as you go by. I would have been the one knitting a Pretty Thing in a rather nice dove-grey handspun Alpaca.
    Oh, and don’t rip it back and reknit on smaller needles, it’s perfectly lovely as it is. This is one of my very fave patterns of all time, and I love it to distraction in just about any pretty yarn, though I did have a run-in with one that looked ok but felt like barbed wire; so I had to discard that and recycle it back into a ball of yarn.
    I have a collection of splades, given to me by my mom when I was 16 and brought with me from England when I immigrated; and having grown up in Canada my kids make me insane by calling them sporks. So I’m a bilingual splade-user.

  15. I happen to be knitting pretty thing now as well, also with a rather exquisite little ball of very special yarn for my very special sister. It’s a great little pattern and it is indeed, a very pretty thing….yours is gorgeous !

  16. A bit tangential, and relating to yesterday’s post … I’m rather concerned that any pictures I’ve seen of you in biking mode do not include sunglasses. Please tell me they’re part of your riding gear for the Montreal trip. I’m developing a squint and a slight headache imagining that they might not be.

  17. I’m signed up for the Toronto Triathlon on Sunday, and while it is nothing near as long and grueling as your 600km bike ride, it is scaring the crap out of me! But then I read your blog and see you doing something so much harder and I am reassured. Thank you for bringing me down to earth.

  18. I was thinking today about your thoughts on summer and how short it is. And I wonder if Mother Nature took that on as a challenge, so as to pack in as much heat and summer joy (because I don’t have other words to describe melty popsicles shared with toddler godchildren) as it could this summer? Either way, I’m still not cut out for the heat, but am trying to enjoy these days given how few (in reality) of them exist. I do hope it cools down in time for your ride! (I loved your list and the photos!)

  19. I’m so glad to be able to come read about yarny things… my one month old daughter just had heart surgery we didn’t know she needed and things have been insane and we’re living in the hospital and I FORGOT MY KNITTING so at least I can read about it… thank you for doing what you do. (But seriously I woulld be coping so much better right now if I had thought to bring my knitting. But I wasn’t thinking clearly after they put her on the helicopter)

  20. Love the projects and hey, on the vacuuming, I’m with FlyLady…. only do the middles and unless Canada has some sort of age/gender restriction on vacuum usage, there are two other people in your house more than capable of handling it 🙂

  21. Too funny – I so love your blog.
    Is that woman’s birth name Rowan? The wool gods were shining down on her – what a perfect name for a wool-person!

  22. I’m glad there were no exploding mattresses.
    In college, I encountered someone who thought spork was a character in Star Trek!
    And quiviut and silk. . .I had guessed maybe alpaca and silk. . . .

  23. Are you sending emails acknowledging ride donations or do we just hope the email was received? 🙂

  24. I am worried about this demanding bike trek in the brutal summer heat. I, for one, won’t think any less of you if you decide not to do it next year! There are many worthwhile charity projects that aren’t so demanding of your time and health.

  25. A ‘Pretty Thing’ in qiviut and silk?! Be still my heart!!
    Oh…and I continue to marvel and cheer you on re: the rally…Though at about 15 years older than you, I am not the least tempted.

  26. I noticed the vaccuum, but thought it rude to critique the spelling in someone else’s to-do list. Does it annoy you when you see those later? Annoy isn’t the right word, but kind of a, “WTF” moment.

  27. Splayds – that’s what we call your sporks!
    You answered all the questions except mine about the golden needles…….
    Are you riding to Ottawa? – you could say hello to my son who has just moved there.

  28. Rowan is one very kind and generous lady! What a fantastic gift.

  29. And here I thought PT20rounds meant Personal training routine X 20. See what a (pedalsal) some of us have you on. LOL

  30. Makes perfect sense. Which is good, because I could understand how one could need to search for a spork, but misplacing both Joe and the shop vac in the basement as well would make your basement scarier than seemed reasonable.

  31. You got a lot done yesterday. I think I did my 9-5 job, knit, got a hair cut, played a game and read some things on the Internet. Not nearly enough for the hours I clocked on the day!

  32. One advice: forget about vacuumcleaning, Joe will be an expert at that in eleven days. What he will hate though is coffeecups littering all around. Pick those up every day, he will be thankfull for that gesture and your house will look cleaner, even without vacuming. When you have left, he will have all the house to himself to vacuumclean his way. Believe me, I am an expert at that item.

  33. While in Cadets my son had a gadget called KFS: knife, fork and spoon that hooked together. So spork caught me by surprise.
    Qiviut and silk? Must.Not. click Windy Valley website.

  34. Rowan Here!
    Yes, it is actually “Rowan”! Yep, I got a yarny name (although I have yet to know with Rowan yarn….)
    Thanks for all the generous complements and etsy “likes”! I’ve got a beautiful green scarf in the works for Angelia and I’ll post photos on my blog when it’s done 😉
    ~Rowan (aka. MountainAsh)

  35. i wish i’d read your other post – I would love to know why you blew up your mattress and if it made a mess.
    Glad your list is getting crossed off!

  36. Oh, my, but you are laugh-out-loud funny and charming and did I mention funny? Good on you for your efforts riding for a great cause and by the way, you and Jen are ROCKING your biking spandex! Go get ’em!

  37. Ok I know im about 8yrs too late, but I just went back and read the blog from the beginning, enjoying every minute of it, but when I got to July 2004 and the entries about the Prince concert I knew that I was destined to find u over a yr ago, y u ask, we’ll because that is the year that i also fulfilled my dream of seeing prince Philly… I took a day off work to make sure I was right up front.. 3 rows from the stage to b exact.. Omg.. Anyways found out I was pregnant after I got the tickets.. Everyone told me I was crazy to still go to the concert but there was no way I was giving it up.. 6 months pregnant and at a Prince concert, 3 rows from the.stage. Thought I was gonna go into labor when he came in stage from my excitement.. Lol
    Anyways sorry again that I’m 8 yrs late with the comment, but i know that I was destined to read it, I love Knittng and prince. So we share 2 of the same passion.. Ohh and if ur ever in Philadelphia let me know.. I’ll given the Philly tour.

  38. Shop vac’ing the basement–I guess the flooding in Toronto hit you? Sorry about that and I hope it wasn’t too bad. (And I’m glad you already got that foundation fixed.)

  39. I do believe so. I do believe your report will give people a good telling. And they will convey thanks to you later

  40. Attributed to Winston Churchill: “Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement; then it becomes a mistress, and then it becomes a master, and then a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster, and fling him out to the public.” Been there.

  41. Dang it. It happened again. I’m going to have to quit reading your blog (or books for that matter) in public. Laughing so hard I fall off the chair in a sandwich shoppe is so embarrassing.
    Have a great time at the rally, and at the beach.

  42. An excellent time Saturday night. We surprised my parents and they were thriled when they got there..Thanks! I used to be informed by the photo booth person that photos would be online. Where are they?

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