A big thing

As I’m sure I’ve made you all aware, I am getting a new niece or nephew soon.  I may or may not have over-reacted to this by ordering about 2000 meters of fingering weight from the Loopy Ewe

I have in my mind a traditional layette.  A sweater, bonnet, bootees and blanket, all heirloom quality, all beautiful, all unisex, because I have no idea what flavour of relation is set to arrive.

It will be beautiful.

What’s your favourite knitting for a new baby?

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  1. Wow…am I really the first? Blankets – definitely blankets. Next are cocoons, although all the widdle booties are tempting me 🙂

  2. My favorite baby knitting is sweaters, usually cardigans. I don’t think I could manage a whole layette set before the baby entered school. I do have several of my grandmother’s baby pattern books that have very tempting sets and a couple of coworkers who are expecting.

  3. I am a traditionalist. That means heirloom quality blanket, sweater, hat, and booties. That’s just me.

  4. Love The Loopy Ewe. It’s my crack dealer, lol. Looking forward to seeing what you knit for the bebela!

  5. It’s become a bit of a tradition that I knit a blanket for a colleague having a baby; this summer’s was a cricket-sweater-themed Ashes baby blanket as the father of said baby is a cricket fanatic and in a Saturday league; and the baby was born in summer so recycled aran-weight cotton seemed like a good choice for something durable.

  6. What makes something “heirloom quality”? Isn’t everything you (or any one of us) make the same quality? How do you change the “quality” of your knitting?

  7. I do little things, I fear I’ll get grumpy if they take a long time and don’t get we’ll used. So it’s booties, caps, bonnets,bibs and in my earlier years teddy bears ( 24 of them for my fertile, Catholic Classmates) !

  8. I do little things, I fear I’ll get grumpy if they take a long time and don’t get we’ll used. So it’s booties, caps, bonnets,bibs and in my earlier years teddy bears ( 24 of them for my fertile, Catholic Classmates) !

  9. I used to always make a fruit/veggie hat for friends and colleagues. I enjoyed trying to figure out what color yarn would make a seasonally appropriate fruit or vegetable. No matter what I end up making it has to be machine washable!

  10. I tradtionally knit baby afghans, caps, bootees. Family has gone into 3rd generation with get. grands to knit for. Three more on the way.

  11. A blanket first. But booties are pretty hard to resist. With a handmade teddy tucked in with the blanket.

  12. oh I love babies in cream wool!
    I made my two new granddaughters a cardigan and hat set, a bassinet blanket and a cot blanket each.
    The singlets, additional cardis, hats, popovers, socks and pants were just extra 😉

  13. A white blanket, then I knit or crochet a colored edge when I find out what flavor the baby is.

  14. Every new baby in my family gets a blanket from me. I’m currently working on Twinkle, Twinkle for a baby due in December.

  15. I have all my Mum’s pattern books from the 70’s – there are lots of beautiful sets in them and I always intended to knit some up for my babies but they got nappy soakers instead…. maybe I’ll dig them out and revisit in case my sister has one….

  16. I look forward to your finished projects. These baby items are going to be terrific.
    I agree that the Patons booklets from the 1960s have lots of baby sets which would be charming in cream/white.
    My mother always makes fruit caps for new babies. I have been trying different sock yarn sweaters/hats/mitts/socks over the years. Also Sally Melville’s garter stitch Baby Albert cardigan – but that is for thicker yarn.

  17. A blanket with matching hat and coordinating hats for any other kids in the family. And where I am ambitious read not pooped by that point – sometimes even the parents may get hats too.

  18. I love to make baby sweaters. I have also made some preemie hats, a soccer ball, and my godson got a sweater AND my first ever blanket.

  19. I made a kicking bag for a baby recently and the parents agree it is the best and most useful gift they received. It’s winter here and the baby just about lives in his kicking bag. Now I am sorry I didn’t make more – but it’s a lot of tedious knitting in fingering weight. Machine washable, naturally.

  20. Always looking for good baby patterns-especially blankets. Willl you kindly post the cites to the chosen patterns?

  21. I try and make unique baby blankets for the different babies. My brothers children all have round blankets, and my sisters baby might have a blanket with a scene from an old nursery rhyme, like the cow jumping over the moon, etc

  22. I haven’t had a ‘go to’ baby item – it has varied with my mood; some get cardigans, others get hats or blankets, and sometimes I sew a quilt instead.
    The latest coming attraction is a dear friend who keeps admiring my socks. She’s getting a pair for herself, and a matching pair in a new born size.
    Newborn size socks are as bad as booties for making grownups sound like idiots. 🙂

  23. You will LOVE this yarn! The Loopy Ewe is my LYS and the best yarn shop in the whole world! Cannot wait to see what you will make with this loveliness!

  24. A blanket. A hat. I knit sweaters for babies, and even I never used them. A sweater for a 3 or 4-year-old, yes, but not for a baby.

  25. Baby One sweater. One skein, one needle, knit all in one piece, pattern cost $1.00. Lovely little sweater with cap sleeves.

  26. BSJ’s usually and Cutest booties since the pattern became available (love) and a hat. Almost always in bright colors rather than pastel colors.

  27. Because they often only wear an outfit once or twice, I prefer to make a special baby blanket. Usually like to find one with intarsia animals or such on them. Just finished a cute panda among the bamboo trees one that Knitpicks is selling as a kit. Brown is an unusual color for a baby blanket, but I love it.

  28. Just a few thoughts:
    Firstly, if you have to ask what Heirloom Quality knitting is, you don’t knit heirloom patterns. (so difficult and complex that most of us attempt only one in a lifetime, unlike Stephanie who is in a different league altogether)
    Secondly, you can knit Sally Melville’s Baby Albert jacket in a lighter weight wool, you just get a smaller jacket. I made one in a fingering weight and it was very pretty and much appreciated.
    Thirdly, few things are as adorable as baby hats. However, a shawl or blanket is a Really Big Thing and as such, tends to make a really big impact and take up really big amounts of time. There was a time not so very long ago when people looked at you like you were mad if you knit a shawl for a new baby – since the full-fig baptism with baby in a lace dress and lace shawl has gone the way of the Dodo. I just sold a lace baby shawl a few weeks ago, so I’m guessing we are seeing a resurgence in their popularity.
    Fourthly, I collect vintage knitting books, especially books of baby clothing patterns. I have one from the year of that other Royal Birth, that of Prince Charles (1947) with a copy of the Royal Layette in it. I LOVE those classic patterns!

  29. Sweaters (that little sheepy one was adorable!). It used to be blankets, except that now I’m 9 months pregnant myself and if you could see the gigantic pile of blankets (hand sewn and store bought) that are currently piled in the nursery … well, let’s just say that the attraction of spending 20-50 hours on something that’s at best superfluous has faded. From now on, it’s 3-6 month sized clothing.

  30. I love to make the fruit hats for the baby and a special washcloth with super fancy soap for the mom – she does all the hard work of labor after all!

  31. Layettes are by far my favorite to knit. I enjoy the more vintage patterns which I update where needed. If the parents are totally the 21st century type an all modern layette is fun to design as I am not only looking for it to work in this time of living, but also beyond. It means incorporating futuristic elements in colors schemes that will still seem fresh years hence.

  32. I’m a big fan of knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket. Sometimes with matching hat or booties, depending on how close I am with the mother and how much I procrastinate knitting the sweater before the baby shower.

  33. I haven’t done much knitting for wee ones — although I may have to in a few years, as my eldest nephew has an engagement ring on layaway!
    Anyway, my practical side usually comes out on baby gifts, so I would probably knit a blanket large enough to see the kid up to kindergarten. Of course, it would have to be something machine washable, machine dryable, tough as an old boot, and at least somewhat stain-resistant! Maybe a top-quality blend of any mixture of superwash, cotton, and/or acrylic (again, top quality, not crapcrylic). In a color or pattern that tends to hide dirt.

  34. Squid! I’m known for liking them, and my first attempt at the squid from Amigurumi Knits (for my own son’s birth) was so cute and quick that I found myself knitting five the next year for all of the new babies in my clan.

  35. Congratulations on the upcoming baby in the family! And of course I think your blanket is going to be stunning. 🙂

  36. Knit baby blankets, for certain. I loved covering with them myself when nursing or falling asleep and then they can stay with the child. But I prefer the ones that get well-loved, not heirloom quality. Two of my sons have cotton ones that softened so nicely, and my third has acrylic ones that are scratchy but snuggly for him. A soft hand-knit blankey is precious, for mama and child (and probably many more people).

  37. I’ve never had a go-to pattern or item for babies. I haven’t always had the time for making things, so sometimes it’s practical stuff, maybe the La Leche (sp?) nursing book for mom. this year however, I found myself with 2 good friends becoming grandparents and a little extra time – so – I have made my first ever BSJ and am working on the second one. Just found out there’s another family baby coming in October, so I’m on the hunt for more “great” yarn to make one more. Now that I’ve done one of these, I just love them! The first 2 are a beautiful variegated Liberty Wool from Classic Elite, colour #7811, greens and blues with a bit of yellow. Just gorgeous! And I’ve made every single person try to turn that little blob into a sweater – even the non-knitters are amazed! All 3 babies will also get a “washcloth-style” blankie out of Bernat cotton tots – so soft – and sadly now so discontinued. Can’t wait to see what comes off your needles for this new baby!

  38. I love all baby things, but there is something about the making of a blanket that fills me with a certain satisfaction on so many levels!

  39. baby blankets and sweaters…. although I did purchase your bootie pattern yesterday afternoon and although I swore I wouldn’t cast on at night night because I’m usually all thumbs when it comes to purling in the round, I ended up casting on at night night and made it through the cuff of one without really paying attention and it’s coming along great 🙂

  40. wee little cardigans — baby sophisticate with wee little leather-look buttons for the boys, kimonos for the girls and unknowns.

  41. I’m getting a new great nephew in October and the shower is tomorrow. 3 variations of BSJ, 1 CBSJ, 1 hat and booties set, one christmas red sweater for merry, 1 pumpkin hat, 1 snowflake hat and 1 denim blanket are in the,package. Yeah maybe I was excited too.

  42. Sometimes a cupcake hat for a girl, a fruit hat for a boy, stay-on Mary Jane booties for a boy or a girl, sometimes a bear, and sometimes a blankie. But the Hoover double-knit blankets (in Liberty Wool North Sea – so beautiful) for TWINS, who were born prematurely to boot, just about did me in.

  43. 40 years ago new babies in the family received blankets. As time passed and life became busier I made knit Teddy Bears. Now each new baby gets a personalized Christmas stocking. I present an IOU at the shower (if there is a shower) and knit the stocking once the baby has arrived and I know the exact spelling of his/her name. As those first blanket babies grew up and got married I added his and hers stockings for the bride and groom along with lovely stocking holders as a wedding gift. Family members now drop very obvious hints when a wedding or new baby is on the horizon. I have counted up over 70 stockings so far with another new baby on the way.

  44. If the new baby is born in the fall or winter (even early spring) I am likely to knit a sweater. But if it is a warm weather newborn I have been known to knit carriage blankets or a small toy.

  45. “Be Prepared: a practical handbook for new dads” for any new family (Dads never get gifts!) – very funny and practical. To extremes. Classic childrens books to start building the baby’s library. A spa visit for mom. And sweaters, usually 12 month or so, and now you have me knitting cotton washcloths/burp cloths/ whatever they will be.

  46. I love the classic items you are doing in that beautiful soft white. I tend to knit new babies sweaters because of the smallness of the thing. Those are my favorite.

  47. I knit machine-washable sleepers in fluorescent-coloured sock yarn, with hoods, because I remember from the first weeks of my first child that he was comfortable and content in those stretch sleepers that used to be in every shop, and he went through, like, six a day. They got USED, which is what you want for something you put time and effort into making, to the point of being worn out when the third child outgrew them.

  48. Well, I knit a ton of blankies for my boy because it was all that made sense in Hawaii. But I love sweaters for babies.

  49. i may be a kill-joy, but to be honest, i’m really bored and tired of all the cooing over babies! while knitting for them goes quickly and can be lots of fun, let’s get real. they grow up into full-sized humans!

  50. Aside from a Baby Surprise which I’m assuming you’ve got covered, my favourites are the Alphabet Blanket (I’ve made four to date) and each of my girls has an Alice Starmore blanket as their heirloom knitting.

  51. As a knitter, I love to make little cardigans, but I must say, as a mum to a two year old who was lucky enough to receive some beautiful knitted gifts from my friends, it’s the knitted toys that get my vote, as she’s still enjoying them now when she’s long grown out of the clothes. She got a blanket which was lovely but has had little use as she’s a sling baby who cosleeps so rarely away from me for long enough to need it!

  52. This reminds me of the layette I made for my eldest daughter in the 80s from a French Pingouin yarns book (very popular in those days and they had the best baby things!) what caught my attention was that it was pale dove grey, which looked really classy 🙂

  53. Anything neutral and knitted on long needles 2,5 mm. my favourite needlesize, knitted English style and armpit, well, about 8 cm. lower then amrmpit actually. I love the open backside babysweaters of the 60s, because the neckline always is big enough for the neck and no problems with the head, because the backside is open. But, there is a string involved and I think that might be dangerous. So, in future I will knit the in the round, following your babysweatersneckopening advise. Youhoo, solution I never thought of, thanks to you. Bootees, widdle bootees and weally widdle mittens with a buttonhole in the brim, so they can be attached to an, also given, button to sew on the baby’s jacket. And hats, wee liddle hats, like the vuttoned under the chin types. And attached to the backside of those, little scarfs of the right length to cross in front and button with very slat buttons on the bach, beneath the jacket, not outside of it. And baybibis, really, they were the saviour of woolen jumpers when mine were young. Ah, wish there was a baby due over here, then I would know and see whom I knitted for (after more then 80 hats for East Asia, that would be a change).

  54. Baby sweaters; I love making cute neck-down raglan cardigans and if I know it’s a girl baby coming, I knit the body in a fancy lace stitch from my trusty stitch book. I have never given a baby blanket as a gift because I have never been able to finish one. I start out all enthusiastic with a vision of what I’d like the blanket to look like. I can visualize it finished. I knit, I get maybe half-way, and then it gets abandoned, stuffed into the back of the closet, with the needles yanked out. Maybe there is a support group out there for knitters like me? I can finish other stuff, just not blankets.

  55. My fav is a sweater and matching adorable hat in a bright color or colors. Don’t know if I could do a layette all in off white.
    You must be feeling the huge relief and high from having sent in your finished manuscript and completing the race.

  56. Blankets. But I am expecting a granddaughter in December so I would love to know exactly the patterns of what you are making.

  57. I have a baby hat on my needles right now. I really like the top down kimono-style sweater for babies but baby socks are a lot fun too. A couple of years ago I knit a bunny with a card and trousers which was fun.

  58. My great-nephew, living in oklahoma, got denim-blue knitted wool jeans and levi-style jacket, a red cotton bibdanna and three sets of cotton bibs and burp-cloths.
    Other recent babies have gotten sweaters or will get them for fall.
    What is this perfect neck opening of which someone wrote? I need that info, cuz making something that fits over their big charlie brown heads is always a challenge.

  59. Just finished knitting your ‘Sam blanket’ for our newest Grandson and have a little sweater on the needles for him for fall. Love knitting the sweaters the most.

  60. Widdle booties! Hats too, and depending on whether it was short notice or not, a sweater. I’m also a big fan of knitted toys, I made my tiny new cousin a Rebecca Danger monster, which she LOVES.

  61. So far, my go to baby gift has been blankets. This year I learned an easy bootie pattern so our friends just got a set including a hat with their booties & blankie for their new baby boy. Two more girls are expecting at work so bootie sets for each of them. And for Christmas, special Santa style hats with baby’s name on brim for good friends. 😉
    I love the look of baby sweaters but still haven’t gotten to learn that yet!
    Steph your work is always gorgeous but I must thank you for the cute warning on the Flock sweater post as I did open at work!!! 😉

  62. I sort of went crazy after 9/11 and switched to wooden needles, but sometimes the yarn sort of drags. Is there anyway to make wooden needles faster — wax? Nail polish?

  63. I tend to knit hooded or collared cardigans for new babies–something really bright, too. I love reds and oranges and aquas and such. Sometimes colorblock, or raglan with a stripe at the chest, or funky button bands, or checkerboards. Whatever strikes my rather wandering fancy. I do use a pattern every once in a while for a really special sweater, but since I knit wee sweaters for a lot of babies that come to friends and the children of friends, I have to be able to do them a bit more quickly than a layette. I have to say, some of the Dale baby patterns are high on my list of wonderful, and I have some 30s and 40s vintage ones that came to me via my godmother that have been really fun to do.
    Gorgeous yarn, Stephanie.

  64. This is my first. Finished a blanket, hat and 2 pr of socks. Waiting for the nod as to boy/girl before I do the sweater, but falling into your Welcome to the Flock spell.

  65. All time favorite two baby sweaters that I’ve knit repeatedly (45-50 sweaters) Is the Zimmerman baby sweater and the Beehive Astra “Casual Look” striped sweater with a single cable running down the front right side of the sweater. This sweater (for a baby boy) is very effective done in a darker blue with a white. A pair of the “Pirate Booties” in 50 Baby Booties to knit, compliment the sweater perfectly. A very talented friend shared the Zimmerman baby pattern with me. She knit the Zimmerman sweaters for all of our friends at the time. Maybe the most talented part was at one of the baby showers someone asked her how she managed to knit the sweater with a new born…she confessed that she knit while she was breast feeding!!!
    Happy Knitting
    ps I’m trying to think of something to knit for a family member who is expecting but I don’t know the sex of the baby so I’m wanting to try something other than the two regulars!!!

  66. I’ve been making knitted balls, Nerf-like. Perfect for a little one to grab and throw. My mom made a few for me out of acrylic yarn, oh, about 41 years ago, and my kids still play with them in the house. I guess they are better for a one-year old birthday, but I just give it to the newborn. They grow fast.

  67. I’ve been making knitted balls, Nerf-like. Perfect for a little one to grab and throw. My mom made a few for me out of acrylic yarn, oh, about 41 years ago, and my kids still play with them in the house. I guess they are better for a one-year old birthday, but I just give it to the newborn. They grow fast.

  68. I love making cocoons and matching hats for newborns,and Zimmerman’s BSJ is always a fun knit – no two of mine have been the same.
    And The Loopy Ewe – I can’t say enough great things about them. I feel like they are my LYS even though I’m a couple of states away. I can’t wait to visit them in person this fall.

  69. I think bootie and bonnets are sweet, but my absolute favorite baby knitting is blankets! I made them for my nieces and nephew when they were small (they’re all adults now)but I was flattered to find that they were wrapped up in something I made with my hands.

  70. Depending on the closeness of the relationship. For co-workers, I like the bonnet/booties combinations. A winter baby may get a sweater. When two married co-workers had a baby, she got a blanket. For my grandniece and my grandson, nothing would do but the Sleeping Baby Castle blanket (available on Ravelry). I made one in deep rose pink for her and a dark blue (picked out by my DDIL) for him. It’s a lot more work but they’re family! Love baby knitting!

  71. I had so much fun attenuating silk hankies and making your Siofra bonnet and booties. Quintessential heirloom. I don’t think I could make too many, tho, too laborious.

  72. Hands down: Baby Surprise Jacket. It’s fast, easy and tremendously satisfying to knit–I love that you have to do some origami on it to make it sweater-shaped (Zimmerman is a wizard). Despite my mistakes, it’s consistently so absolutely adorable that I can always look forward to basking in compliments when I’m done. Everybody wins.

  73. In thinking about this, seems I like garter stitch for babies: Baby February sweater, BSJ, log cabin afghan, wee socks from sock left-overs, the burp cloth from MDK since so few new moms use cloth diapers anymore.

  74. My favorite baby item is the Grandmothers Lace Baby Blanket at ravelry.com. It is gorgeous.

  75. http://www.etsy.com/listing/84415012/jackies-sweater-pattern-baby-sweater?ref=shop_home_active
    One of the best gifts I got when my daughter was little was a sweater that zipped down the back from one of my grandmother’s friends. It was a great sweater, it fit from the time she was little to about 2 years old, it was easy to get a new born into and out of because of the back zip, and it fit snug down around her face… I eventually passed it on to a cousin for her baby.
    When my daughter was pregnant with my grandbaby, I asked the friend if she still had the pattern…
    Alas, she didn’t, but she gave me some leads… none of which panned out. So I made one up on my own. Then my daughter got so many comments about it, I wrote it up …
    I’ve made a dozen of them in the past almost 6 years. Superwash, of course 🙂 Everyone of them has been worn a LOT and is passed from baby to baby.

  76. Afghans. Working on one right now. Having my toddler grandson dragging his Malabrigo blankie everywhere (which he does) is the highest compliment I could ask for.

  77. Just a suggestion that you keep the blanket child sized instead of the mega blanket you knit for Jen’s little one a while back. No baby needs a Queen size blanket ( even if they are a little princess or prince). 🙂

  78. I love making sweaters that look adult-y. Sweaters that look like baby sweaters are great, and I love those too, but my favourites are those that look like true, miniature, adult sweaters. I love dressing little bodies in “real clothes” with “real colours”. Natural coloured, cabled/aran sweater? Yes! Navy blue striped rugby shirt? Yep! I dislike traditional baby/pastel colours.
    I wouldn’t want to wear them, so why would I put the baby through that?

  79. I stockpile the umbilical cord baby hat, and have made several baby kimono sweaters and baby bubbles cardigans.

  80. Layette set is always nice – I like to do fancy sweaters and caps, because booties never stay on their feet anyway.
    Blankets are great – but I like to do soft stripes.
    I don’t think your over did it – but if you did, my mom is always looking for white, white figuring weight yarn – she’s an avid sock and baby cap knitter and gives away 90% of what she knits to charities – just drop me a note 😉

  81. Speaking of making things. I remember a long while back that you made a dress for a friend’s kid I think. It was pink and you dyed green yarn for the leaves because you couldn’t find it. Also, when you went to take pictures she wasn’t feeling well.
    I ALSO remember you saying that you were going to make a pattern for that. I just searched Ravelry and didn’t find it there. Is it still in-progress?

  82. I have a Poncho from a Pengouin back in the 80’s that I’ve knit so many times I’ve lost count. Incredibly handy when the kid’s in a car seat

  83. I have finally summoned the courage to make a sweater for the little one on the way for my hair stylist. I have all the pieces made! So now I have started 2 others! I have been knitting since 2003 but my skill level is not up to what I believe a knitter of 10 years should be! Bottom line? I am a big chicken! But I am launching forth into booties as well! I’m going to shed the feathers and spread my knitting wings!

  84. What, no soakers?? My mom always did sweater, soakers, cap and booties…….and a blanket, too, if enough warning……er, time. My dad was a real estate broker and had hundreds, it seemed, of clients who were always having babies. I wish I had a nickel for every time he came home and said “I need a pink one for Friday!” My mom kept a big chest of drawers filled with a rainbow of colorful baby layettes. What are soakers called in Canada??

  85. Car seat blanket. A small blanket, just big enough to tuck around a wee one in their carrier/car seat for the cool (not cold) weather.

  86. Beautiful stuff 😀 That yarn says cables to me… cables and lace and all kinds of wonderful things. With fringe (except fringe isn’t practical with babies).
    I should just tell my brain to shut up 😉 I still have at least four babies to knit for, including one that’s already arrived!

  87. Baby blankets in elegant, durable garter stitch. I choose an assortment of colors that suit the nursery or are just appealing to the parents and stripe away. If it takes me a while (it always does) it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t doesn’t have to fit. And the child will have it forever.

  88. I have a favourite cape I knit for special babies. Like a shawl, but with a hood on it. Very handy (so sundry Mums have told me…) Starts so wide it’s on circular needles – lace panels alternating with stocking stitch panels, but it’s a joy to knit (especially when it’s narrowed to the neck!)

  89. I read every comment with interest because I am newly pregnant with baby #3 and this is my first pregnancy as a knitter! I have knit hats so far for friends’ babies, and a few pairs of ribbed baby socks, but I’m looking for a bigger project for this wee babe I’m incubating. (I’ve been leaning toward the BSJ.)
    My first child did receive one of those lovely zip-up-the-back sweaters off of my grandmother’s needles, but as she is 95 this year she is not doing as much knitting any more. Thrilled that there is a pattern out there so that I can replicate the sweater; it has been a family favorite amonh many of the cousins in my generation and the babies in the
    current generation. 🙂

  90. Depends on the baby. First grandchild: a mi nature of the chuppa I knit for the parents’ wedding. Second grandchild: an appropriate clan aran sweater. Also, everybody gets a bunting!

  91. Jasper Diamond Hoodie from Kristen Rengren’s book Vintage Baby Knits. The original pattern was my grandmother’s favorite baby sweater pattern and she knit many sweaters from it. So the pattern has a sentimental value to me. It was contained in a 1950 Bear Brand booklet #339 – which still can be found on Ebay quite frequently.

  92. I knit a blanket, garter stitch on the diagonal. It’s squishy, drapey for good wrapping, and easy, easy, easy. Cast on 7. Knit 4, inc in the fifth, knit to the end of the row. Repeat for half the yarn. Then knit 4, k2tog, knit to the end of the row. Repeat until 7 sts remain. Use the tails to sew those edges into points and you are done. I use the kfb increase.

  93. I love the flock sweater!! It’s so adorable!! I would knit that for a baby, but is never finish a blanket. Maybe by the time they were in college?
    Also, since you are kind of a sock god, I have a question. Are socks where the top of the foot is cabled comfortable to wear? I would think no, but I keep seeing such pretty socks with cables…

  94. My favorite thing to knit for a new baby is a beautiful white baby blanket. I think every baby should have one!

  95. I like making a hat. I can do one for everyone. But I also like blankets. Moderne Log Cabin by mason dixon or the baby tweed by jared flood…

  96. I love designing (sketching, picking yarn etc…) baby and toddler sweaters, even though I rarely get them knitted up…

  97. Baby surprise jacket in bright mixed colors, matching pants or tights or diaper cover (depending on the season), pompom hat and cute widdle booties.
    To the lady asking about wooden needles, yes you can wax them. I have “bad” hands, so I usually use wooden needles. When they drag, I rub them down with a candle stub and polish by rubbing with a soft cloth. Then they zip! Got the idea from watching surfers at the beach here in San Diego! They rub down their surf boards.

  98. I love to knit the different fruit & veggie hats for babies…….you know, strawberry, eggplant, pumpkins. I also love the Sweet Baby Hat pattern, and lately I’ve been knitting little acorn hats.
    I have to really LOVE the parents a lot to knit a baby blanket!
    My doctor is preggo, and she’s getting some booties, 3 hats and a blanket……….I like her. 🙂

  99. I don’t have a personal favourite but all the young moms keep asking my kids if I could make them more Christine’s Booties!

  100. I live reasonably close to Loopy Ewe. Not sure how I didn’t know or realize that. This is going to create “problems” for me 😉

  101. A lace blanket – I have an Anne Hanson one on the needles in the most beautiful Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn. Heirloom for sure!

  102. I love making baby cardigans, booties, or bonnets. For coworkers’ babies I love to make seamless Lutins out of mercerized cotton. I don’t have a “go to” pattern, because I like to try new patterns as often as possible. I do have a collection of books, pamphlets, and magazines from the 60s, 70s and 80s that ensure that I will never need to repeat the same pattern if I don’t want to (though I love Spud and Chloe’s Hello Baby.
    I do disagree with Srtongcat’s definition of heirloom. My understanding of it is that heirloom is anything made with good quality material, classic design and workmanship, all of which will stand the test of time. A beautifully knit merino baby surprise cardigan is likely to become an heirloom, a colorful fun fur cardi or an acrylic sweater, no matter how intricate, probably not.,

  103. My favorite knitting for a new baby is your knitting. Whether heirloom quality or cute beyond belief, it is always a treat to see what you come up with. As for my own knitting, the baby booties from Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets are always a favorite with parents, and I like wee cardigans too.

  104. A cardigan, that’s my favorite knit for a wee one. If I don’t really know the parents that well and don’t have much time (because I didn’t get any notice in advance…) I make a bonnet but a cardigan is totally my favorite knit for a new baby. The parents usually get the cardigan before the baby is born and when I later find out the baby has arrived I usually can’t stop me from knitting another cardigan too, and why should I stop myself? =)

  105. I’m currently obsessed with the Baby Albert from Sally Melville. 4 babies expected this fall, 2 will get a BA, plus one for my baby and her big sister. They look great using knit one, crochet two’s ty-dy cotton. I believe a baby should have a cozy sweater small enough to wear home from the hospital.

  106. Baby Surprise Jackets, you can’t go wrong with squishy stretchy garter stitch in a nice soft wool.

  107. The Babies & Bears sweater. I’ve knit it so many times I don’t need to look at the pattern until I’m starting the plackets. I usually make it in worsted so it’s a bit bigger than the new-born size.

  108. Depends on how close I am to baby. Blankie, definitely. I also have the sweetest little housecoat pattern that goes over big.

  109. I have two favorites for new babies, both my designs. I usually use my own handspun, fingering-weight, superwash wool yarn, and I make the pattern up as I go. These are not rocket science!
    First is a henley-style pullover, with knit and purl designs like a gansey. I use lead-free pewter buttons with southwest Indian-style stamped patterns, and inlaid with a teeny turquoise.
    Second is a sort of swaddling bag. It’s an extension of the henley; top-down, like a cardi till after the armpits, then just keep going straight till it’s long enough to encase the baby past the feet. Finish with the same buttons as the henley and a drawstring around the bottom hem so it can be loosened and pushed up for a diaper change without totally undressing the occupant.

  110. Not to be snarky, but to me anything that a baby receives that is handmade with care is heirloom quality. I’ve crocheted many a baby layette and it still amazes me how few babies get handmade gifts anymore.

  111. My favorite is a crochet blanket. I’ve done enough of them in the same pattern that I can whip one out over a single weekend, if I drop everything else. It’s a good emergency baby gift, since I’m a terrible procrastinator.

  112. Carina Spencer’s Gift Wrap Romper, Sweater, Hat and ditto her Small Things Set (though a little difficult to get on and off a wee one – 12 months is a bit more practical as there are fewer diapers).
    Have to ask: aren’t you worried about gifting white for an infant (and it staying relatively white)?

  113. My favorite baby knitting is toys; my favorite book is “Knitted Wild Animals” by Sarah Keen. The toys come out incredibly cute and cuddly. If I’m making a sweater, it’s the Baby Surprise; I love the knitting origami. 🙂

  114. I’m too slow a knitter for blankets to be an option. But I LOVE making baby sweaters. They’re always so cute and charming and relatively quick.
    I’ve also made several babies Baby Uggs and they’re always a hit.

  115. We’re supposed to choose? Because I love them all. The wee sweaters, darling hats, and widdle, I mean little booties or socks.
    And don’t get me started on the cute toys you can knit!

  116. I adore Peptia – baby dungarees with feet. I had something similar that my grandmother knitted for us when I was a baby and my mother knitted them for my baby (in a mock cable pattern that’s beyond me. I like to let the yarn do the work) and I’ve knitted then for other people’s Littlies – they (and their matching jackets) are unbelievabley practical – for sling babies they don’t ride up, they fit in car seats and don’t have triailing ends. They are great for sleeping in, or tucking a baby in while camping or out during walks or colder evenings (my baby came everywhere with me!) they are knit in sock yarn so you can knit them in crazy colours if you like and they have optional short rows for cloth-bottomed babies. They are size three to six momths, so are great for when Baby has outgrown her gifts, but are so stretchy and forgiving they will fit for ages. I’ve been pairing them with a seamless infant kimono and a baby berry hat in lilac to look like a blueberry. I know woolly dungarees seem a bit hippy, but man they are so useful. I bet your mum to be asks you for another pair when they are outgrown! I going to have more children just to knit more these for! Oh, they’re quick too. An experienced knitter like Steph will have them churned out in a couple of evenings. And they are knit in the round so no seaming. Seriously – what’s not to like?

  117. Gah, I meant Pepita. Thank you for the heads up by email! I have technical problems and can’t reply at the moment!
    PS. It’s a free pattern too.

  118. Layette: Hat, sweater, booties, and…leg warmers. Cast on 48 stitches, join and knit around in k2 p2 ribbing for 8 or 10 inches. Or knit flat and sew into a tube.

  119. Blankets are lovely but today’s parents are often told not to use them because of the risk of SIDS. I made a gorgeous one (if I do say so myself) for my first grandson that was oohed over by his parents but never seen anywhere near his crib after his birth. So, no more blankets! Hats, cardigans and baby socks instead. I love the EZ February baby sweater best of all, I think.

  120. I have made a whole bunch of “Classic Baby Cardigans” by Debbie Bliss. #13 from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007. I don’t know why, but I never get tired of them. So many fun color combinations! I have two in my to-do bin now 🙂

  121. My favorite is the hooded cardigan that zips up the back. It’s the favorite of all of the mothers I’ve gifted them too. It’s a pattern I got in the early 70’s. It’s all stockinette, with ribbing
    at the bottom, wrists, and around the front edge of the hood.
    There are a few free patterns very similar to it on Ravelry.
    My pattern comes in a newborn, 6 months, and 12 mo. size.

  122. 2000 yards? My goodness woman, are you mad? (Also, have you seen the porcupine baby blanket by Cascade? Adorable. I’m making one for my wee niece.)

  123. I’ve been playing catchup with your summer posts. The baby sweater is fantastic!
    As to the bike rally… you go girl, but shouldn’t there be a wee bit of yarn bombing on your team bikes. Not much because you don’t want the ‘drag’ of wind due to the yarn and if it rains it will increase the mass of your bike but just a little ‘bracelet’ of yarn for each bike? Especially as the knitting community has given you great support? Heck I bet just putting the word out you would get a literal ton of yarn bomb materials for the bikes. Overkill.
    Anyrate… for next year? Just saying… 🙂

  124. I love the blankets you knit for a new familymember as an heirloom. That inspired me to make a blanket for my first grandchild. Not knowing that i get the same message from my other daughter; she is pregnant too. Only three weeks apart. So I am knitting my socks of to get both blankets ready in time. Along with lovely little cuddletoys. And wee little socks if I have enough time, because I am new at the grandma stuff….

  125. socks! especially those charming duck socks designed by jeny staiman.
    and of course, a baby surprise jacket, knit with fingering yarn, as modified by ysolda to be asymetrical. (that little jog in the shaping bothers me otherwise.)
    since i am also a quilter, no knitting blankets for me.

  126. I love to make tiny little hats in bright colors -they’ve become a tradional gift for my office peeps haveing kids or grandkids and many have been worn during the leaving the hospital photos, so I feel quite honored. If the recipient is a good friend, there is a matching sweater. Tiny thing are so wonderful – instant (almost) gratification!

  127. I have knit a little bit of everything for my baby and those of my friends. I think my favorites are blankets and sweaters, though a bit more modern in approach than a layette. That’s at least in part because some of my friends would just find a layette completely foreign and would prefer something modern looking themselves, because layette patterns are pretty awesome from a knitter’s perspective.

  128. Having found out today that I’m going to be a “Step”Grandma again in March I am already planning the blanket I’m going to make for the next family member. Family always gets more intricate patterns than friends. I used to make white blankets, but have changed to darker colours that can be used as “floor” blankets as well as in the pram or cot.

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  130. Presto Chango. So customizable and perfect for changing out the front when a baby spits up. It is my new go-to baby gift.

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