Still Boring

For the following reasons, today’s post is not interesting.

1. I am still knitting the baby blanket.
2. It is still large and white.
3. Even though I knit a lot on it it is not bigger.
4. I think I am in the black hole of knitting.
5. I am going to a meeting today and it is dangerously close to WEBS.
6. It is probably a super, super bad idea to go there when my knitting is this boring. 
7. I am in a motel. There isn’t even anywhere cool to take a picture of the blanket. This picture is from when I was in the woods.

8. I haven’t even made a big mistake, and so far I have lots of yarn.
9. That’s boring.
10. I think I have to knit at least 30cm more. It’s not getting unboring anytime soon.