Another One

Every once in a while, a knit doesn’t quite make it to the finish line in a traditional way. Usually something happens to interrupt the natural cycle. Maybe it has a crazy amount of making up that needs doing that I don’t want to do, or maybe it needs blocking and I don’t have a good space – or maybe it needs buttons, and maybe I don’t have quite the right ones, and maybe I put it away until I find the right buttons and maybe that takes a while. Or months.  Or years.

I "finished" Catkin September 2, 2011.  I blogged about it even.  I knit it in just four days. I blocked it, I loved it, but it needed buttons, so I didn’t call it finished.  It went into the pile of things to do, and it sat there until a little while ago, until a blog comment (or a few) reminded me that it had never gotten buttons, or made a formal appearance. It was a shame, because what a pretty knit it was. 

A few months ago I put the buttons on, and Catkin has been in rotation, although it still needed pictures.  This last weekend I had it with me, and remembered, so here she is in all her glory.

Catkin: yarn, Dream in colour smooshy in Chinatown Apple, and a mystery skein of something in cream – one skein of each.

Officially done.